Great Big Giveaway Day ~ May Edition

Great Big Giveaway Day May 2014 ~ Fresh Lemons Quilts

Welcome to the May edition of the Fresh Lemons Quilts Great Big Giveaway Day! I’m very excited about this month’s giveaways, all nine (!!) of them!

Reminder! Please check your email (including SPAM folders) or back to this post after I choose the winners on Thursday. I want to make sure everyone gets connected to their prize. πŸ™‚

1. Fabric Spark is giving away 6 fat quarters from Tula Pink’s Fox Field collection.

2. Fort Worth Fabric Studio is giving away an 8 piece Fat Quarter Bundle called Tiny Town, a FWFS exclusive!

3. Connecting Threads is giving away a set of their beautiful variegated threads.

4. Custom Labels 4U is offering a winner their choice of one of the following: Free 36 labels of 1/2β€³ size woven name tapes – OR – Free 30 labels of 1β€³ size woven name tapes.

The great thing about these fully woven name tapes is that you can actually design them and see them on the site before they are even purchased! Also some very cute little optional icons/designs to add if desired.

5. Southern Fabric is offering a $30 gift certificate so you can go shopping!

6. Love Quilting if offering a $20 gift certificate – lots of great choices in the shop!

7. Stash Fabrics is giving away a fat quarter bundle of Waterfront Park Domino Dots. And they have a new website so go check it out! You can find these in the clearance section of the new shop along with a bunch of other great prints from your favorite designers!

8. Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate for you to spend in their shop!

9. Quilt Dots is giving away 3 Quilt Dots Collections of Your Choice with a Jewelry Base (necklace, bracelet or key chain/zipper pull). Collections may be pins, magnets or bookmarks. A $75 value.

To enter to win, simply leave one comment at the end of this post. I’ll pick one will per shop on Thursday evening, May 8th. Good luck everyone!

+++ Closing Comments to Pick the Winners! +++

I’m back with the winners!

761: Nancy Freeman
Fabric Spark – 6 fat quarters from Tula Pink’s Fox Field collection

388: Jan
Fort Worth Fabric Studio – 8 piece Fat Quarter Bundle called Tiny Town

768: Melissa
Connecting Threads – variegated threads

486: Barbara
Custom Labels 4U – free labels

422: Carmen Christian
Southern Fabric – $30 gift certificate

570: JoAnne A
Love Quilting – $20 gift certificate

634: Kathy G
Stash Fabrics – fat quarter bundle of Waterfront Park Domino Dots.

197: Loretta
Fat Quarter Shop – $25 gift certificate

316: Jayne
Quilt Dots – 3 Quilt Dots Collections of Your Choice with a Jewelry Base (necklace, bracelet or key chain/zipper pull). Collections may be pins, magnets or bookmarks.

Congratulations and thank you everyone for visiting, commenting and supporting my sponsors. πŸ™‚


  1. 1

    Andrea Hay says

    I love all of these things and would be thrilled to win any of them!

  2. 4

    Evelyn says

    What yummy giveaways! They’re all great. I’d be tickled pink with any one of them.

  3. 5

    Liz Blois says

    These all look such fabulous freebies. Thanks for the chance to win one of them.

  4. 6

    kitty says

    Wonderful giveaway! You have the most generous sponsors!! Thank you for a chance to win these great prizes!!

  5. 7

    Kim Shepherd says

    What an amazing list of gorgeous giveaways! I’d love to win any one of them – here’s hoping I’m lucky.😊

  6. 9

    Carrie says

    Thank you for sharing these lovely items. You have such wonderful fabric across the pond. We only see a tiny selection over here in the UK.

  7. 10

    Lynn McIndoe says

    What a great selection of giveaways. 9 people are going to be very happy on Thursday.

  8. 15

    Jennifer says

    What pretty fabrics and interesting notions. I would love to win any of these prizes.

  9. 16

    Fran says

    Your sponsors are all awesome & your monthly giveaway is such a generous offering. Thanks for the chance to win one of these great prizes!

