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Bernina Cutwork Contents

Last October when I ordered my Bernina sewing machine and embroidery module, I also ordered the Bernina Cutwork Tool. This thing promised to be so cool. It is a blade that goes in where your sewing machine needle would normally go, and cuts fabric based on your designs in the Bernina software.

I’m not sure if you noticed on the right, but I have a little hair clip business, One Lil Cupcake. I have been waiting for this tool to arrive to step up the automation of my business. And after a long wait, (and a little drama!), I have my hands on it!

Now I must learn to use it. LOL I installed the software and am in the process of tinkering around. I will write up a review once I have a chance to work with the tool.

Bernina Cutwork Tool


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    Diane says

    I will be anxious to see how you like it. Do you also have the V6 software? I have v5 and am trying to decide if it is worth it to upgrade.

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      I don’t have it (I wish I did!) I have Bernina Art Design and then bought Embird and use that to modify designs. It’s been enough for me so far. The Cutwork Software says you can make designs in it, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. So far I’ve created the cutting outline on an existing design but I’m getting something funky happening when I transfer it to EC on PC 3.0 (which it also came with, I think I had 2.0 from my Bernina). Hoping to figure out what I’m doing wrong today. I wish there was a big fat manual!

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        Bernina Fairy says

        Yes you can create designs. The big fat manual is included in the software… just go to the Help. There is also a ? function to dangle over icons to learn what they do. I am presuming you have an aurora. You need to update your ECon PC to work with cutwork. Check it out in Support on There are tons of ready to go designs included to get you started.
        Have Fun!

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    Faith, I just googled “bernina cutwork tool review” and was delighted when your post popped up on top of the results! I have a Bernina sewing/embroidery machine and I also have the version 6 embroidery software, and my dealer just recently told me about the cutwork tool when I was asking about Accuquilt GO! cutters. I see that you got the cutwork tool about 2 years ago. Have you been using it? Do you like it? I would like to start incorporating applique and/or embroidery in my quilts but I’d like to be able to create original designs rather than just using commercial shapes and digitized embroidery. I liked the idea that I could draw and digitize anything I want and then cut out multiple identical shapes for applique with the cutwork contraption, but I’m leery of buying gadgets just because a salesperson says they will change my life… 😉 I haven’t noticed a lot of applique in your quilts. Are you using the cutwork tool at all, and do you like it? Would you recommend it?

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