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The Flickr and Blog universe are positively in a frenzy over the discovery of a new line of fabric by Denyse Schmidt available at JoAnn Fabrics of all places. It was first found by Stephanie and posted on Flickr. Since then, photos and fabric have been popping up all across the country. A Flickr group has been created. FQ sets and handmade jelly rolls are already selling on Etsy. There is definitely excitement in the air from Denyse fans, as this line looks like a perfect combination of Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope.

With no formal announcement yet from Denyse or JoAnns, the fabric line is being referred to as “Picnic” and “Fairgrounds”, which has been found on the receipt of the purchases. There appear to be 21 prints.

If you haven’t found the fabric yet at your local store, do not despair. It is not in the Chicagoland area either, but there are trucks delivering today so I have my fingers crossed that it is on board. Until then, I can just stare at everyone else’s beautiful photos and dream.

I also contacted JoAnn Fabric and they told me the fabric will be available on their website mid-May! For readers in Australia, True Up says you can also expect to see the fabric in your Spotlight stores.

Update! After trips to a couple stores, I found the prints I wanted! If anyone is in the Chicagoland area, Fox Valley in Aurora has at least 18 of the prints. They were bringing them from the back, so it’s possible they have all 21.

Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds

Also, if you shop this week, Denyse’s McCall’s quilt pattern is on sale for $.99. McCall’s pattern number M6341.


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      You are so lucky! I’ve called lots of Chicago stores and it seems all of them get their deliveries today…so I will either be checking tonight or first thing in the morning.

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    Cherie says

    Got mine yesterday, it had just come in on the truck this week, so if your store doesn’t have them yet, it will probably be this week!! And it is beautiful!! 🙂

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    I heard about this through Amy (Diary of a Quilter) and am pretty geeked — I’m in lower Michigan, so here’s hoping Joann’s comes through on the west side!

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    OMG!!! What the heck! I check her site for updates all the time and she never posted this. I can’t believe it. Hope I can get it here in Orange County, CA. I’m obsessed with Denyse! Thanks for the post!

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    Just to share with you my High + Low. After reading this post, I jumped in the car with my 2 yr old son and drove 35 minutes to Joann’s. Sat and waited 15 minutes in the car for my son to wake up. Ran in the store…and there it was! The whole collection. I was the first to see its beauty, it was on its way to the shelves. I reached in my diaper bag and…NOOOO! I forgot my wallet! I want to cry. Back to Joann’s tomorrow morning, hoping to get a good amount of each print.
    Just had to share, cause somehow it was meant to be, I guess;)

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      Oh my gosh!!! HORRIBLE! I think I would have actually cried.

      I just found a bunch at my JoAnns. Will add a post after I feed my kids – can you believe they want to eat at a time like this? LOL

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    Flickr clued me in…along with someone in the St Louis Modern Quilt Guild… I got 1/2 yard cuts of all I could find…photo posted on my blog this am…

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    Okay, okay okay…I got it! And I count 22 prints! Just wanted to let you know. I went to 2 different stores since one only had 19 prints. The 2nd store had 3 I didn’t get at the first. Click the link to my website to see my snapshot. Sorry for the poor quality. My hubby has my camera today.

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      Hi Lindsay – you scored! That rooster print is from Alexander Henry’s Farmdale collection – which is excitedly also now partially available at JoAnns!

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    Thank you so much for posting this! I went to my local Joann’s today but they only had three of the prints…maybe the next shipment will have more!

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    Okay, I don’t know how they fooled me, but I definitely should have double checked that one. I mean how on earth did that rooster get in there? It did seam a little odd to me that Denyse would use a roosters in one of her fabrics, but the ladies added it to my pile and cut a half yard for me. Now that I’m home and petting my fabric, I noticed that it is NOT a DS Quilts fabric, but some other goon named Henry!

    So, my bad. There are 21 prints of the DS Quilts fabric at JoAnn’s. 11 of the Picnics and 10 of the Fairgrounds. Can’t wait to cut and piece together my first quilt.

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