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Flying Geese Paper Piecing Templates at Fresh Lemons Quilts

Happy Saturday! Yesterday when I posted my rainbow geese sneak peek, I had several people comment and email me about how to I got my perfect points. I think most people traditionally piece their flying geese (and I have instructions for how to do that on my Radiant Splendor block tutorial).

When I first started making flying geese, I made them using the traditionally pieced method. But like some of you, I was never totally pleased with the results. (I can be a perfectionist at times.) Once I learned to paper piece, I decided to try paper piecing my flying geese. And not surprisingly, just like everything else that comes from paper piecing, they were perfection.

At the bottom of my Patterns and Tutorials page, I provide links to download the templates I use in various sizes. But just to make it easier for you, I am linking to them here as well. All the sizes listed are finished sizes. The templates do include the 1/4″ seam allowance around each flying geese paper piecing unit.

1″ x 2″ 2″ x 4″ 2-1/2″ x 5″ 1-3/4″ x 3-1/2″

As with all templates online, be sure to print at 100% or “Actual Size”. If you have never paper pieced before, I do have a tutorial for getting started.

I hope you enjoy them!


  1. 3

    Cyndi Nelson says

    Thank you, Faith, for the templates! It will allow me to NOT stress over having to make Flying Geese!!

  2. 4


    I have tried every method too. I can be a bit of a perfectionist too and I agree, paper piecing is the only way to go to get perfect geese every time. And it is easier to sew the blocks together too 🙂

  3. 9

    Christine says

    Thank you! I had never visited your tutorials page… I was amazed! It’s wonderful that you teach and share your skill. I really love your book! Thank you again!

  4. 16

    Lea says

    Thank you for sharing your PP flying geese templates. I’m saving this for future reference. You have so many beautiful tutorials! Thanks for your generosity and taking the time to share all of them.

  5. 18

    Dotti says

    I am not a fan of paper piecing, tearing the paper away takes some of the fun out of it, but I am willing to try your flying geese. My geese always seem as if they want to fly south and never want to stay up north with me. Thank you for templates and your encouragement. Can you believe July is almost over? Christmas is only five months away.

  6. 20

    Alexandra says

    Ask and you shall receive!! I was literally JUST getting ready to Google some flying geese templates and there you are!! Thank you for this!!!

  7. 21


    Timely, thanks! Border 4 – flying geese – for the marcelle medallion is coming up next week for our patchwork society group! This will be so helpful!

  8. 22

    Adrienne says

    Very many thanks for the quick response to my plea, and even more so for the tutorial and paper piecing download. As much ad I detest paperpiecing, I loath ripping out bad points, soooo onward and upward! Paperpiecing it is! Thanks again.

  9. 25


    Wonderful, thanks so much! I do love flying geese but they’re such a frustrating struggle! Can’t wait to try your templates and tute. Paper piecing is such fun!

  10. 29

    Nancy Tatro says

    Faith, thanks so much for these! The originals are going in a page protector for future use! Have you tried the tearless method of paper piecing? The method is the same, but you fold the paper back out of the way, and sew right along the line. Same perfection, but you don’t have to tear off the papers and you can use the pattern over and over again. A little swipe of a glue stick helps you get started.

  11. 33

    Carol N says

    Thank you so much for your kind and generous heart! You are always so willing to share your knowledge. I am such a fan of foundation piecing, and always happy to have the patterns at my fingertips.
    Your blog is in a class by itself–easy to access and easy to follow. Thanks for all of your hard–and beautiful–work!

  12. 35

    Sharon says

    Enjoy your blog and your modern perspective on colors and quilting. The flying geese quilt is fresh and beautiful. Thanks

  13. 36

    Lisa McGriff says

    Is there anyway you can make this where it could be pinned on Pinterest. I don’t want to loose this or forget where it is.. Awesome Awesome

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