  10. 17

    Laurelle says

    Wow so many awesome prizes! Thanks for the chance to enter. Would love to win any one of those πŸ™‚

  11. 33


    Seria um grande presente para o Dia das MΓ£es, ficarei muito feliz em ganhar um de seus premios.
    Boa sorte e parabΓ©ns pelo lindo site.

  12. 34


    Hip hip hooray, another great collection of goodies!
    Everything on offer is so wonderful. Thank you very much sponsors!!!

  13. 35

    Ludgera W says

    That is a great way to start May. Thank you for the chance to win one of

  14. 39

    Kathy Lambert says

    Fabulous giveaway. Thank you for a chance and all the sponcers for being so generous.

  15. 42

    Janet Moilanen says

    Everything looks fabulous – would be fun to win. Thanks for having such a nice giveaway!

  16. 43

    Cheri Barnett says

    What great goodies! I’d love to win! Thank you for the chance!

  17. 45


    Wow you and your sponsors are amazing. Thanks so much for the chance to win in May. I hope you all have a lovely productive month

  18. 59

    lisa says

    Awesome giveaways. You are so generous to share with your fans. I would love to have any one of them. Thank you!

  19. 64

    Paula K. says

    What a wonderful selection of giveaways, everything so useful and fun. Thanks so much for the chance.Sincerely.

  20. 69


    What an awesome giveaway!!! Would love to get some of that fabric on my Bernina 750! You and your sponsors are very generous!!!

  21. 73

    Patricia Clayton says

    You and your sponsors outdid yourselves this time. the giveaways are the best. thank you to all of you.

    Pat Clayton

  22. 86

    Judy P says

    What wonderful prizes – you have very generous sponsors! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win one. Happy May!!

  23. 87

    Dawn Hendrix says

    Yes my name is DAWN HENDRIX and I am addicted to your BLOG!!!! Awesomeness and inspiration flows!

  24. 89

    Margaret says

    Fabulous prizes! Thanks to you and the sponsors for the opportunity to win!

  25. 95

    AngieSue says

    A couple of these shops are new to me … I’m going to go check them out!

  26. 98

    Dotti says

    What a great selection of gifts. Anyone would be happy to get one of them. Especially me!

  27. 102


    So kind and generous; I would be thrilled to win any of these fabulous offerings, and thanks for the chance to win some great goodies!

  28. 104

    Char says

    Wow, just a quick cruise through all those goodies and a million ideas come to mind. Very generous all around. Thanks to all!

  29. 107

    Diane says

    Faith, thank you for this amazing opportunity and thank you to all the vendors for their generosity. So kind hearted:)
    I hope your daughter enjoyed wearing her Easter dress.

  30. 109


    This is such a great variety of prints and colors; it sparks the creativity. Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. 111

    Helen P says

    What an amazing array of goodies! Thank you, and all the sponsors too.

  32. 113


    Love to stop by and see your bright and cheery face on your sidebar!! Thanks for your hard work at putting together this giveaway!

  33. 117

    Kathy says

    Wonderful array of prizes. Thank you for your generosity. Your blog is always a great source of information and inspiration. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

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    Christa says

    These are all fabulous. I would be greatful to win of of them. That’s so much for the opportunity πŸ™‚

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    Sharon Eshlaman says

    Wow, what fantastic sponsors, and so generous too. Thanks for a chance to win!

  36. 121

    Robyn says

    never seen such a generous and varied give-away.
    I find your blog amazing.

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    Barbara L says

    Great give-away – many thanks for the chance to win awesome goodies !

  38. 124

    Terry says

    Thanks so much for this fabulous giveaway! Love all those fabrics and notions.

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    Deborah says

    Fantastic giveaway!!! I would be so happy to win products from any of these sponsors.

  40. 134

    Karen says

    Count me in. I’m just finishing a baby quilt. Need some new fabric to spark creativity.

