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I did it. I made something with knits. You know when people tell you that sewing with knits isn’t as scary as it sounds? They’re lying. 😉 Ok, maybe not. I mean, I was successful. But I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed myself.

After buying a few Briar Rose quilting cottons, I really wanted to get a yard of the jersey knit strawberries to make a skirt for my daughter. I started Googling for sewing tips and found a really nice summary on Pretty Prudent. Armed with my ballpoint needle and stretch stitch, I got to work.

I just don’t know how people don’t get completely annoyed with how knit is constantly rolling up on itself. Please, someone tell me. LOL Once I had it pinned all over, I felt better, but it tested my patience.

This skirt is based off the Oliver + S Lazy Day Skirt Pattern, which I’ve made so many times I don’t even need the pattern anymore. My daughter’s favorite type of skirt. It’s cozy and cute, but might be my last time touching knits for awhile. 🙂


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    Krista says

    You are so amazing! I love your humor in your posts, like you are talking to each and every one of us personally. 🙂
    Love the skirt. You are brave.

  2. 2


    I have the same issue – the curling up really drives me nuts! But, it looks like you were able to overcome the challenge, the skirt and your little one are adorable!

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    Margaret R says

    I sew with knits a lot. I make sleepers for my grand babies. I serge my seams so the rolling isn’t such a problem. It also is different depending on the quality of the knit. I use a lot of old t-shirts to make hurts and shorts for my grands and thy roll a lot but when I use my serger it just seems to straighten out better.

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    i like sewing with knits but having a serger really does make it a lot more enjoyable. i want to get a coverstitch machine too, but that’s on my someday list.

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    Love what you made, always good to take the plunge with something new! (even if you don’t want to do it again) Her skirt is adorable as is your daughter.

  6. 8


    Cute skirt! Two ideas. First, you can press/starch that curly edge carefully to minimize rolling. Second, using Steam A Seam to fuse hems before you stitch them really helps to keep those knits more manageable. Finally, there’s a reason God invented sergers… 😉

    Hmmm… I think that was three ideas. Apparently I’m not so great at counting!

    Good for you, trying something new!

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    Carla says

    You are not alone. It is ok. I started making my own clothes as a teen and even now, mumble mumble decades later, I do not like sewing knits. Nothing else (sewing) makes me as nervous.

  8. 14


    In a word, Brave. You did a great job, sooooo cute. And a sweet girl. Wish I still had a sweet girl to sew for, my girl is a Senior in High School. Cherish her sweetness now!

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    Hallie says

    Oh my. I sewed with knits back in the 80’s in home economics class. Doesn’t sound like they have changed much. I have to say tho, your first attempt at knits turned out really cute……and such a cute daughter to model her new skirt 🙂

  10. 16


    I love how knit sewing projects turn out, but the process isn’t as easy as sewing with quilting cotton.

    Bright side, is that if you can get the hem to just roll, it looks so finished you don’t have to hem it!

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