His and Hers microMod Sew Along and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on Green Bee Design’s His and Hers microMod Sew Along! MicroMod is the premier fabric line from Cloud9 Fabrics designer Rob Bancroft. Also husband of designer and author Alexia Abegg – that’s one talented couple!

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

Today I’m going to share some cloth, appliqué napkins. These are a fun project that would be great not only for your home, but also as a housewarming or host/hostess gift for a friend.

In the spirit of setting a pretty table at meal time, I asked Rob and Alexia what sort of food they would cook the other for a special occasion.

Alexia: I love to cook and try new things, and thankfully so does Rob. But for a sweet surprise meal I think I would go with his favorites; I would make caesar salad, homemade gnocchi with a brown butter sauce, and then his favorite dessert, cheesecake.

Rob: Though this meal doesn’t necessarily promote amorous affection (high levels of garlic), I love to make and surprise Alexia with chicken piccata, sauteed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes, neatly plated and served on a restaurant inspired table setting, white table cloth and cloth napkins included.

I really love chicken piccata, so that made me hungry!

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

To make these napkins, all you need is a set of store bought cloth napkins (I bought a 4 pack of linen/cotton blend ones at Target for about $8.00), Heat n Bond Lite, and your favorite fabrics.

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

I decided to appliqué different designs onto the corner of each napkin. I simply applied the Heat n Bond Lite to the back of the fabric scraps (per the manufactures instructions), cut out my shapes, and then ironed them onto the napkins.

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

I wanted to keep my edges pretty raw, as I think a little fraying as they wash will give these a great look. So I sewed with a straight stitch a couple of times around each fabric shape. If you don’t like the frayed look, you could use a tighter zigzag stitch to finish your appliqué.

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

Don’t forget when sewing along with microMod, be sure to tag your photos with #microMod on Instagram. You can also post your pictures on the Green Bee Patterns Facebook page or add them to the microMod Flickr group.

Linen Napkins ~ microMod applique ~ by Fresh Lemons Quilts, Faith

And now for the giveaway! How would you like to win a full Fat Quarter bundle of microMod? Simply leave a comment and I will pick a winner on Friday, April 19th.

There are also prizes at the other Sew Along stops. And, for a grand finale, a huge prize package back at Alexia’s blog at the end of the hop: A fat quarter stack of microMod by Rob Bancroft from Cloud9 fabrics, the entire Green Bee Patterns collection, a microMod sewing bag, and a Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine! (Open to contiguous US residents only.) So be sure to follow and sew along. 🙂

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May 1 – Alexia & Rob Green Bee GRAND PRIZE

Happy sewing everyone!

++ Closing Comments to Pick a Winner! ++

The lucky winner is #113, Brynn! Congratulations and I will be contacting you for your address. Thank you everyone for entering and remember to continue keeping up with the microMod Sew Along. 🙂


  1. 1


    wonderful idea.. and such a great sew along.. i have been dying to buy these bundle..please….thanks for the chance

  2. 2

    lisa m says

    I have a variety of mismatched cloth napkins, I love the simplicity of what you’ve dine here.

  3. 5

    Dawna says

    Great fabric and I love what you did with it. Such a simple and elegant way to spiff up plain napkins.

  4. 9

    Jo says

    What a great idea for napkins…my daughter would love them! Thank you!
    boppiesgirl at gmail dot com

  5. 10

    Angela Baker says

    THIS is killer fabric. Gotta have it! Thanks for picking me (I say optimistically, in advance!).

  6. 15

    Becky Greene says

    These napkins are so beautiful!! Love how you used different designs on each one. This is such a great, quick project… I need to start making a stash of Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win some of this fabric!!

  7. 17

    Joanna says

    Love the prints! And I don’t normally use cloth napkins, but these are making me want some 🙂

  8. 18

    Angela says

    Oh gosh, i love that fabric! Its definitely something my husband would like for once!! So glad you posted this on Facebook!

  9. 23


    Went to dinner the other night at the neighbors’ yurt (yep, their vacation home is a yurt). We brought a 6 pack of IPA, but the next time I think there will be some napkins, too.

  10. 24


    Love this project as well as the fabric. I prefer cloth napkins…I might take a peek at whats available at my local Target and give this a try!

  11. 25

    Shay Romine says

    Great idea. I did napkins sets for xmas last year, and it made such a great gift.

  12. 27

    Sheppard Morrison says

    WOw – It’s as though I designed this fabric myself just for me. LOVE IT! Will buy it if I don’t win!! Thank you for your fabulous blog.

  13. 28

    sheila says

    Never really been into florals so love this range of fabric, thanks for the opportunity to win some..

  14. 31

    Rhonda Desgranges says

    What a great idea for napkins. I have a lot of vintage napkins that could use a “makeover”. Thanks for the chance to win!


