Hello Kitty Bunny


My daughter loves Hello Kitty for some reason. It’s odd, because I’m not even sure how she knows about Hello Kitty. It must be in her DNA. I found this really cute Hello Kitty fabric on Etsy and ordered some to make her a plush doll for Christmas. Let’s just say…the quality of the finished product will be good for a 3 year old. 🙂

I have the book Plush-O-Rama and copied a plush from the author bios at the end. I think it’s a bunny. But I’m not sure. LOL

Is anyone else finding it hard to get any sewing time in during the holidays? I have a finished quilt in my sewing room, just waiting for the binding to be hand-stitched. But by the end of the day, I’m just exhausted. I have another quilt that I was hoping to finish by the end of the year as well. I suppose some things will just have to wait. I have a few pillows to sew for gifts and need to embroider my son’s name on his stocking. So much to do, so little time.


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    cute bunny! Your daughter will love it!

    I am having a terible time getting any sewing in as well, but fortunatly I have all my holiday sewing done except binding two table runners.

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    Oh my daughter loves Hello Kitty too! She was dragging a Hello Kitty gumball machine through Target the other day – at 2 she’s a wee bit young for a gumball machine – oh and why do they have a gumball machine and water dispense – have you seen those yet? Crazy. I must find that fabric – so very cute!

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    It’s so cute! I love handmade toys; I hope to try more of them in the future.

    Livy has been going through a big Hello Kitty phase for the past few months, too.

    Seriously, where is the time?!? So many things to work on and I don’t know how I’m going to get it done!

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