Art Gallery Poetica Fat Quarter Giveaway ~ Sponsored by Moona Fabrics

Just *look* at this beautiful new fabric!! Moona Fabrics has once again wowed me and is sponsoring a giveaway of a pre-release fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery’s upcoming line Poetica. This bundle contains 10 fat quarters in blues and purples. I love them!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment. What would you make with these beauties? I will pick a winner on Thursday, February 23rd in the evening (Chicago time). International entries welcome. Good luck everyone!

Closing comments to pick a winner!
++++++++++++ has spoken! The winner is:

Katrina says:
February 20, 2012 at 8:16 pm
yummy!! I think I’d use them for a new quilt for my living room! the colors match beautifully!!

Congratulations Katrina! I’ll be contacting you for your address.


  1. 1

    michelle r says

    Wow…. Range with my daughters favorite colours. That does not happen often. Ehat would i make…..? Where do i start . I have an entire bedroom to redecorate.!!!

  2. 3

    Annette Comber says

    The mind boggles with this exciting bundle. Just loved the stars or the squares that I just saw a tutorial on this great site. Maybe I may be too far away from Chicago but I love all that you give from your beautiful site. So fresh and new and all interesting. xx

  3. 5

    Liz Scott says

    I’d make a cheer up quilt for my best friend who has depression. Purple is her fave colour.

  4. 8


    these would be all new colors to me. I am used to doing prims, but am turning modern and need a little help updating my stash.

  5. 9

    Sue Preece says

    Purple and blue! My two favourite colours! I’m thinking a beautiful bag and one for my purple mad friend would be a great way to use these! These fabrics are just beautiful, I hope they make it to Australia.

  6. 11


    It’s beautiful…. I would make the the Garden Trellies for sure – it would look fantastic. No wait… the star quilt-a-long that I saw on your site yesterday and that I am trying hard no to do because that would be the fourth star quilt I did in a row. I really need to start something else but stars πŸ˜‰

  7. 15

    barbara says

    those colors are so soothing and peaceful together – too pretty !

    Thanks for the chance to play with them !

  8. 16


    Gorgeous fabrics!
    I’d use them for a purple and green kaleidoscope quilt, combining them with greens from my stash, and the leftovers and scraps for my hexagon quilt

  9. 17


    I think these would look amazing in your garden trellis design. Or make new placemats because mine need updating, if I was to go the practical route.

  10. 18

    jenne says

    my daughters room is purple, green and aqua. I would love to use this in her room to make some pillows and maybe a small quilt to hang behind her bed. Thanks for the giveaway-

  11. 20

    Michelle says

    These colors would look lovely in my guest room. Something with circles or curved piecing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. 22


    Oh wow, there is never enough purple in quilting fabric. I adore these colours and prints. I’d make a quilt with these FQ’s… and it would be all mine!

  13. 28


    I think I would either try doing a plus quilt or a granny squares quilt. They’ve both been on my list of blocks to try so this bundle would be perfect for that I think.
    Thanks again for your generous giveaway.

  14. 30

    Melissa says

    So pretty! I think I’d make some stuffies for my niece, I haven’t made any before and that sounds fun! Thanks!

  15. 31

    Megan L says

    Beautiful!!! I would definitely make a quilt, but I’m not sure which pattern. Possibly On A Whim?

    Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  16. 32

    Sheryl Matteson says

    Wow. I could do some serious quilting with those colors….. I love you have very up beat colors on your site

  17. 34

    Angie C says

    My MIL loves purple so definitely have to make something for her! Maybe a lap quilt? Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. 35

    Annie K says

    Lovely fabric! I’d use them for throw pillows in the guest room, which has that exact color scheme.

  19. 41


    I can’t choose just one , their all beautiful
    Chi -time will work with me because that’s the same time that I’m on

  20. 44

    Mary says

    OH so pretty. My oldest granddaughter loves purple so I’d make a quilt for her since that is my goal this year to make a quilt for each family member

  21. 49

    Tammy says

    I have been looking for some pruples to make my Mother-inLaw a quilt. These would be just perfect!

  22. 54


    oh… not my normal colours – but those certainly jump from the page!

    I haven’t got on the swoon bandwagon yet – but can see these helping to inspire me!

  23. 55


    Since I’m having so much fun in this quilting adventure I might have to redo my blocks and prefect on the skills that I’ve already learned. Thanks!

  24. 59


    Purple and blue is one of my most favorite color combinations. These are beautiful. I would just some bits for a patchwork skirt and incorporate some into a baby quilt for a little girl.

  25. 61

    karen says

    All I know is that I would make a beautiful quilt out of it. I tend to gather fabric with no inkling as to what the finished product will be. The fabrics are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. 66


    How beautiful! I’d begin with a quilt I saw somewhere lately that had a really good design to use large scale prints……along with some solids.

    Thx for the chance to win.

  27. 70

    Erin L says

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I would probably make a mini quilt to hang on my sewing room wall…they’re so bare!

  28. 71

    kate says

    I’m generally a solid color and small discrete print kind of quilter, but these prints make me want to change my style.

  29. 73

    Ceil says

    I’ve been looking for fabric for the Off-Centered Innocence quilt and these would be perfect! Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. 77

    Faye says

    Hard to say exactly what pattern I would use, but I would definitely use them for a quilt. I am planning a wedding quilt for a dear friend who lives in Australia, and I think these fabrics would be great for her.

  31. 78

    Karla Lynch says

    These fabrics are gorgeous!! There’s a block in 99 Modern Blocks that I think would work really well. The block is quatrefoil on page 150. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. 81

    Shawnna says

    How beautiful! Lately I’ve been considering a kaleidoscope quilt…these prints would be magical!