  41. 138


    Thank you for all the interesting and beautiful items. Each one would be fun to use with fabric! Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. 140

    Ginny Hansen says

    I wish you could know how many lives you brighten with every post! Some of us never call, we never write, but we enjoy checking in regularly to see what’s new. And what cheery giveaway items to imagine winning…

  43. 143

    Shawn says

    Wow this is great. Thanks for the chance to win. Your sponsors are very generous.

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    Kristen Smith says

    Oh my gosh what fantastic give aways! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    Laurie says

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and keeping it up every month. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your terrific ideas!

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    Kim F says

    Thank you so much for such a generous giveaway. So many wonderful chances. So nice of your sponsors. My birthday is May 30. What a great gift one of these would be!

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    Susan says

    What wonderful prizes! I would love to win any of them! Thanks for the chance!

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    Beth says

    A great giveaway, Lots of really cool stuff. Thanks for the chane to win. Beth

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    Patricia Martinez says

    Wow! Sounds like the best giveaways ever. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

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    Veronica says

    I order from most of your sponsors. Great shops. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Anita says

    thanks so much for the great giveaways and a blog that helps keep a newbee motivated.

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    Becky S says

    Those are great prizes!!! Thanks to you and your sponsors for the
    nice giveaway.

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    Lauren says

    What a cool giveaway!!! Everything looks beautiful!!! Thanks so much!!

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    Elaine McKee Filos says

    I have never entered a contest on the web for fabric. This may become a habit!

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    Lucinda says

    Love the giveaway — so very generous. Thinking of the making that can be done….

  56. 181

    Jennie says

    Have found some cute places to shop through your posts that share specials etc…loved finding Fort Worth Fabric Studios through you blog! Fun!!

  57. 182

    Traci Hartwick says

    What a great giveaway opportunity, all the gifts are wonderful but that thread is soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

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    Cheryl I says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I hope I win something – any one of them would be great. πŸ™‚

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    Mhairi says

    What a great selection of giveaways. I love the buttons and all the fabrics. Thanks for the chance to enter.

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    Vickie says

    You always have such great giveaways!
    I would love to win any of these wonderful gifts!

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    D. Meredith says

    That’s a great group of prizes! I’d love to win any of them.

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    Prissy says

    What a delicious group of giveaways. Visiting your blog always perks me up πŸ™‚

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    Patricia K. says

    Here’s my morning routine… grab a cup of coffee and then check my favorite quilting blogs, yours being one of them. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas, loved the Easter dress!

  64. 208


    What an amazing array of prizes. It’s so exciting first thing on a Monday morning! πŸ˜€ I would be thrilled to win any one of them. Thank you.

  65. 209

    Barbara S. says

    Loved your idea about choosing coordinating fabrics. Would really enjoy any of today’s giveaways!

  66. 210

    Pam S says

    Thanks to all your great sponsors, and thanks for hosting this great giveaway. What wonderful eye candy and fun!

  67. 212

    lesley says

    this would be awesome! i am already familiar with several of the sponsors (LOVE southern fabric) but am looking forward to learning about the others.

    i am currently trying to teach myself how to sew and quilt as i have always wanted to learn. i figure it isn’t too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

  68. 215

    BillieGunther says

    To win would be like Christmas in May!! Lots of great goodies-:)

  69. 216

    Heather738 says

    What a great array of giveaways! I’m crossing my fingers for the Connecting Threads variegated thread set!!

  70. 219

    Dana says

    Such interesting goodies – they get your brain to thinking what you can do with them.

  71. 220

    Cynthia M says

    This would be so fabulous to win. I would love this and it is so generous of the sponsors!

  72. 223

    Dana says

    I love the goodies that your sponsors are offering. It sure gets your brain to thinking what new project I can start.

  73. 230

    Linda Crawford says

    Wow what a great give away. I love all of them. A great big thanks to you, Faith and your wonderful sponsors.

  74. 233

    Susan Cheffey says

    Faith, new to your site, sew inspired. Would love to win a prize!

  75. 235

    robin says

    I would be so stoked to win any one of these prizes! Thanks to you and your sponsors for the chance.