  15. 32

    Marcia R. says

    What a wonderful idea for a housewarming gift! They are exquisite. Nicely done!

  16. 36

    Jen says

    Never mind the napkins – I love the food ideas to go with it ; ) And Alexia and Rob’s food choices match the fabric. Perfect combination.


  17. 38

    Sharon Lichter says

    Right now, I am making some napkins along this similar line. Love your idea.

  18. 39

    Bobbi says

    I’ve been turning out wine bags for friends as housewarming gifts. This fabric would make beautiful wine bags!

  19. 41

    Cindy says

    This collection is wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity. I would LOVE to try it!!!

  20. 42

    Shawn says

    Great fabric. Love the napkins idea. My niece is getting married and these would make a nice gift. Thanks for the idea.
    Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful fabric

  21. 44

    Susan Stanton says

    What a great idea for a quick gift. Love the fabric line. Thanks for doing a giveaway too!

  22. 45

    Jana says

    I love this fabric it is just so much fun. What a great idea with the napkins I just love it.

  23. 46

    Dotty says

    Yeah! I needed an idea for a birthday gift- and here it is. Perfect for a friend who loves to give dinner parties. Thanks for another fun idea.

  24. 49

    MarilynKay says

    Really really like the fabrics and how you made up your appliqué “blocks”

  25. 50

    Carrie says

    Like others stated, I have never really tried cloth napkins, but I have been feeling pretty bad about all the paper napkins we seem to go through especially with the kids. This seems to be an easy and fun project as I am a beginner. Thanks!

  26. 53

    Danielle Monique says

    Love this idea! I’m moving to a new house and these would be great! Super fun fabric!

  27. 56

    Susan K says

    I love this collection of designs – they’re great together as well as individually. Thank you for the giveaway.

  28. 57

    Annie K says

    Another one of those “why didn’t I think of doing that?” projects…what a great way to make the table look fantastic, and a fun sewing project, besides. It’s a win-win!

  29. 58

    Giney says

    Your napkins are beautiful, in fact I’ll be making some for my oldest son! The fabric is FABULOUS and so perfect for… well, almost any project!!

  30. 59

    Dionysia says

    hi, i thought this line would be a nice touch to sew on plain, ( or even stained!!) t towels….. i could surely do this… have noticed and admired this line….

  31. 63


    I’m a bit late to the sew along, but I have dedicated myself to linen and organic cotton. Nice napkins!

  32. 66

    Gemma Roberts says

    Loving the fabrics and loving what you did with it and the napkins – simple yet gorgeous. Many thanks for the giveaway – I have everything crossed 😊

  33. 67

    Julie M says

    Love the napkins and fabric! And yes, a very talented couple! Thanks for the awesome looking while simple idea!

  34. 68

    Teresa Babcock says

    Nice modern idea for napkins – thanks for the tute!
    Really like the modern prints too!

  35. 70

    Nicole W says

    Beautiful! Do you find Heat n Bond to be pretty permanent? Do you like it better than others?

  36. 71

    Katie Y. says

    The napkins you made are lovely. They’re so simple, but they stand out! I’m definitely going to have to make some when I get into my new house. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  37. 82

    Nancy in Minnesota says

    I LOVE this napkin idea, and wouldn’t they look great with coordinating placemats? Thanks for the tip and for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric!

  38. 83

    Heather Braun says

    This are awesome! This is on my wish list of stuff to make for our new home! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  39. 85

    Tiffany says

    Very cute! I’m a fan of the tiny raw edges myself. This is probably my favorite method of applique. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ll be following along for sure!

  40. 87


    Love the rich colors of this fabric, What a great way to make the plain napkins pop. Thanks for the giveaway. Always fun. Beth

  41. 89

    Donna W says

    Great idea and I know I have a bunch of “boring” napkins that I can spruce up. Wonderful fabric line. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. 91


    Love your napkins! They’d be too precious for our little ones though ;o) I recently made a large stack of simple ones for my little monsters. Those colourful prints look great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. 92

    Dawn says

    Cute fabric! We’re a cloth napkin only family, so will be fun to spiff up some Target napkins. I have to refresh some of my tired old ones!

  44. 96

    Erin says

    LOVE the fabric, and have had napkins on the list to sew for quite a while now… maybe I will get there now!

  45. 97

    Maeve says

    Wow, love the fabric! And the napkins are really special . . . I make napkins for my family, but never thought of doing them this way.

  46. 98


    I love the idea you shared, I love using cloth napkins and adding fun fabric makes them special. I am always looking for a simple but special gift idea.

  47. 107

    Cindy Hennes says

    I love the napkins – beautiful in their simplicity – love the fabrics too – thanks for the giveaway!

