Easter Dress

Easter Dress

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this here…on my sewing blog, but last year I bought my daughter’s Easter dress at Costco. I can make a lot of excuses as to why I didn’t make one but really I was just lazy and the rack at Costco had some cute dresses for way cheap. But this year I decided I would make something and I knew that I wanted a Sis Boom pattern because they are really just the cutest.

Easter Dress

I decided to make the Marissa Dress which is a PDF pattern. This dress took only an afternoon to make and if you’ve made any clothing before, it is pretty easy. The directions were fabulous – I actually did the zipper with no trouble! (Sign of a good pattern to me.) Here is the bodice work in progress – I just love the random pleats and gathers.

Easter Dress Bodice

I am sure a few of you are wondering what the heck is this fabric. It looks like Flea Market Fancy, right? Well, it is similar. Here is a comparison.

Vintage fabric and FMF

I bought this fabric off eBay last October. It is a vintage, seersucker-y print. The floral bouquet design is an old design, so obviously Denyse Schmidt isn’t the only one who was inspired by it.

The Kids

The dress is a hit. My daughter wanted to sleep in it after I finished it. Each time I make clothing I wonder why I don’t do more fashion sewing. It is quick (well, quicker than a quilt) and there is a lot of satisfaction knowing I or someone in my family is wearing something I made. Who knows, maybe I will make myself a dress next!


  1. 7

    Billie Gunther says

    I’m simply amazed how quick you can put something together. The dress is so cute and looks like a big hit!

  2. 8


    I <3 seersucker-y fabrics for little girls! What a sweet dress! I hope if you decide to make yourself a dress you have better luck than I do making clothes for myself. It seems like no matter how much I measure myself they come out HUGE.

  3. 11


    It’s very sweet. Maybe I will have to try that pattern. I have tried two Sis Boom patterns so far and found them better for broadshouldered girls but the style of this dress would solve that problem.

  4. 13

    Elnora says

    Darling kids, darling dress! So glad you cleared that up about the fabric… I thought you’d gotten your FMF…

  5. 14


    I love the dress! The fabrics look pefect together. I can’t believe how spot on that is to DS fabric! I thought it was FMF at first. Great job!

  6. 17


    so so cute! i love how happy she looks and that’s so awesome she slept in it!!! 🙂 yes, a dress for you next!

    ps. it’s funny now that we’ve met, I can actually hear your voice when reading your posts.

  7. 20

    Carmen Wyant says

    What a cute dress and what better way to show it off than a pretty girl standing in a field of daffodils. Great job on the dress, she looks like she really loves it.

  8. 24


    I love your Easter dress! I have a stack of patterns and fabric for garments in my sewing room, and I’m determined to tackle some of them this year. I’ve had some really bad fitting issues in the past, like when I sewed a maternity dress for myself and accidentally sized it for a small elephant instead of a human…

  9. 31

    Angela Baker says

    Not only do you have an eye for quilt composition, you have an eye for photo composition of your creations (your creations being quilts, dresses and kids)!

  10. 34

    Tamie says

    Don’t worry about feeling bad about last year’s dress. We all take shortcuts. You did a great job this year- her smile says it all.

  11. 35


    Adorable! I love the fabric. I will have to try that pattern, yours is the second cute Marissa dressing have seen in the last few weeks, and my daughter loves the girly stuff right now!

  12. 37


    I love it. I bought my girls’ Christmas dresses this year and swore I’d make the Easter dresses. Now with a week to go I’d better get sewing or shopping I guess

  13. 39

    Cathy says

    I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. I stumbled upon your blog and have been admiring your quilts. I was looking for some inspiration to make a quilt block pillow. For the heck of it I clicked on your tab for clothing. I saw the Marissa dress and thought, hey…we have a Marissa dress! I wonder what her’s is like? It was ours!!!! Now I am thrilled! I just love that pattern and your daughter looks adorable in it! Now back to looking through your beautiful, fresh and fun site!!! Thanks so much!!

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