  76. 237

    Kate says

    Excellent prizes again! The labels are what I really would love (though as if I’d complain if I won anything else!). Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  77. 247

    Krista says

    You have the best giveaways. I always look forward to the beginning of the month for this e-mail. πŸ™‚

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    Susan Stanton says

    This is the best giveaway ever! Thanks for giving us a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

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    Edith says

    What wonderful offerings full of color and possibilities! They make my mouth water! Thank you for the chance to win one of these goodies!

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    Liz T says

    What a great group of giveaways!! Thank you for putting this together and giving us a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes.

  81. 252

    Lisa Trout says

    I’m feeling lucky this week. Can’t wait to start a new project.

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    R Howard says

    What EXXCELLENT giveaways–all of them!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  83. 254

    Leeanne says

    Ok, is it normal to drool over fabric??? Sure hope so because otherwise I may need to make a run to my doctor! All of your giveaways are great!

  84. 259

    Cynthia Mickelson says

    I love reading your newsletters and find great inspiration in your creativity.
    Love that you do give aways as well.

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    Judi j R says

    I am enjoying reading your postings. I have found wonderful ideas and great new fabrics. What a wonderful give away!

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    Margaret says

    Beautiful fabrics and notions. Thanks Faith, for the chance to win!

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    JenniferB says

    Oooh, pick me! Lovely stuff as always! Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Gail Quast says

    Such a great opportunity! Thanks for the possibility to win and for all of the inspiration.

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    Dawn says

    Well….maybe this will be my lucky day. Great prizes! Thank you to all your sponsors.

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    Carla says

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I am especially interested in the thread. Fingers crossed…

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    Nancy W says

    Wow!!! This is some giveaway! πŸ˜„. Thank you and your sponsors. I love all and would be estatic to win any ☺️

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    Debbie says

    These are all wonderful prize. It would be a real treat to win any of them.

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    Terry says

    What wonderful sponsors you have and I shop them all — a double ++ for me – thanks for the giveaway #!}

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    Marianne says

    Wow! Lots of fun things in this giveaway! Would be so lucky to win one of these!!!

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    Trish says

    Wow! Such a great giveaway! I wouldn’t be picky, I’d say surprise me πŸ™‚

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    I act like I’ve won the lottery on your giveaway days! Even if I don’t win, they are so exciting and have such great prizes!

  97. 314

    Norine says

    Love, love, love. All of them! What a great collection. They just stir up the creative juices! A burst of spring!!!

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    Shannon M. says

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I love love love it all!!!! Thank you so much for offering us a chance to win!!!

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    Lori says

    Those are all awesome! I would LOVE to win something! Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. 324


    Just by looking at all those luscious items in the Giveaway, you can tell spring is certainly here!

  101. 325

    Linda in Maryville says

    This is exciting! I love all the giveaways! Looking forward to see who are the lucky people.

    • 333

      Cher says

      I would be pleased to win any one of these. What wonderful support you have!

  102. 338

    BFromM says

    Wow! That’s a lot of really cool stuff. Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. 340

    Carol N says

    With your busy schedule, I appreciate that you take the time to organize these monthly give-aways. I would like to buy a bottle of your motivation, but I don’t see it listed in your shop! Thanks for all you do.

  104. 343

    Anita says

    Wow, that is really big give away. I’m crossing every body part that I can cross.

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    Cheryl L. says

    What a fabulous month of giveaways! Thanks for a chance to win any of these!

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    Robin Whiting says

    Wow! This is some giveaway, what a great prize package I hope you pick me!!!

  107. 348

    Dorothy Reel says

    I am an older grandmother who only started quilting five years ago, and I was immediately hooked, line and sinker. So many wonderful projects to create, so little time!
    Thank you and your sponsors for an inspiring giveaway!!

  108. 355

    Crystal Periot says

    I would love to win any of these! Love the domino dots especially!

  109. 356

    Audrey M says

    Yay!! What a fantastic giveaway :)Thanks for doing it, you’re blog is just great!

