Heirloom Dresden – Mini Quilt Monday

Heirloom Dresden

Is September nearing an end already? Today is the last week of Mini Quilt Monday. I hope you have enjoyed spending the month challenging yourself to try new things. This week I decided to try my hand at Dresden Plates. I’ve wanted to try these since I first saw the cover of the book Material Obsession. That quilt is *so* beautiful.


I followed Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial from Sew Mama Sew. She makes everything so easy to understand. These were a lot easier to make than I thought they would be. (I did purchase a special ruler at JoAnns for about $5.) The center circle could use some practice, but overall I’m happy with how this mini turned out and definitely wouldn’t shy away from making more of these. I used my collection of Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom fabric, such pretty colors and designs.

Dresden Quilting

I quilted straight lines 1/4″ on each side of the dresden seams and continuing to the edge of the quilt. It produced a pretty star in the center. The binding is actually closer to red, Kona Cayenne, but I thought it looked quite nice with the Heirloom palette. The final size is 16″ square.

So there you have it – now let’s see what you made this week!



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    September 26, 2011

    Ahhh! I love the star in the middle. 🙂

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    Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quitls

    September 26, 2011

    Love the center quilting! Beautiful!

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    September 26, 2011

    i have always loved the dresden plate pattern, but never attempted it! you did outstanding and i love the fabrics~your quilting produced such a delightful surprise! very cool!

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    September 26, 2011

    This really is a beautiful collection of prints and the mini quilt is just gorgeous.

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    September 26, 2011

    Beautiful mini! I love the way you quilted it. I’ve enjoyed this series and am sad to see it end. Thanks for hosting it!

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    September 26, 2011

    So pretty! Especially the quilting.

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    September 26, 2011

    This is beautiful!! The colors, the stitching.. fabulous!

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    September 26, 2011

    This is beautiful! Love the fabrics and the pattern. What ruler did you purchase from Joanns? There are a few dresden rulers out there – looking to purchase one too.

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      September 26, 2011

      Hi Tiffany! My JoAnns only had 1 ruler so I bought it without looking at what brand/type it was. It came with a little wooden stick for when you turn the point and push out the fabric. It has different markings to let you make various sizes of Dresden – I think that’s the most important feature.

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    September 26, 2011

    It looks beautiful! What do you do with your mini quilts?

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      September 26, 2011

      Some I hang up, but I think this one would look nice on a table with a vase in the middle. Or a fall/pumpkin display. 🙂

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    Kelly B.

    September 26, 2011

    The quilting on this rocks Faith!!!

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    Flo@butterfly Quilting

    September 26, 2011

    Love the Dresden! It is on my list of things to try. I bought the ruler…but that is as far as I have progressed!! Maybe this will be my inspiration !

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    September 26, 2011

    Your work is always so incredibly beautiful and well made. I never got to sharing any minis this month but have enjoyed seeing yours and the others. Fun challenge!!

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    September 26, 2011

    WoW! That’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

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    September 26, 2011

    This is a really beautiful mini, the fabric just fits with the nostalgic quality of a Dresden plate. And the quilting is even more perfect! Really nice, Faith.

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    September 26, 2011

    Beautiful and the quilting is fabulous!

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    September 26, 2011

    That is so beautiful. You are so talented! Nice job!

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    September 26, 2011

    Looks great! I love Dresden plates, and your quilting looks so cool!

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    September 26, 2011

    Great work!

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    September 26, 2011

    Lovely Dresden, gorgeous quilting.

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    September 26, 2011

    This is really very lovely. The colours are just right and the quilting is great. Nice job!

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    September 26, 2011

    so so pretty! The quilting is just magical~

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    September 26, 2011

    Wow, it’s beautiful! I’ve never tried a Dresden, but I definitely want to make one soon. The Heirloom looks lovely, and the binding choice is perfection!

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    Rachel at Stitched in Color

    September 26, 2011

    It’s absolutely beautiful, Faith!

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    September 26, 2011

    oh i love it, and i love the star quilted in the middle!

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    September 26, 2011

    Your dresden is beautiful! I really like the way you quilted it and the neat design it made in the center.
    Quilting by the River

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    September 26, 2011

    Hello Faith! Your mini quilt is just fantastic! You make always so beautiful quilts! I’m happy to join you today, but sad to hear that this is the last time for mini quilts! I hope you have something new for us in your mind!
    Have a lovely week! x Teje

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    September 26, 2011

    That is really beautiful! I love the star the stitching makes. I’ve not heard of Dresden before (I guess because you haven’t made one before – lol). I’ll have to check out that tutorial. So, let’s see, I need to make a big pooches and pickups quilt for Hayden, I want to make a mini wonky star quilt because I love that one you made, I want to make a bunch of figure 8 scarves for Christmas, and now whatever a dresden is, I want to make one of those… I think I may need more DVR space, because it’s going to be a while before I make a dent in all the new shows flowing onto it. LOL!

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    September 26, 2011

    PS – that is also a good scrap buster! Imagine how many scraps you would bust if you did a whole quilt like that.

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    September 26, 2011

    Faith, it looks great! Love your choice of fabrics and quilting! Don’t you love it when the quilting makes such neat designs?

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    September 26, 2011

    I love the way you quilted this so much! I love Dresdens so much. I’ve only made one – it’s in a hoop hanging up in my sewing space. Next time I’m snagging your idea for quilting it…it’s amazing!

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    Pam Gavin

    September 26, 2011

    WOW – your mini quilt is wonderful! I love the fabrics you used and they look perfect. The quilting looks amazing! I am inspired!!

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    September 26, 2011

    I did one of these earlier in the month in yellows,blues and reds. I love how you got the star effect with yours.

    Can’t wait for your book to come out;)

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    September 26, 2011

    It’s gorgeous! I love the Heirloom line and your quilting is amazing!

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    September 26, 2011

    Beautiful! I love the quilting too. Fabulous!

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    September 26, 2011

    Gorgeous!! I love how the quilting came out!

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    September 27, 2011

    Your Dresden Plate looks wonderful. You may have just inspired me to drag out the bed-sized one I’ve got going and finish it! Thanks so much for hosting Mini-Quilt Mondays — it was fun!

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    September 27, 2011

    This is lovely…………you may have convinced me that I can handle it!

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    September 28, 2011

    I’m a little late, but here’s my entry. Thanks for encouraging us to try some new things this month.

    Your dresden block is beautiful!

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    Kirsten N

    September 29, 2011

    Love your dresden mini quilt – I will have to check out that tutorial! Thanks for hosting the mini quilt Mondays – it has been great to see all of the lovely projects 🙂

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    Patricia Block

    October 2, 2011

    Thanks for being a wonderful host of Mini Quilts Monday… So sorry the world interfered with my getting a fourth project done… I must say you all kept me going, to make three projects…I do have number four on the cutting table just not nearly done…Love the Dresden Plate….P