  33. 82

    Jess says

    Gorgeous fabric! I’d make some small handbags and/or pillowcase style dress for my daughter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. 83

    jeanne e. says

    i really like these colors. πŸ™‚ i would probably hoard them a little and then start using them here and there in quilty projects. i have been making a lot of “scrappy” things, and have learned how far a fat quarter can go!

  35. 84


    I have purple curtains in my living room and I would make a quilt to go with them. They are gorgeous!
    Thank you so much for tho lovely giveaway!

  36. 87

    Linddyou says

    What would I make?? First I’d have to pet the fabric for a few days and than I think I would make a throw for a Auntie. Not sure what pattern, that’s what the petting is for, to decide.

  37. 88

    Ginny says

    I’ve been asked to make a custom pouch for a little girl’s glucose monitor kit and those colors would be the perfect inspiration!

  38. 90


    I have loved purple since I had a crush on Donny Osmond when I was twelve – seriously! Luckily for me my husband loves purple as well and we have had purple cars, purple rooms in our house and we hav a purple 3-wheeler motorcycle/trike. I would make a bed quilt to sleep under all of the purples and I would use a variety of blocks because I could not choose just one: square in a square, churn dash, New York Beauty, nine patch and friendship stars.

  39. 93


    Oh, so pretty! And those colours are quite different from what one generally sees right now. I think the fabric have a vintage sheet feel about them, so I think would make some pillow covers or a throw for our bedroom.

  40. 96

    Sherry says

    What yummy colors! I have lots of quilt patterns on my list of “must do” – these wouldn’t be hard to use. Love that Poetica line.

  41. 97


    These would work so well with a small stack of fabrics I have started! Nothing specific planned for them yet, but a quilt would definitely be in the works with this set on the way πŸ™‚

  42. 101


    The colors are awesome. Honestly, I have no idea what I would make out of these fabrics. They would probably become a quilt of some kind (pattern). Thank you for a chance to win!

  43. 102

    lisa e. says

    just what i need to finish my. daufgter’s high school graduation quilt… she’s now a college sophomore…better late than never..right?

  44. 103

    Heidi says

    These are just beautiful! Where to begin… these would be great for a bag, some pillows or a lap quilt! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  45. 105


    I’ve been itching to do a double wedding ring in updated fabrics…these would really be fun to work with and look at! Thanks for showing us..and having this contest!

  46. 106

    Adele says

    Wonderful giveaway! I would make a throw for my mother-in-laws 100th birthday! She would love the colors and patterns! Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. 108

    PaulaK says

    That stack looks like a quilt waiting to happen! What fun it would be to win and unfold each piece to see it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. 110

    Robyn says

    These colors would be perfect in my granddaughter’s room. I would make a quilt for her crib.

  49. 111

    Dorothy Bare says

    I would make a quilt for my niece’s aunt who is fighting cancer. Purple is her fav color. Maybe a New York Beauty.

  50. 113


    Oh sew pretty! I have a stained glass quilt I’ve been wanting to try … wouldnt these be PERFECT? Thanks for the chance!

  51. 115


    Oh what a beautiful collection! I don’t have any purple and have missed those colours for a long time! Thank you for a great give away! x Teje

  52. 116


    This is the Art Gallery range that I am waiting for this years. The purples are just gorgeous and let’s face it no one does purple better than Pat! Thank you for the chance

  53. 119

    Laura says

    Beautiful palette!! I love Moona Fabrics.
    I think a quilt for my sister would be perfect.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. 120

    Sarah says

    Beautiful! In doing my baby girl’s nursery in different shades of purple and can definitely see a quilt in this for her wall.

  55. 125

    Carole M says

    Oh I love those colours!! What would I do with them… make something for me (for once) I think.

  56. 126

    Sandra says

    After moving in October last year our new room for our books and reading them needs to get a new quilt. And the colors of this line are perfect!

  57. 127


    Beautiful colours, my favourite. So I would make a quilt for me. I spend all of my quilting time making quilts for other people and I would love one for myself for a change!

  58. 129

    Desiree says

    What beautiful fabric! I’m sort of torn between making a quilt and making a few skirts/dresses for my daughter, who loves purple! Thanks for this opportunity.

  59. 131

    Paty Z says

    Purple is a lovely color!! Definitely a quilt for my daughter. Moona fabrics are such a treat. Thanks for the giveaway.
    By the way I listened the interview with Pat Sloan and it was great!!

  60. 132


    I love that fabric!!! I have been dying to make some lined drawstring bags for gifts and Moona would be so gorgeous made up into cute bags.

  61. 134

    Ann says

    I have a friend/colleague who is retiring this June (it’s taken her 39 years to get out of high school!!) and a new quilt is order I think. So a quilt for my friend is where these beauties would go.

  62. 136

    Shari K says

    Such a beautiful collection Faith. I am “collecting” fabrics for a quilt that was featured in a magazine. These would be perfect for that quilt.

  63. 137


    I desperately “need” more blue and purples in my stash. Lately, I’ve been making lots of small projects like crayon wallets, peek-a-boo pouches, and small notebook organizers…but, I think I might mix this fabric with some solid linen/quilters linen and just make a simple throw to keep at the bottom of the bed.

  64. 141

    Anne de Waxholm says

    Thank you Faith for this give away! These fabrics would make a beautiful bed set for a teenage girl.

  65. 142

    Sharon says

    What beautiful fabrics! I see a bag or 2 in my future along with perhaps a cushion!! Awesome stuff!