  48. 109

    Lynda says

    My daughter just moved to a new house. What a cute gift these would make. Thanks for the great idea!

  49. 116

    Joanie says

    I have plans to make plain cotton muslin napkins. This would certainly would be a great addition to the project. I love it!

  50. 119

    Mary Ann says

    What a great gift idea, I am stopping at Target tonight. hanks for the the opportunity too!

  51. 121

    Yolanda says

    I really love the fabrics and the beautiful project you made. Thanks for the chance with the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  52. 122

    Lynda H says

    I fell in love with this fabric line instantly and what a boost it would be to win some! Here’s hoping…..

  53. 124

    Tanya says

    I really like to be “green” when possible and using cloth napkins is a great idea.

  54. 138


    Love the napkins, soon we will have a new kitchen and this is a great idea for it. Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway

  55. 140

    Jill Froelich says

    I like projects that done take to long to finish in between quilts. Thanks for the chance to win.

  56. 141

    Sandy D says

    These fabrics are amazing and unique.I would never have thought of doing this to my napkins . Great idea

  57. 144

    Jodi Bullinger says

    Love the modern look of the fabric and how you showcased the print on the napkins…Thanks for the tuturial and great idea.

  58. 146

    Tammy says

    I love this fabric. Gorgeous modern colors & prints. Now the tutorial is fabulous. Simple, stylish & modern.

  59. 147

    Heather C. says

    Cloth napkins remind me of my grandparents. I can’t wait to try and embelish some of the napkins I have sitting in my closet!

  60. 149

    Marie J says

    Cute idea and fun fabric. Great anniversary gift idea along with a meal for two, including candles! Maybe you can throw in the recipe too!?

  61. 151

    Lesley says

    I like your napkin idea. Beautiful Mod fabrics would be great for a quilt for my teenaged son….

  62. 153

    pam biswas says

    I love Micro Mod and would love to win a bundle. Thanks for the tutorial and give away.

  63. 154


    I am new to quilting and have already become a fabric hoarder! These bundle of micromod are gorgeous. the colours and patterns are dynamic and vibrant! I would love to sink my teeth into a modern quilt project with these!

  64. 155

    Sandy says

    Last winter I bought a dozen napkins at Target marked down to $2.88, now I know what I’m going to do with them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. 156

    Erin says

    Love these fabrics and the combinations presented on the napkins. This makes me want to sew!

  66. 165

    Donna Lee says

    What a great idea! I like starting with already made napkins and adding a nice modern touch. Thank you for sharing this!

  67. 167

    dana says

    I love this as a way to dress up boring serviettes! And heaven knows I have enough fabric scraps….great idea!

  68. 168

    Jacque D says

    I love the prints and colors in this selection! Thanks also for the napkin tutorial – I plan on making several sets for stocking stuffers this year. Hope I win!!

  69. 169

    Anya says

    I love these napkins! What a great way to perk up store bought ones! Thanks for the tutorial and the fun giveaway!

  70. 175


    I don’t think I’d let my boys use those napkins, they’re too nice for pasta sauce all over them! Thanks for the give away!

  71. 177

    Barb says

    Your napkins are a great idea. Thanks for including the clue about where to buy some, too.

  72. 183

    Carol N says

    This is a beautiful project, and, SEW simple! The fabrics are outstanding in both the colorways and print designs. Love your artistic approach to the project. Well done, Faith!

  73. 186

    Marika says

    I’m hungry too just thinking about food. Yum !!

    Haven’t had the chance to get some of this lovely fabric so it would be nice to be able to get some and sew along!!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  74. 187

    Maria says

    What a fun fabric line, and great project to show it off! Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. 188

    Brooke says

    That is gorgeous fabric! I would love a chance for some…and I might totally copy the napkins. They are awesome!

  76. 190

    Maisy says

    What a cute and fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing! My sister is moving into a new house and this is going to make an awesome housewarming gift!

  77. 193

    Deb says

    Those napkins are too cute!! I recently found some “plain-jane” napkins while out thrifting and they need some adorable fabric sew on them.

  78. 208

    Allison D says

    Great idea! I like how you did a different pattern on each napkin but they all still go together so well because the fabrics look great together.

  79. 211

    Mabel says

    Faith, It is so amazing to see how many people follow your blog, like me!! love your work and enthusiasm! All those great proyects that you have created! I do get inspired! Thank you

  80. 215

    Marianne says

    These napkins are wonderful! The white napkins and the microMod fat quarter bundle work great together in this project. I really like cloth napkins and I love this design.

    I am inclined to want to make a set for all my family and close friends as these would be great gifts, and so much fun to make. Thank you for sharing your idea with us!

  81. 219

    Pamela says

    I love what you did with the napkins! The combination of textures is inspired! Thanks for sharing!

