Welcome Worldwide Label!

Worldwide Label : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Today I’d like to give a big welcome to my newest blog sponsor, Worldwide Label! I first ordered from Worldwide Label back in 2012. I really wanted woven labels for my projects. I designed something simple that would work with any project, no matter what the design or fabrics used. I just loved how they turned out, and over the last 3 years I have been adding them to pretty much everything!

Fresh Lemons labels from Worldwide Labels : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Adding a label to a project not only helps memorialize who made the quilt/bag/clothing, but takes the finished item to the next level professionally.

Worldwide Label offers a variety of options from woven labels (text only or with artwork), print labels, woven patches, size tags, hang tags and business cards.

Worldwide Label Worldwide Label Worldwide Label

My labels are a woven loop-folded label with a white background and dark gray text.

Fresh Lemons labels from Worldwide Labels : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I hope you will take some time to go check out Worldwide Label and add some professional finishing detail to your next project!

Welcome Dinkydoo Fabrics!

Dinkydoo Fabrics

Today I’m happy to introduce you to the newest sponsor on my blog, fabric and notion shop Dinkydoo Fabrics! Dinkydoo is located in Vancouver, Canada (which just so happens to be on my vacation bucket list) and carries mostly modern & contemporary pre-cuts.

Owner Alicia has always been a crafty person: cross-stitching, pattern drawing, english paper piecing, clothes making, and quilt making. I asked Alicia how she got started with Dinkydoo.

I started Dinkydoo mostly because of a big lack of good online Canadian fabric stores. Some of the bigger places usually had cheaper discounted fabric and to get to a really good ones I’d have to drive pretty far. Then when I talked to our distributor up here I found out that because we’re in Vancouver, we can usually get new Moda pre-cuts a few months before the US does! It’s very exciting to be able offer our best neighbours early access to some of the great new Moda collections before anyone else.

I really hope everyone enjoys Dinkydoo, and if you see the “Chat” button online, don’t be a stranger! (I’m always glad to help out in any way I can!).

I love the variety of fabrics in the shop. For my USA readers, keep in mind that listed prices are in Canadian dollars, but there is an easy button on the right hand side of the item listings that changes the prices to US dollars or the Euro.

You can keep up with Dinkydoo online at their blog, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. They also offer a 15% discount off entire orders by signing up to their Newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the homepage to sign up).

Please join me in welcoming Dinkydoo! Thank you all for your generous support of my sponsors.


Massdrop : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Last month, website Massdrop contacted me to see if I was interested in checking out their service and products. I had heard some talk about them here and there on Instagram, so I figured, why not! Massdrop describes themselves as “an online community for enthusiasts that provides people across several communities — from audio and electronics to quilting and cooking — a place to connect, discuss their favorite products and activities, and buy those products together.”

Aurifil at Massdrop

Basically, a group of people get together to get discounts on their favorite products. And if you are reading this, some of your favorite products probably include things like quilt patterns, thread and fabric! Massdrop has an entire Crafting section where you can group buy these things. The deals and items are constantly changing – for example, right now there is a great bargain some quilting items, including a set of Aurifil thread and Anna Maria Horner’s Honor Roll fat quarter bundle.

Aurifil at Massdrop

When I initially heard about Massdrop, my first question was about payment and shipping. When are you charged? How long does it take to receive the items? How many people have to buy the item for you to get the best deal? They cover all these details on their FAQ page. (It’s important to note that all sales are final – no returns.)

I’ve subscribed to the Massdrop emails and have enjoyed watching different deals offered. If you like stash building and discounts, you might want to sign up too!


Fresh Lemons Quilts blog

This past weekend, I was busy with change ~ a big change. Changes that have been on my mind for at least a year. And if you are reading this on my blog, you probably know what I am talking about! Yesterday, I went live with a big website redesign.

Over the last year, I’ve really felt that I’ve outgrown my old WordPress template, colors, design, and layout. Yep, pretty much everything! Twelve months ago, I set up a test blog on my server and started brainstorming and testing changes. It was so overwhelming and time consuming that I sort of gave up.

Well pretty recently, I decided to revisit the idea. I felt a strong desire to create a more mature, cleaner look. I also wanted specific features, like a menu system in the top header. I had just really outgrown the capabilities of the old set up and my list of pages was just getting out of control!

Fresh Lemons Quilts blog

I purchased a template on Etsy as my foundation and started digging into the code and making changes that aligned with my vision. (These are the times I’m very happy to have a background in computer programming!)

Fresh Lemons Quilts blog

I’m so excited about the new look, I actually couldn’t sleep last week as I was thinking about it. I also know change is hard. Every time the Chicago Tribune or CNN redesign their websites, I am the first person to think “WHY!?!?!” Well, I hope not all of you think that when you see this new site.

** Oh, side note: the first time you load images, it will take longer than usual. It will speed up as they cache in your browser. **

All the blog content is still here. My biggest fear was somehow losing something important – or, you know, everything. The tabs that you used to see in the header are now listed in the blog menu up there. I’ve also made some (hopefully) helpful changes, like organizing my tutorials by category, listing my finished projects by year, creating a page with wholesale information, and giving my shop an easier to remember name.

Really, the best part about this new design though is it’s ability to grow with me. As I offer more tutorials, patterns, quilt alongs, and whatever else might come along over the next years. I hope you will take some time to look around. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things over the next few days, but it’s mostly here!