  66. 143

    Hallie says

    Wow, they sure are pretty! I would make a wall hanging for my dear friend Lovina who just moved into a new home. She loves the ocean and the colors are perfect for her. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. 145


    Beautiful fabrics in one of my favorite palettes! Not sure what quilt I’d make up with them, but it’s bound to be beautiful!

  68. 147

    Patti says

    I would make a quilt, perhaps using a Dresdan plate design. Love the fabrics and colors. Thanks for a chance.

  69. 148


    Love this! thanks for the opportunity. I would likely make a TON of stuff because I’m a scrap hoarder. So these would last a LONG time. Mostly bags though. πŸ™‚

  70. 151


    These look wonderful! I don’t have many darker blues or purple at all, so these would be great to win!! I would add some to my farmer’s wife quilt blocks, and use them in my Bee blocks too! They’re gorgeous!

  71. 155

    Cathy K. says

    I just love the blues and purples. I am new to quilting and have made many quilts and runners, but have given them all away as gifts. I think since these are my favorite colors, I would actually make a quilt for me!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  72. 156

    QuiddityRox says

    a Garden Trellis, of course! What a lovely line of fabric. My 87-year-young mother’s colors!!!

  73. 159

    Jennifer Monroy says

    Beautiful fabric! I may have to stop reading your blog, because the more I read and see, the more I shop! Thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration!

  74. 166


    Quilt blocks is what I would make, after hoarding them for a little while with my other favorites πŸ™‚ Thanks for another giveaway!

  75. 171


    I have a friend that just loves any thing purple, so, I’d give these lovely fat quarters to her. She’d be thrilled too!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. 177

    Mary says

    Love purple and blue together. I would make something simple like a turning twenty or yellow brick road to show off the fabric. Thanks for the giveaway. Mary. :-))

  77. 178

    TexPat says

    OOOHHH! Scrumptious colors…I’m loving purple & blue. A bag, a cushion or two, a cuddle quilt…soo many possibilities!!

  78. 179

    Maria says

    Oh, how gorgeous! I love these purple and blues together. My daughter wants a quilt in purples and pinks … maybe I can talk her into a little aqua in the mix? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. 182

    Lisa McGriff says

    Not sure what I would make but it would be a very welcomed addition to my fabric stash I’m trying to build… Valparaiso, IN here I come,,,sewing machine in hand!

  80. 185

    Glynette says

    The colors would be perfect for an Easter dress for a little girls—that’s what I’d love to make with this lovely lot!

  81. 186

    Jaime says

    Those colors are beautiful. I’m fairly new to quilting, but i have decided that a great way to practice would be to make some pillow cases for the All People Quilt Million Pillowcase Challenge to donate.

  82. 188


    I would make something for my daughter. She loves purple. I found your blog via Happy Zombie – so glad I did! I live in the western suburbs. πŸ˜€

  83. 191

    Sara says

    I would LOVE to make my brand new niece a nice baby quilt with these. They are gorgeous and would be perfect!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  84. 192


    Oh I’ve been wanting this fabric since I first saw pictures of it. It would be perfect for my swoon quilt! =) I will now go cross all my fingers and toes until Thursday.

  85. 193

    Debbie says

    I’ve always loved purples and blues. I’m not sure what, but these fabrics would be turned into something fabulous!

  86. 194

    Miranda says

    So pretty! I would Finally get going on my farmer’s wife quilt- those are the colors I’ve been planning to use!

  87. 198

    Karen says

    Art Gallery is my FAV -the stack is lovely and I’d make an Urban Birthday pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful using my Quick Curve Ruler.

  88. 200

    Rosalyn says

    This would be a lovely quilt all in circles for my grandaughter Abby Rose…how sweet this could be…the left overs could also go into a jumper..

  89. 201

    Rachel says

    Oh. Pretty! Thanks for the opportunity!! I would definitely make a quilt for my daughter, these are totally her colors!!

  90. 204


    I don’t very often take the time to make something for myself, so that’s what I’d do with this bundle. The colors are so peaceful and calming! Just the ticket when I need to unwind from a busy day!

  91. 207


    Well I would love to win because Lavendar is one of my most favorite colors. I would definitely make it into a king sized quilt for my bed. I have been dying to make one in those colors and just did but it is for my Brother for his upcoming wedding πŸ™ and πŸ™‚ so I have to give it away but this would be a great excuse to make myself one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  92. 208

    Tanya says

    Definitely a quilt–I’m seeing rectangular blocks sashed in a dark gray with undertones of purple.

  93. 209

    Jennifer says

    So pretty! There aren’t enough fabrics out there with purples and/or dark blues. I would make a lap quilt πŸ™‚

  94. 210

    Laureen says

    These are beautiful fabrics! I’d use these to make Rectangle Squared, a la Film in the Fridge. Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. 216

    Jess says

    I think these would make a beautiful ” scrappy quilt”. My favorite typle of quilt is a scrappy log cabin like quilt. I think these woudl we beautiful. I love the purple and tealy blue together. It really makes the blue pop.

  96. 223

    Heather says

    Love these hues! Wouldn’t this look fabulous with my favorite color. . . white? I have a house full of boys, so I would finally make a quilt for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. 224

    Caroline says

    I have so many quilts on my to do list I would not be short of ideas to put those gorgeous fabrics to good use. Thank

  98. 226


    These are stunning! I would probably tackle a Leymoyne star quilt with halved points (like the variation in the Elm Creek Quilt book).

  99. 231

    Deb says

    Gorgeous bundle! One of my BFF’s is having her third girl in July – I would LOVE to make a yummy baby quilt with these fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

  100. 232

    Kristie says

    I’m a brand new quilter so these would be a most welcome addition to build up my fabric stash.