  82. 220

    Joan Rodriguez says

    Thanks for the napkin tutorial. they’d make a great gift for my nieces…and the Cloud 9 fabric is to dye for. :0)

  83. 222


    Awesome idea for dressing up napkins. Would be easy to do for any holiday/season. These fabrics look terrific, outside my usual picks, but
    time to stretch my style! Thanks Faith!

  84. 226


    I LOVE this idea. I have a couple of friends that have made some recent ‘life changes’ that warrant a house gift. I know what I will be doing this weekend!

  85. 234

    Yvonne Campbell says

    I love the fabrics, and how cute are those napkins. I’m always impressed. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  86. 240

    Cat says

    Gorgeous napkins — a great idea, beautifully executed. And I dig the MicroMod! One of the fabrics looks just like a micro-version of the curtain fabric I’ve just bought for the master bedroom…

  87. 242

    paige w says

    What a great fabric line. Glad to see all of the sew-alongs too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. 247

    Sandy A in St. Louis says

    Love your project! I need new napkins, so will be trying this out in the future!

  89. 250

    Cathie says

    I love this fabric line and love how you created something beautiful and useful with this fabric. So simple but can really dress up your table. Just love the idea. Thanks for the chance

  90. 255

    Jane B says

    I feel like Rip Van Winkle . . . Where have I been while this cool sew along has been going on. . . A quick look at the blog list says all the blogs I follow are in the second half. Thanks Faith for cluing me in. What a sweet idea for the dinner napkins. Micro Mod is so perfect for this!

  91. 257

    Katarina says

    This is one of my favorite collections! I’d really love to win. And your napkins are cute and simple, I might try that, too.

  92. 258

    Am L says

    Love the napkins idea. Fingers crossed for the giveaway. I’ve been loving on this fabric line since it was announced late last year!

  93. 259

    Elizabeth McDonald says

    I love these fabrics — so fresh and modern looking! Your napkins are stellar.

  94. 261


    Wow that’s a pretty cool use of that fabric (or any fabric!) I haven’t seen napkins embellished that way. Thank you so much for the idea and the giveaway!

  95. 263

    Fran says

    Your napkins are lovely! Thanks for the tutorial & for the chance to win these gorgeous fabrics.

  96. 264

    Deb says

    I bought a FQ of the plummy purple and used it in my Lucky Stars block. Wish I had bought more as I love this fabric. It’s such a lovely range

  97. 267

    Debbie Leschisin says

    What a great idea for the napkins! Would make part of such a nice gift for a wedding shower or wedding Would really enjoy winning those fabrics!

  98. 268

    Kathi says

    What a great idea! We use cloth napkins daily and I’m always looking for plain napkins on sale. Adding a simple applique design to the corner will turn my plain napkins into fun napkins.

  99. 269

    Jane says

    I loooove these fabrics! the smaller scale of the print really appeals to me .
    And the idea of the napkins is wonderful-so many great ideas and so little time!!!

  100. 276

    Becki says

    I love the geometric patterns. Don’t use cloth napkins but I love the idea. Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. 277

    Rachel S says

    Oh I love your napkins Faith! I love how each one has a unique design. Great job!

  102. 285

    Jacklynn Grimm says

    The napkins are a great idea! I can see making a matching table cloth or table runner. I like to spruce up 100% cotton dish towels – I could take this idea and run with it!! Thanks for the give away!

  103. 291

    Courtney Elwell says

    What a great idea! The napkins are soooo cute! Would love to win. thanks!

  104. 294

    Barbara says

    Great idea!! Love this line of fabric. Thanks for the link to labels in the previous post as well. Thanks for he chance to win.

  105. 301

    Christi Hussey says

    I love the fabrics! They would work great for a more masculine quilt. And I love the napkin idea too.

  106. 302

    Yolanda says

    I love the project, I also love the fabrics! Thanks for the chance with the giveaway.

  107. 303

    Lisa E says

    Wow, I’m seriously impressed with your idea. Very creative, very simple, and very cute. This is something that I think I would actually make for someone else!!!!

  108. 311

    Holly says

    lovely bundle. I have admired this range for ages! thank yo ufor the opportunity to win.

  109. 313


    this is such a great makeover for napkins – a nice chance to cut into a bundle of coordinating fabrics, or use up those beloved scraps from past projects. thanks for the idea!

  110. 314


    We don’t use paper napkins, so I have a whole slew of cloth napkins. They are all pretty basic, but this is a nice, quick idea to pretty them up!

  111. 319

    Corinne says

    The napkins are a great give idea. I like stars, no I love star quilts and your design is great.

  112. 321

    emily says

    what a beautiful fabric collection! And thanks for the great idea of housewarming party! 🙂