Flutter and Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn; Fresh Lemons Quilts

Remember that awesome fabric I showed you before I left for Quilt Market? Well I cut into it today. I was really inspired to make something with the butterflies from Flutter first. I cut a couple of rows of them out, and then some 1-1/2″ strips of Laura Gunn’s Painter’s Canvas. My plan was to make a pillow from a bunch of log cabins with the butterflies in the middle.

Flutter and Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn; Fresh Lemons Quilts

But something about Laura’s fabric always makes me want to appliqué. I say that sort of as a joke, but I think the last time I appliquéd something was also with her fabric! Hmmmm, something magical in those threads I think…

Once I completely changed my plan for this fabric, I recut fabric strips to 2″ and sewed those together in a rainbow gradient. I fused Heat n Bond Ultra on the back of the butterflies and cut those out as well.

Flutter and Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn; Fresh Lemons Quilts

I spray basted the rainbow stripes, batting and backing. Then I placed the butterflies on the pillow top and ironed them down (final step of the Heat n Bond). I used my Blindstitch Bernina Foot #5 to follow the edge of the butterfly, and moved the needle to the left a bit to stitch the butterfly down.

Flutter and Painter's Canvas by Laura Gunn; Fresh Lemons Quilts

I didn’t worry too much about it being perfect because 1) I love the frayed looked of raw edge appliqué, 2) this is a decorative pillow that won’t get hard use, and 3) I used Heat n Bond Ultra for the fusing. After stitching around the butterflies, I started quilting in a loop de loop design.

It’s not finished – almost! But I wanted to share my progress. I’m trying to decide if I should add piping around the pillow. What do you think? Hopefully I’ll have more time to work on it tomorrow!


  1. 5

    Lucy Daniel says

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Will be making this. Thank you for the idea and for sharing. I like that your sharing which Bernina pressor foot used along with detailed sewing instructions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. 7

    Diane says

    Faith, Your projects are always so beautiful and this one says Spring is finally here. Piping YES.
    I too love Laura Gunn’s Painters Canvas , and her Cosmos Collection, Worn Poppies to name a few.

  3. 9

    Carla says

    Yes! I love piping on cushions. It makes them look ‘finished’. The downside is that I hate sewing it on. I am hoping my new sewing machine foot, especially ordered for piping, will take away the pain.

  4. 11

    Elaine says

    I like the idea of piping. My mind says an off white.
    The butterflies are darling. And thank you for explaining which foot you are using. Makes me want to go sew!

  5. 12

    Tammy says

    Butterflies are my favorite. And with a rainbow background, you can’t go wrong. Can’t wait to see the finished pillow. And, yes, piping will just be the perfect way to finish it off. You always brighten my day!!

  6. 14

    Ellen says

    Beautiful pillow top. I think piping would finish off the pillow and make it a fabulous pillow.

  7. 15

    Leeanne says

    Yes to the piping! I just finished a pillow with piping and I don’t think I’ll go back to the non-piped pillows.

  8. 16

    Cindy M. says

    Faith. You did a great job in showing us how you are doing in the progress with gorgeous butterflies on pillow! Hope everyone agree with that! Smile. With your hard work, piping definitely adds nicely at the end.

  9. 17

    Linda says

    I have never had success sewing on something bonded with Heat ‘n Bond Ultra, It specifically says not to sew on the item. Hiw did you get it to work neatly?

    • 18


      Hmmmm, I know it’s a “no sew” bond, but I’ve always done it! What has been your issue, sticky needle? I did just switch out to a new needle when I started this project.

  10. 19


    I love this! Bright colors call to me, and these pop. Looks like I will need to find this fabric for my stash. Can it be ordered on line cause I live a long ways from any fabric shops.

  11. 21

    Maeve says

    Love what you are doing here – this will be a beautiful pillow! I do think colorful piping is called for, something with contrast like white or black. Just my thought . . .

  12. 23


    I love it, Faith! You know, there are a lot of cool decorative stitches in your machine that are also fun for fusible applique. Did you get a red bobbin case? It’s an optional accessory but, with the red bobbin case, you can put heavier threads in the bobbin, lighter weight plain thread in the needle, and when you sew your decorative stitches on the back side of your project it looks like hand embroidery on the right side. Bernina calls it “bobbin play” but books and other places I’ve seen it called “bobbin work.” Anyway, just an idea. I’m enjoying seeing how you use your 750 and I am always inspired by your projects!

  13. 25

    Megan says

    I love your quilting. Did you use the BSR? I think I need more practice. I could do that with a long arm machine but not sure id succeed with my BSR. I’d love to hear any tips you may have!

    • 26


      Hi Megan – yes! I did use the BSR. I use BSR 2 and also wear quilting gloves. For me, those make a huge difference in how I’m able to grip the fabric. Then just practice – try making fat quarter sized (or even smaller) quilt sandwiches. Part of it is just the amount of time you spend doing it. I’m the opposite of you, I don’t think I could do it on a long arm! 🙂

      • 27

        Megan says

        Thank you Faith! I have been told a few times thatglves may help so in guess its time to give in 😉

        • 28


          My absolute FAVORITE gloves are called Grabaroo’s. They have lasted me for years, while all my other ones have gotten holes in them.

  14. 30

    Joanne Bates says

    I love seeing your projects and this is another beautiful piece.
    I prefer to do my applique just on the top piece, and leave the sandwich until last. Have you ever done applique this way?

    • 31


      I don’t do a lot of applique, so I haven’t! Is it easier? For some reason I like the feel of stitching on something thicker.

  15. 32

    Lyn says

    I see black for the piping – like Monarchs. Maybe you can post a little tutorial on piping? I’ve done it, years ago, but I kind of forget the tricks. The corners need to be rounded, eh? Thanks for sharing small projects. Love those!

  16. 35


    Oh, how I love this! I’m thinking of all kinds of fun projects I could make using the technique you’ve shown:) And I love the textured solids you have used too.

  17. 36

    Nanci says

    Love the pillow, and all your detailed imput. I also see piping & would love for you to do a tutorial…anxious to see the finished pillow. Thanks for sharing.

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