  101. 234

    Kelly R. says

    These fabrics are absolutely gorgeous! I would make a colorbrick quilt with them, think of a pale lilac as the “grout” and it would be spectacular! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  102. 235

    Sarah says

    My aunt who babysits my daughter for me every week would love this palette, I would make her a lovely new quilt just for her!

  103. 236


    BEAUTIFUL prints!!! I think I’d either make a quilt or a couple of little bags so I can take the beauty with me everywhere I go.

  104. 237

    Brenna says

    Gorgeous! I am making a swoon quilt for my grandma’s 90th birthday in purples and blues. These would be perfect!

  105. 239

    maria do carmo pezzuto says

    Estamos terminando quarto de neta que chega em abril ,e lilΓ‘s Γ© a cor,talves almofadas para contraste…Obrigada.

  106. 242


    As I did win some fabric a while back for a quilt for my sister, I need fabric to make the other one a quilt too … they don’t take it well to get too different presents.

  107. 243


    terrific colors. I have to admit this motivated me. I would make your lemon squares quilt, there is enough white with all that luscious blue and purple in the fat quarters that I think it would look terrific set in all that white.

  108. 246

    Sabs says

    What beautiful colours! I want to get pregnant and make baby quilts galore!!!!! (well, i’m getting married in 2 months….)

  109. 250

    laura dirks says

    i really like these colors thanks for the chance to win i just started checking up on your blog and you have a great style:)

  110. 251

    Alice Ann says

    I love this fabric. I’m a painter turning quilter. I would paint center squares and surround tthem with this fabric for a gorgeous wallhanging.

  111. 254

    Rebecca says

    A quilt for my mother in law who is just recovering from a recurrence of breast cancer. It would be so soothing for her to cuddle up with.

  112. 256


    I am planning a Farmer’s Wife quilt and have baught the first 5 fat quarters today: Turquoise and green and purple. I want to sew a quilt in fresh/modern colours and those would match perfectly.

  113. 258

    Pat S says

    I’d make a quilt – simple pattern so these fabrics would pop against a white background. It would be beautiful, these fabrics are gorgeous! thanks for the chance to win…

  114. 259


    I LOVE this bundle! SO pretty, and right up my alley!

    I’m in the mood to make a basic patchwork square quilt, so this might be in the running for that, if I win the bundle. And even if I don’t! ha! πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  115. 265

    lorelei craig says

    I would make more blocks for my garden fence block quilt, these are my colors, would LOVE to have this.

  116. 266

    KJ says

    Gorgeous. Looks like they need to be made into a few mod quilt blocks or maybe a really cool tote bag or two.

  117. 269

    Rachel says

    These are such beautiful fabrics, especially the one at the very bottom of the stack in the main post!
    I am currently designing a new baby quilt for my best friend’s sister-in-law, who is due in June with her second daughter. We did all pink for their first princess, so I am doing purple for this one πŸ™‚

  118. 270

    Marissa says

    I would make some quilts to cuddle up under and get rid of all the ugly blankets i’ve acquired over the years…

  119. 271


    The better question is, “What wouldn’t you make with these?”! Purple is my favorite color, and the blues just accent it so well. I think if I had these, for a change I’d make something for myself – a fantastic Spring quilt!

  120. 273


    Wow, these are beautiful! I have such a difficult time putting blues and purples into my stash, as I tend to gravitate towards oranges and yellows. I have no idea what I’d make out of these, but they’d definitely help me to have a more balanced stash, and nothing bad ever came of that!

  121. 274


    such gorgeous fabrics and thanks for the generous giveaway – I would make a quilt with fairly big blocks to show off these gorgeous prints πŸ™‚

  122. 275


    I’d make small stuffies and clothes for some fabric dolls I’ve been making. I’ve also been covering up ragged hems on my jeans with cool fabrics like this. Sign me up, please!`

  123. 277


    These are some of my soon-to-be sister-in-laws favorite colors, so of course I would make their wedding quilt using this stack plus some solids! Thanks for the chance to win!

  124. 278

    Laura says

    Oh that would work for both of my nieces. I’m planning on giving them quilts for Christmas this year. Thank you for the chance to win some.

  125. 279

    Judy says

    Love these colours! I’d make a quilt, especially highlighting the pattern in these fabrics. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway.

  126. 280

    Amy says

    Aw, I absolutely love this line! Purple and blue…perfect for a baby quilt for my baby coming SOON! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win!

  127. 282


    I love love love Art Gallery fabrics!!! Making some Granny Squares at the moment, but I think I want to make giant ones to rival the Swoon!!! These would look super delicious on my bed.

  128. 286

    Barbara corbitt says

    Ooohh these would make an eye popping quilt. would be enough to convert non-quilters

  129. 290

    Kelli H. says

    I totally see my mom’s name written all over this bundle! Can we say Christmas gift for 2012!?!

  130. 291

    Carla says

    beautiful colours! my youngest is getting ready to move to a big girl bed so i imagine this would become her quilt. when i found the time to do it of course. πŸ™‚

  131. 292

    Liz M says

    Oo gorgeous fabric I spot a Swoon trying to climb out of that stack – just a little one, but most definitely all for me πŸ™‚

  132. 293

    Rebecca says

    Soooo stunning! I would definately make a quilt from these fabrics. And perhaps a matching bag to go with them πŸ™‚

  133. 295

    Barb B says

    those are beautiful!! I think I would make a “trip around the world” quilt to show off all that purple gloryness. And all the scraps would be used up too.