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    Marcia R says

    You have such awesome sponsors! Those quilt dots are super-cute. I’ve never seen them before. And I can’t wait to check out Stash Fabrics new website.

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    Maeve says

    WOW! Great stuff! Thanks for all the sponsors generously donating to the giveaway. I enjoy your blog site so much!

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    Anne Simonot says

    Wow, what wonderful prizes.. Please enter me and thanks for the chance to win one of them.

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    Carolyn says

    It would be so much fun to win one of these prizes… they are all quite wonderful!

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    Hedda says

    Wow, these giveaways are fab. You have some generous (and super-cool) sponsors!

  115. 377


    I have seen Tula Pink’s fabric before, but this pictures made me san, “WOW! That is beautiful fabric!” Thanks for the giveaway…lot of eye candy.

  116. 378

    Theresa says

    Sometimes what I like about giveaways is learning about new shops and products. I found a few gems in your giveaway group to check out…so thanks for that and the chance to win!

  117. 380

    Cindy says

    Wow, you have the best sponsors ever! It seems like you just did April’s giveaway too. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog. Thank you.

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    Patty says

    Wow, you have outdone yourself with this giveaway, Faith. I am so coveting the Domino Dots…..but would love to win anything!

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    Sharon says

    I love your giveaways! 2 of your patterns are on my to-do list. Thanks for the prizes!

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    Mary Austin says

    I am a recent subscriber to your blog. I am very impressed with the freshness and quality of it.

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    Ceil says

    Great prizes! Thank you for the chance to win. I’m ready to start sewing!

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    Jacklynn Grimm says

    Such wonderful prizes! Any one of them would be a terrific birthday present – my birthday is May 8th. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Jowyn Jenson says

    marvellous giveaway. thank you for the chance to win some goodies πŸ™‚

  124. 399


    Oh, I just had to buy some waterfront park domino dots fabrics!!! I just could not resist. πŸ™‚

    PS I am entering this drawing; but, if I am a winner, I may have you redraw for some prizes because I believe others may want it more. For example: #1 and #2 prizes would be appreciated by others more than me; but, I would love to have #7 and #8. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for doing these giveaways!

  125. 400

    Donna W says

    What generous sponsors you have. Thanks for putting together this give-away.

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    Kristi says

    Thanks to you and your sponsors for this wonderful giveaway! Fingers are crossed! k(dot)castanette(at)hotmail(dot)com

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    bea says

    thank you for this great giveaway! if I would have to chose, I wouldn’t know! everything looks interesting.

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    DianeY says

    Wow! It’s not even 6 am here and there are almost 400 entries already! I’ll toss my name in there,too!

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    Linda says

    The drawing is wonderful thing; the prizes are amazing. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    Sandra Davidson says

    What beautiful giveaways, I would love any of them. The buttons are spectacular. Blessings Sandra

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    Kristi R says

    Thoses are great prizes. I enjoy your blog very much thanks for all you do.

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    peggy says

    Loving your site even more each day. The Tula Pink is deep and draws you in. Love ’em all!

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    Cher Merriman says

    I would be ‘over the moon’ delighted to win any of these prizes!
    Love the Tiny Towns fabric!!

  134. 422

    sharon says

    All the prizes are great
    I love connecting threads — thread and always sew with it– I would love to see the variegated thread

  135. 426

    lynda h says

    one and done – a fun way to deal with giveaways – your great sponsors are very generous

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    June says

    Wow! I can’t even say which is my fave. They’re all fabulous. Thank you!

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    Amy Sp says

    I’m so glad you didn’t ask us to pick our favorite prize, because there is now way I could choose among them. <3

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    michele says

    WOOHOO. Lots of wonderful things. Anyone would be delighted to win. Thanks for the chance.

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    Janet T says

    What nice prizes. Would gladly accept any of them. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    Penny Dominici says

    Great fabric selections. Those little windows are tickling my imagination.

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    Linda S says

    Love your blog!! Thank you for the chance at a wonderful group of prizes and thanks to the sponsors as well!
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

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    notwendy gmail

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    Wow ~ is it selfish to wish we could have every single one of them? Thanks for the chance ~ fingers crossed!

