How long have you been quilting?
I began quilting shortly after my son was born in the summer of 2009. I had a few sewing/patchwork books, including Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I loved the Patchwork Throw and my goal was to make that one quilt. Little did I know how addictive it was going to be to make a quilt.

Help! I have a question/problem with one of your patterns!
Please check the Errata page on my blog before beginning work on any patterns. (This is a good habit to get into when sewing from any pattern/magazine/book.) You will find most designers and publishers have Errata pages listed.

I want to resize a pattern, will you give me all the new cuts/directions?
Developing a pattern (or even resizing an existing pattern) takes a lot of time and testing. I receive a lot of emails asking me to send new custom measurements, and unfortunately I do not have the time to rework patterns.

I want to make a quilt, how much fabric do I need?
This is a complex question because it depends on many factors: finished quilt size, quilt pattern/design, width of fabric used. You may not like to hear it, but math is your friend here and you will need to get out the calculator to multiply your desired finished quilt width by height and then go from there.

I have a question about quilting, can I email you?
Yes! I love hearing from you. I do get quite a few emails and it may take me a few days (or even a couple weeks depending on the amount I receive in a day) to get a chance to sit down and reply, but I do try my best to answer any questions sent to me.

Will you review my product/book/quilt along/many, many other things?
I receive multiple requests a week to review products. Unfortunately, I do not have the time/energy/desire for this blog to consist of a ton of product reviews. If you do not hear from me after asking for a review, the answer is no.

Will you blog about my charity organization?
I love quilter’s charities! I am happy to post your charity/outreach program details on my Community Giving page. See the page for details.

What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I started quilting using a Brother CS6000i. It is a great sewing machine for those starting out. I purchased mine at Walmart.

Later I upgraded to a Bernina 440QEE. I am currently a Bernina USA Ambassador and sew on a Bernina 750QE, provided to me through Bernina.

I also have a Brother 1034D Serger.

What type of batting do you recommend?
My favorite batting is Quilter’s Dream Cotton Request Loft batting. I have used several other brands and always come back to this.

What type of thread do you recommend?
I use Aurifil thread in my machine.

Where do I join a virtual quilting bee?
The best place to get involved in a virtual quilting bee is the Quilting Bee Blocks Flickr group.

There is a discussion thread called “I Want In” and just post that you would like to join a bee. There also may be other people in that message thread looking for members for a new bee.

If you aren’t already a member of Flickr it’s easy and free to sign up. Then I would suggest just loading a few pictures of your quilts/projects/fabric so people can get to know you and your style and you will know what bee fits you best.

When do you find the time to sew?
I sew during the day when my kids are in school full time. When they were younger, I used to sneak time in during their naps.

I am new to quilting, where do I start?
I always recommend Elizabeth Hartman’s Quilt Making Basics and book, The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker, to new quilters. She does an amazing job at explaining the basics in an easy to understand way.

How much fabric do you buy when you see a print you like?
It depends. If it is a collection and I like the whole thing, I tend to buy a fat quarter set. If it is a basic print that I can see using over and over in many projects, I buy 1/2 yard. I also buy 1/2 yard cuts of solids when I buy many at a time. If it is a print that is going out of print and I am in freak out mode over never seeing it again, I will buy a few yards. šŸ™‚

How do you organize your fabric?
Most of my fabric is kept in flat plastic storage containers. It is organized mostly by color, but occasionally I will keep entire collections together. I also have a separate container for both my Denyse Schmidt and Heather Ross collections.

Fabric Stash

Why are some of your quilt patterns free and some for sale?
When I started quilting, I took advantage of many free tutorials and patterns online. I always said that when I started a blog, I would also offer free resources to other quilters out there. That being said, a lot of hours and resources (image editing, fabric, batting, utilities, coffee ;)) go into making patterns and tutorials and even hosting this blog. I try to recover some of that cost of providing the free stuff by also having patterns for sale. Those patterns tend to be a bit more in depth with a lot of diagrams.

Who designed your website?
I use WordPress for my blog and I customized the site. I have a degree in computer programming/web development and also about 15 years of Photoshop experience.

Can I pin your photos on Pinterest?
Yes, I would love for you to pin my photos, but please provide a source/link back to my blog.

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