  134. 301

    TxGal says

    Wow I LOVE this wonderful group ! I’d make a big throw size quilt and matching pillow or two … and it would probably end up going to my daughter, her fav colors !
    Thanks for the chance to win !

  135. 302

    Pamela says

    Oh easy……my 14 year old granddaughter LOVES purple and has a birthday coming up. She asked her parents to let her change her room to purples…I would be making her a quilt, and pillows for her to accent her new room!

  136. 305

    Katherine says

    These would be perfect for a set of placemats, napkins and a table runner for our patio set. Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  137. 308

    Janeen K says

    Wow can you say Springtime. Beautiful colors, that make me so happy. I would like to make a modern quilt. Or a quilted bag.

  138. 310

    Janet says

    Love Love Love, blues and purples are my favorite. Would add a few to a quilt for my nieces wedding, after that it would be hard to decide. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  139. 311

    Carla G says

    What gorgeous fabric! I love the colors! I’d love to make a quilt with these! Thanks for a chance to win! πŸ™‚

  140. 314

    Erin says

    I would add it all to my Project Linus stash. Those purples will be wonderful for kids quilts! Thank you for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  141. 317

    Lisa says

    I love, love, love this bundle. I’d make a pretty lap quilt just for me, although I’m sure my kitty would have something to say about that! Thanks to you and Moona for the lovely giveaway! πŸ™‚

  142. 318

    Kate says

    I’d use it to make a quilt for my mom for helping to teach me how to sew quilts πŸ™‚ I really think she’d like the colors πŸ™‚

  143. 323

    Maria says

    I am about to learn how to paper piece a “New York Beauty” and I think these colors would look beautiful in a flying geese color wheel. Actually, these fat quarter color combination would look good in any project that the made with them!

  144. 324

    jmniffer says

    Gorgeous colors…and I don’t think I have a single purple FQ in my small fabric stash. I would use these to make a small quilt or a wall hanging. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  145. 328

    Rachel Washburn says

    Ooooo so pretty! I think these would look pretty as a lap quilt with a Greek cross pattern. That’s one of my favorites.

  146. 330

    Paige says

    Wonderful fabric, beautiful colors! Would make a quilt for my 5yo, she would love to have her own throw quilt.

  147. 333


    Oh what lovely bundle of fun.
    Let me see my next challange will be some of those Y-seams so
    maybe the Jazz Hands quilt from Material Obsession Two.

    Thanks Faith

  148. 337

    Emily L says

    Loving the colors and all the patterns! I would make a quilt for a friend who is expecting a baby girl.

  149. 339

    Katrina says

    yummy!! I think I’d use them for a new quilt for my living room! the colors match beautifully!!

  150. 343

    Stephanie Pinkston says

    I love this fabric and will quilt my husband some pants out of it if I win. He can’t wait.

  151. 344

    Sarah R says

    The Solstice Stars Series from Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts would move to the top of my list if I had these gorgeous fabrics to work with.

  152. 347


    Oh I love these fabrics. I don’t know what I’d make with them right now but probably a quilt for the guest bed in my new home.

  153. 349

    Carrie says

    I am slightly obsessed with making drawstring bags right now. I think this fabric line would make cute spring bags!

  154. 350

    Kristina says

    wow these are beautiful, I just started quilting so they would have to wait awhile until I feel worthy to use them, but some of them would probably end up as liners for some of the bags I have knitted.

  155. 352

    MarciaW says

    Blue and Purple are my favorite color ranges. I make quilts – so think that one to showcase these gorgeous prints would be perfect – there are so many lovely Art Gallery quilt patterns too. Thanks for the giveaway from you and Moona.

  156. 353

    Mhairi says

    This bundle would go brilliantly with the greys I have in my stash. I would love to use this fabric to create a set of bags for myself. Selfish I know but I love the colours so much.

  157. 359

    Terry says

    These fresh fabrics would make a Spring colored Spicy Spiral Tablerunner.
    Makes me think of grape hycinths and crocus peeking thru the snow.

  158. 361

    natski says

    Wow what gorgeous fabrics, thanks for the chance to win. it just makes me think cuddles so i would want to make something soft to cuddle up in. πŸ™‚

  159. 362

    SewLindaAnn says

    I was just looking at a hexagon quilt design at Freshly Pieced blog and those would be perfect for it.

  160. 365

    CJ says

    I’m working on a purple-ish Swoon right now and need a few more FQ’s. Some of these would be perfect!

  161. 367

    Tamie says

    I have several quilts that need to be made- quickly. These would be some great fabrics to use to get started.

  162. 370

    Meg says

    Those are gorgeous colors–very sophisticated! I’d love to use them in a plus quilt with some carefully chosen solids! Thank you for the chance to win!

  163. 375

    Alice says

    I would make one of my granddaughters a pretty quilt for them to put on their bed to enjoy everyday. It would remind them of how much I love them too!

  164. 376

    Deanna says

    Hi Faith, I just found your blog. Your quilts are so beautiful. I would make a quilt for my daughter (also Faith), although I’d have to add a little pink to the mix.

  165. 378

    Cecilia says

    I think that I would make a pretty Spring wallhanging out of them. It would look great in my sewing room. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  166. 379

    Anne says

    Oooh thank you for the giveaway. I would love to make a quilt using
    pentagons which I have seen on a few blogs lately.

  167. 380

    Missy says

    These fabrics are very nice! I’ve been anxious to start a new quilt project, but haven’t been especially interested in any of the fabrics I have one hand. I’d like to make a bed sized quilt for my daughter and I think she would really enjoy these fabrics. Thanks for the contest.

