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Princess and the Pea

First I want to thank everyone for the pattern love from my Kaleidoscopic Kites quilt. I really hope that if anyone makes a quilt from it, you will send me a photo. I would love to see them!

I was planning on waiting to share these (and more) blocks when I had one of my next projects finished, but I am just horrible at waiting. So I will share, but I will save the final plan for them to be a surprise. No, they won’t be in a quilt together. 🙂

The first block features fabric from Heather Ross’s Far, Far Away I collection as well as bits and pieces I somehow have of F lea Market Fancy. And speaking of Heather Ross, she just unveiled her fabric for Far, Far Away III.


The second block was made mostly with fabric from Laurie Wisbrun.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter holiday. I had to share these pictures with you – I figured anyone with a toddler and/or preschooler could commiserate. These are just a few of my failed attempt to photograph them together. Oh well, maybe next year!

Toddler + Preschooler = Impossible to Photograph


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    Jen says

    Very sweet 🙂 That’s how the pics of my preschooler and toddler usually go, too! Yours are adorable, even if not photographly (hehe) cohesive 😉 Such pretty blocks!!

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      Hi Rachel – thank you! These will end up being something other than quilts. 🙂 But! I do love to start quilts with just one block like this. I really enjoy sewing blocks without a plan or template. The pictures in this quilt aren’t the best, but I made all the blocks “improv style” and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

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    Both blocks are nice, I particularly like the second one, you have highlighted the animals beautifully.
    Trying to photograph children….sometimes easier if a third (non-parent) party can help out. A few years ago I tried to photograph our then 7 children together as requested by my father-in-love. Dozens of shots over two days finally yielded one which was mostly satisfactory, and it wasn’t the youngest one who was the most difficult…..

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