Boys at Play

Boys at Play - Front

When pulling fabrics for a child’s quilt, I seem to have a much easier time selecting prints, patterns and colors for a girl’s quilt. Part of my problem is that I tend to have a hard time finding “boy” fabrics that I like. But last summer Sarah Jane really hit it out of the ballpark with her Children at Play line. I just love her artwork, something about the innocence of the designs – paper airplanes and sailboats, hopscotch and dress up dolls, pinwheels and wagons.

Boys at Play - 1

I decided to take some of the little boy line and pair it with some of my favorite blenders in green, blue, yellow, orange and red.

It’s really fun to play with prints like stripes, sometimes aligning them horizontally based on the center of the block…

Boys at Play - 2

And sometimes vertically.

Boys at Play - 3

I quilted this quilt in a diagonal grid. It was the first time I used the metal guide that came with my walking foot. It was actually quite helpful! The lines are about 1.5″ apart. I marked the starting line and then just used my guide to work off from there.

Boys at Play - Quilting

The back is a lime green and the binding is a turquoise. The blocks are 12″ squares and the final quilt measures 36″ x 36″. I decided to list this little quilt in my shop – it is so lacking in boy items!


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    i love children at play, too, but i especially love the colors and blenders you chose to go with it! that’s something i struggle with, but i’m trying to get better at. i never would’ve thought to put some of those colors together, but this is just so great!

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    robin says

    This quilt is just adorable- the sweet simplicity really grabbed me and I just know any little boy would feel the same.

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    Jenny says

    I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that CaP could make such an amazingly vibrant quilt. Nice imagination with that!

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    Kara says

    Wellwellwell, that is the first time you’ve used that guide? I actually had one on you there – I’ve been using mine for months! Someone mentioned it on one of the projects of the Christmas blog hop however long ago and it was so much easier than marking it all out! I figured you were already all over that. 😉

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      LOL Kara, yeah, I just never did lines further apart than the edge of my walking foot or a seam in the quilt, which I used as my guide. 🙂

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    Just Jane says

    ‘Children at Play’ would be perfect for a quilt for my 2 year old grandchild. Thanks for the idea!

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    I love this! And I agree; it’s hard to find cute things for boys. It seems like “anything goes” for girls, but for boys there are still rules and limitations about colors/themes/etc. I mean, who decided that things like flowers and butterflies were only for girls, anyway? Nevertheless, you’re not going to see me sewing any pink butterfly quilts for MY sons any time soon… 😉 I think your fabric choices in this quilt are perfect for any baby, though — the graphic patterns and bright colors remind me of the baby mobiles and soft toys that are supposed to be “developmentally stimulating” to the littlest ones.

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      I completely agree! I could be saying that though because my son rides his sister’s hand-me-down pink and purple tricycle, and likes it. 🙂

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    Very nice, love the colors. I find there are many more lines of fabric that work for boys now then even a year or so ago. For some reason, I especially love the block with the navy and white polka dot. Great fabric choices.

  8. 18


    This is such a cute quilt! I like the combination of fun colors. I have a new walking foot with the seam guides. Your quilting looks so nice, it makes me anxious to try this method out. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Heather W says

    stumbled upon your blog and when i saw this i thought ah-ha! i have been searched for inspiration to make my son a quilt using the ed emberley fabric! would you share where you found your quilt block construction? it seems similiar to your lemon squares, but larger? would be willing to purchase pdf pattern if you have one

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