  168. 381

    Cheryl B says

    I’d make a quilt from these fabrics. Blues are my favorite color and I just realized I don’t own a blue quilt yet.

  169. 382


    The colors are so rich and pretty! I have been thinking of making my friends little girls each a dress, and this fabric would be perfect!

  170. 385

    Valerie says

    These fabrics are really pretty. I have recently switched allegiance from a more traditional style of quilting to a more modern style and these fabrics would be very nice with some solids made into little projects, like an iPad cover, cell phone case, little bags for inside your purse. I could go on and on….

  171. 389


    How nice! I would like bits of the purples for nieces dresses and a coordinating baby quilt. I haven’t used Art Gallery fabrics before. What fun.

  172. 393

    Linda A says

    I have wanted to make an HST quilt ( like Rita of Red Pepper Quilts makes so beautifully) for ages. Teamed with some Kona Ash I have standing by for this project, these gorgeous fabrics would be a marvellous match!

  173. 399

    Rachel says

    These beautiful fabrics have a great mix of a modern and retro feel, and they are in such awesome colours! I want to add them into granny squares blocks that are growing on my dining (aka sewing) room wall

  174. 403

    May says

    I have a bedroom with purple walls. I can see a quilt with these fabrics fitting in very nicely! Thanks!

  175. 404

    elle says

    I would love to make a feature quilt in a modern cathedral window style to showcase the great prints!

  176. 405


    So pretty! I would definitely make some items for my week old niece – maybe a blanket and matching dress? πŸ™‚

  177. 406

    Szabina L says

    Absolutely favourited shades and pretty patterns *_*
    I’d use them making little zipped purses and smaller hobo bags or stitching some together to a bigger one ! soo in need for a new baaaag!

    Thanks for this awesomeness!

  178. 407


    I’m doing the Craftsy bom out of Pat Bravo fabrics and these would be a perfect addition to my collection-so pretty!

  179. 411

    Patti says

    Love the colors (my favs.) A quilt would be gorgeous & visions of pillows are dancing in my head. Thank you Faith & Moona fabrics for the giveaway.

  180. 413

    Melanie says

    I LOVE these colors! What awesome fabric from Art Gallery! I would definitely make a quilt for my living room for the spring time! (Or a bag) Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  181. 415

    Danae says

    I have a friend who donates quilts to women going through chemotherapy. I would make a quilt for her– these calming colors would be just the thing! Gorgeous!

  182. 421


    I adore Art Gallery fabrics. They feel so wonderful. I would definitely be making a quilt with these. I think these would be fabulous as a spiderweb quilt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. 425

    April Hurley says

    I am working on gathering a collection of purples/aqua prints for a plus quilt I want to make. Right now I dont have enough variety but this would certainly make my stash ready!!!

  184. 426

    Lori C. says

    Oooo. A plus quilt would be nice. I want to try something with circles. The great mix of light and dark would really work well.

  185. 429

    Teresa Block says

    Ooh, my favorite colors! I’ve been wanting to make a delectable mountains quilt for my bed for ages and these would be so perfect!

  186. 432

    Emily says

    I LOVE these! I would make a quilt for my first niece! I’m so excited to be Auntie Em for the very first time!!!!

  187. 433

    Allison C says

    I think they would make a really pretty apron and pot holders…or maybe a new sewing machine cover.

  188. 436

    Amy M. says

    I love these colors and so does my daughter. I would make a fun, whimsical lap quilt for my daughter to cuddle up in when we read together.

  189. 437

    Margaret says

    I love the colors. I think I could do a really nice quilt using the louisiana pin wheel block.

  190. 440

    Susan E. says

    Those fabrics would make either a neat pieced tiered skirt for my daughter or some neat room accents. Or, something more my skill level–yo-yo flowers.

  191. 444

    Jill says

    Thursday is the 23rd – Friday is the 24th, I know because it’s my birthday – 51 on Friday!!!
    When will you pick a winner – Thursday or Friday??

  192. 448

    Kimberly R. says

    these colours are both warm and beautiful. i would love to use it as a cover for my chair.

  193. 454

    Lisa Marie says

    Those fabrics would make a gorgeous lap quilt to give as a gift at Christmas. Wouldn’t it be great to make a Christmas gift in March?

  194. 455

    jewels says

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, I would trim some pillowcases for my purple loving adult daughter and quilt the rest of course.

  195. 458


    Wow! Such a stack of gorgeousness! I would make a quilt for sure … a wedding quilt for a girlfriend’s daughter who is getting married this summer.

  196. 460

    Leah says

    Wow! The Poetica fabrics are truly stunning. Never before have I seen a fabric range in my favourite colours with such beautiful designs. I think that after all of this time, I would finally make myself a quilt for my bed. Thank you.

  197. 461

    WandaFish says

    Another gorgeous giveaway – thank you!
    I’d be very tempted to join the New York Beauty QAL if I had these stunning fabrics πŸ™‚

  198. 462

    Paula says

    I have a ‘thing’ for Art Gallery fabrics… always beautiful!! Thanks for the opportunity..

  199. 466

    Anne Simonot says

    I have no idea what I’d make, but I would come up with something great! Lovely fabric group!

  200. 468

    Billie Gunther says

    It would make lovely dresses for my 3 grand daughters! And of course there may be enought fabric left over to make a lap quilt- what a mood booster to use those colors!

  201. 470


    Lovely! I have several nieces and I’m trying to make quilts for each of them so it would definitely go great for one of them!

  202. 471

    Caitlyn H. says

    What a beautiful bundle! I would love to turn these into some fat quarter summer dresses for my lovely niece, Haven! I am also picturing a few leftovers to be used to make some wallets…. Oooooo.