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    Kim says

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    Amy C says

    Another month of totally incredible sponsor giveaway! Amazing! Fingers crossed!!!

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    Lynn says

    Love the Domino Dots, but, of course, would love to win any of the gifts!

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    Michelle says

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    Laura says

    OMG! I love all of them! I just started quilting about a year ago and it would be awesome to win any of these to increase my stash! Thanks so much for doing this!

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    Ohh, everything is so fantastic. I’m particularly drooling over those variegated threads from connecting threads!

  155. 500

    Heather says

    Such fun this month! I’d really love to try the thread from Connecting Threads!

  156. 507


    Oh my!! How wonderful. I am just getting started in quilting and this is a great blog to get information and inspiration from. Thank you.
    Any of these wonderful items would be very helpful.

  157. 511

    Beth S says

    Oh my! What an incredible giveaway! Thank you! And, I hope you pick me!

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    Sharon Payne says

    What a great way to see more spring colours.
    Thanks for all the special prizes.

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    Jane S. says

    You always have such great giveaways! Thanks to you and your generous sponsors. πŸ™‚

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    Joqnne Beatty says

    Love all the free gifts can use them all with all the
    patterns I have in my head to make.

  161. 518

    Mary Ann says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win from one of these sponsors!

  162. 519


    I love all the options…but the Domino Dots are on my list of things to get more of….I have a half yard bundle and need more for my Farmer’s Wife quilt πŸ™‚

  163. 520

    Lynne Leach says

    As always–wonderful giveaways. I especially like the yellow and black collection this month Thanks.

  164. 526

    Sue Lee says

    Wow! A lot of give aways! Quilting is the best hobby or job for some..

  165. 527

    Kathleen O'Grady says

    What great giveaways! Thanks to you and all the sponsors for the chance to win!

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    Erin Gerard says

    Oh the tiny town bundle is so cute but I would love to win any of these great giveaways!

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    Linda Bedford says

    You have the nicest, most generous sponsors! Everything is so desirable.

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    Kimberlier says

    Thank you to you & your sponsors! I would be delighted to win any of these prizes.

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    Pamela says

    What an amazing opportunity…such fun gifts ! Here’s hoping I am a lucky winner

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    Elizabeth S says

    WooHoo! Lovely prizes! Thanks for hosting the Great Big Giveaway.

  171. 541

    Mom C says

    I think I’m feeling it thru my computer. It’s my number coming up. Or it may be the spring weather we are finally seeing a bit of. Thanks, this is great.

  172. 543


    How very awesome! Those domino dots? They speak to me! I wanna see some fabric with the braille alphabet…

  173. 544

    Debra says

    Holy Give-away Batman! I hope I’m one of the lucky winners. Just beginning to build my stash.

  174. 546

    Myrtice says

    Looking at all the wonderful prizes, reminded me of Xmas when I was a child looking in the catalogs at toys. I would be honored to win.

  175. 549

    Kate says

    Everything looks amazing. Would love to win and help out in my fabric hoarding ways without the cost πŸ™‚

  176. 558


    I am a brand new quilter and would love to win any of these above but really would like the thread from Connecting Threads. Since I’m just getting started I will need it!

    LOVE YOUR SITE and home to be able to start mine own at some point after I get started! THANK YOU!

  177. 569

    Ali M says

    Thank you so much! Happy May, I hope the Chicago weather is treating you well this year.

  178. 571

    Lori Morton says

    This is such a Grrrrreat Give-a-Way!!!! (Thank you that we don’t have to do FB, Twitter etc to participate!! Woo Hoooo!!!)

    Love every thing your cool Sponsor’s have donated!! Thank you to each one!! πŸ™‚

  179. 575

    Janeen worzalla says

    First time to comment on your wonderful site. I have so enjoyed your quilts and creativity. I look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  180. 576

    Natasha Renstead says

    So many wonderful prizes. Thank you for the giveaway πŸ™‚

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    Margaret Lawrence says

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