Fresh Lemons Patterns in Action

I think one of the most exciting moments I have as a blogger is when I receive an email from a reader that made one of my patterns or tutorials. I LOVE seeing the photos and hearing the story behind the quilt. I thought I would feature a few here.

The first quilt in the above photo is by my friend Kelly. I can’t tell you how flattered I was when she cut into her Katie Jump Rope stash to make the Kaleidoscopic Kites Quilt Pattern.

The second quilt you see above was a really fun surprise.

Photo from Laura Gunn blog

Last May I received an email from Lynne Miller of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild. Fabric designer Laura Gunn asked the guild to make a quilt for Quilt Market using her new Painter’s Canvas line. Lynne chose my Lemon Squares pattern. She did such a great job, it is really stunning. And I was honored to even have a little tiny piece of me at Quilt Market…talk about exciting!

The third quilt in the top photo is by Shannon and is also the Kaleidoscopic Kites Quilt Pattern. This was Shannon’s first quilt where she followed a pattern from start to finish. Her fabric selection and quilting is just beautiful.

Photo from Shannon’s blog

Another reader, Mitzi of Love, Live, Quilt, created a quilt based on my Echino Squared (sorry, no pattern for this one!) But she is one smart cookie and figured it out herself. 🙂

Photo from Mitzi’s blog

Last but certainly not least are these twin beauties by Katie of Katie’s Corner.

Central Park Twins. Done!

Wow! She used my Lemon Squares pattern with Kate Spain’s Central Park fabric collection and I am totally loving the results. Katie added more blocks to make these twin sized. Beautiful Katie. 🙂

If you have made a quilt from one of my patterns, or do so in the future, I would love to see it.


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    Keep coming up with these wonderful patterns and we’ll keep making them!!! 🙂 I have my solids all ready to go to copy the summer sampler exactly like you made it!

  2. 3

    Roxanna says

    getting ready to start my own version of your k. kites….AFTER I make 25 more wonky flying geese, that is. Love your creativity!! And appreciate the fact that you share with the world. It is a God-given talent, I do believe.

  3. 5

    Laura G says

    Your quilts are exactly like your business name “fresh””. They are also exciting to look at and fun to make. Thank you for sharing your patterns

  4. 7


    Isn’t it amazing how changing the fabrics or just changing the palette creates a whole different look?

    I think I can understand what a buzz it would give you.

  5. 9


    To my suprise I saw my quilt on your blog! Thanks so much, I love to the others too…thinking I will start another one with the Lemon Squares. Big Thanks again!

  6. 11


    Shannon is a friend of mine and let me tell you, she’s a natural at this whole quilting thing! She has great things ahead of her, that’s for sure. I found your blog through her a couple of months back!

  7. 14


    all of your quilts/patterns are beautiful, but I LOVE that Lemon Squares pattern!!! It’s really stunning the way the SLMQG put it together with those colors.

  8. 15


    I was just wondering how many squares I would need to make this for a twin size bed? I love it and I want to make it for my daughter’s bed!

    • 16


      Each finished square is 9″. So you just need to figure out what size you want the finished quilt and divide the height and width by 9″. Then that is your number of rows across and down.

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