  203. 472

    Ellen Ban says

    I think they’d make a gorgeous lap quilt with a matching pillow. Love the feel of Art Gallery fabrics!

  204. 473

    Jen Rose says

    Oooohh…I’m in a blue and purple phase right now…feeds my need for something other than the reds in my house decor! I could see using this in a modern box/frame or snowball type pattern to show off all of the variety in these.

  205. 474

    Wrennette says

    Such beautiful fabric….my daughter just moved into a new home a year ago and her bedroom NEEDS a beautiful quilt on her bed and I would love to be the one to make it for her. I think she would cry.
    Smile…I’d be so proud. Thankyou for your kindness of sharing with everyone.

  206. 475

    Christine says

    I love this fabric and purple is my favorite color. I have only been quilting since Sept. but I love I have completed 3 quilts so far and have the next 3 ideas ready to get started on. Love your quilts and blog great for a 1st time quilter.

  207. 476

    Paula says

    Purple has always been a favourite colour, and that blue is a new favourite! If I won this wonderful bundle, I would make a modern sampler quilt – from the BOM on Craftsy – which I haven’t started but have watched the lessons … πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the giveaway!

  208. 477

    julie says

    What a great bundle of fabric- the colors are so calm. I think I would make a huge beach blanket for a friend. Thanks for the chance.

  209. 478

    Laura says

    Purple has never been my favorite, but these are GORGEOUS! I love the blue too. They sure would make a beautiful quilt!

  210. 479


    Well usually i’d say a quilt. But, I just bought the Stash Book Little Girls, Big Style, and they have a ton of awesome Boutique Outfits for little girls, and this fabric would work perfect!!

  211. 480

    Joelle says

    I am a new quilter and would LOVE to win these amazing fabrics. I have just the pattern in mind . . . .

  212. 481

    Berta says

    I love the art gallery fabrics. These are super cute. If I won these I would make a pretty zig zag quilt and show off these pretty prints.

  213. 482

    Lisa F.D. says

    I like the colors, but I like the designs even more. I have a brown thumb and I leave all the gardening to my husband and son. The only gardening I do is flowered fabric gardening. I think i’d make a sewing machine cover.

  214. 484

    Christiane says

    I would make a quilt for my sewing room, which has a blue/aqua rug, a blue chair and a dark purple wall. My partner thinks this combination is crazy, but I love it. And this FQ fits perfectly! Thanks for the chance to win.

  215. 486

    anulka says

    beautiful fabric! I was thinking of redecorating my living room and these colours would fit perfectly:)

  216. 488

    Sandy in PA says

    I would absolutely love to have these fabrics! I love cool colors and have several quilt patterns in mind which would make these prints shine!

  217. 490

    della says


  218. 492


    I love the colors. I think I would make a lap quilt with a matching pillow and maybe a bag to keep it in.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  219. 493


    I’ve been eyeballing quite a few of the blocks from the 99 Modern Blocks book. I might use these fabrics to try out the Lemons and Limes one in that book.

  220. 494

    Shelbi says

    Purple is my absolute fav color. I would love to make some pillows with this fabric! It is so beautiful. Very thankful when I see cute purple fabric. TFS!

  221. 500

    Beth says

    Love to make a quilt for a bed at our cottage. Beautiful spring/summer colors that would look great. Thanks for the chance.

  222. 502

    Jane Beck says

    Just found out about the first grandbaby of the family, and gotta start sewing. These would be perfect!

  223. 504

    Justine says

    A yummy combination!! Making something with this color palette would be new to me but I’m up for the challenge

  224. 505

    ShellyK says

    Beautiful Fabric! I think I would add a solid or two and make (2) Baby Quilts.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  225. 507

    Anne Marie says

    Hmm, am making a blue/green quilt for my dad right now so perhaps these great fabrics would be for a quilt for my mom or that bag she wants me to sew as well. Will never run out of projects I think.

  226. 508


    My daughter-in-law’s favorite colors! I would make her a quilt for her new house. She’s in the military and gets lots of red, white and blue stuff that is handmade. I think she needs something pretty like her! Thanks for sharing all of your talent with us. I get so many ideas from you.

  227. 510


    Oh wow! What beautiful colors! Since I’m new to quilting I haven’t done anything with purple yet, but it would be fun to make a quilt with it! πŸ™‚

  228. 512

    Kelsey says

    I could totally see pillows in that fabric– the colors work really well with what’s going on in my living room already.

  229. 513

    Paula says

    The colors would work just great in my bedroom and it is time to make a new quilt for bed… kittens would just love it.

  230. 514

    Jelinda Pepper says

    Beautiful colors! I would make myself a lap quilt from these, to use at night when reading or watching tv. It would be fun to have a quilt that isn’t masculine colors, or trucks and cars, my son’s choice for fabrics right now, lol!

  231. 518

    Andrea says

    Beautiful fabrics! I’m just thinking about making a quilt for my mom, and she loves these colors. These fabrics would be a great starting point!

  232. 521

    Lola Crouch says

    I love these colors, and would like to make a twin size quilt using the flying geese pattern. Thank you!

  233. 526

    Kelly V says

    What beautiful colors!! I love love LOVE purple! I can see this as a nursery gift for some dear friends of mine.

  234. 528


    I don’t have much purple in my stash, but it’s been on my Wish List because my Lil’ Sister, Lizzie B has requested some purple pillowcases! I would love to win!

  235. 529

    Marcia Herath says

    They are so pretty. I don’t know for sure what I’d make but something for my oldest granddaughter who is getting married in a little over a year.

  236. 534

    Julie says

    beautiful fabrics!, and i love the solstice star quilt top it’s lovely. thank you for the chance, Faith.

  237. 538

    roxanne Miner says

    Love the colours, not my usual picks so it would be alot of fun to experiment! I would LOVE to make my 70 yr old Mom a “patch work” travel bag with these fabrics. oh ya, bring it on!!!!

  238. 543

    Sanny says

    I would make a lapquilt and follow the pattern, bookmarked in one of my magazines, called Pave the Way. I would use a darker background to compliment the bold prints found in the Art Gallery Poetica Fat Quarter Giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity.

  239. 546

    sandyb says

    Wow, I love these colors. I am not sure what I would make but I know my youngest daughter will tell me. These are her favorite colors and she has been hinting for new pillows for her bed and sofa:) Thank you for this great giveaway!!!

  240. 549

    Debbie Buske says

    What great fabric. I could think of so many things to make,. Great purse for spring. Wall hanging, Quilt. So many ideas. Hope I win.

  241. 550


    what a gorgeous fabric range – and an awesome giveaway, thank you!
    I think a bold and graphic quilt design would work so well with this fabric…something with pieces large enough to show the fabric off though! …or my 5 yo daughter would love a frilly dress in this…or or or…man, decisions are hard, even hypothetical ones!!

  242. 551

    Deborah says

    These fabrics are beautiful! I would make a quilt with them for my mom purple is her favorite color and shes recovering from lung cancer surgery

  243. 552

    Binks says

    Yay! I love purple in any hue. I’d have to make myself a quilt. Since I’m a new to quilting, I’d love to have one for myself.

  244. 559

    Lori says

    I plan on making Swoon with these fabrics. I just put the binding on a quilt I made with a different set of Art Gallery…forgot the name but it is your lemonade quilt. Came out adorable! Will try to send you a photo.

  245. 561

    Elizabeth J says

    I would either make a quilt for my sister, or try out the hopscotch pattern? I think it would look beautiful with these fabrics!

  246. 564

    Netta says

    I love this bundle of colors! sew pretty. I have been trying to plan a color scheme for my new bed quilt, and this would be perfect. thanks for the chance to win

  247. 565

    Carolyn M says

    I think I would make my little girl some funky and brightly coloured summer tops. These fabrics are perfect for such a fun task!!

  248. 570

    Am L says

    Wow, those are fantastic! I would make a quilt for myself, as selfish as that might sound. I’ve made quilts for everyone but me, and purples and teal-ish blues are my favorite colors. Specifically which quilt is hard to say without having the fabric in front of me, but perhaps your Off-Centered pattern. : )

  249. 571

    Judy LeVang says

    I would make a twirly skirt for my niece with them, or a purse for me.. hmm.. got me thinking!

  250. 572

    Lizzie says

    Oh, what cheerful, springy fabrics! I think it’s a toss up between kitchen accents, and a nice spring quilted throw…..thanks for the chance to win it!

  251. 574

    Vicki says

    Hmm…As many have already stated these are great colours, not often seen together! I think I would actually throw in some solids and make my own Solstice Stars quilt!

  252. 576

    Mary says

    I love the colors, but i don’t have a place in my house that ‘needs’ a purple and blue quilt. However, unlike all the nice people who said they would make a gift quilt for someone, i would make a quilted jacket for myself! I would just have to add a couple more FQ’s– probably solids. Thanks for the chance.

  253. 577

    Megan says

    Ooh! I love it! I think a few baby girl quilts would be in store. There’s always so many baby showers to go to!

  254. 579

    Kathleen says

    Perfect for a quilt for my purple-loving niece. Purples are so hard to find and match. Love them.

  255. 581


    What amazing purples! Purples are so hard to find (I agree with Kathleen)! Okay, what would I make?
    I think it would make a great table topper or wall quilt. Very sooootthhhhing…. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  256. 582

    Amanda says

    These are beautiful fabrics! Purple is my favorite color. I would add some more dark purples and blues and my other favorite color, green, and make a log cabin quilt out of these fabrics. I have been wanting to make a log cabin quilt and those three colors would make a beautifully unique one!

  257. 583

    Suzie says

    My daughter LOVES blue and purple. I hope I win so I can make her a quilt to take to college in the fall.

  258. 584

    Joan Charles says

    The colors are beautiful–my favorites. Would sure like to win it to make a throw quilt for my granddaughter.

  259. 585

    diana alexander says

    My 18 year old, who has become a quilting “addict”, not unlike her mother, says “memories”…I say table runner all the way!

  260. 586


    I love purple. I would have to pick between making a quilt for myself and making one for my sister in law. Thanks for a giveaway!

  261. 587

    Rhonda says

    I love the colors. I’ve just now started sewing again so there are so many ideas popping in my head

  262. 591

    Susan Sawatzky says

    What gorgeous fabric! I would love to make a quilt for my grandaughter using these fabrics.

  263. 593


    SO pretty! I love all those shades. I might make a quilt using white between the blues/purples. I’d love to make myself a skirt with it, but I don’t think fat quarters would make a fat lady skirt! LOL! Maybe one for one of my daughters or great nieces instead. : )

  264. 595

    Annie D. says

    Beautiful! I would decorate the nursery before our new baby’s arrival! A sweet baby quilt and some framed wall decor. Maybe even a few little fabric birds for a mobile! These colors are beautiful!

  265. 597

    Brenda F says

    I love the fabrics! We just updated my 15 year old daughter’s room and I think that line would make great pillows!

  266. 598

    Jacqueline says

    How pretty!!!! <3 I would love to make a quilt with some solids thrown in for my bed… Yes SELFISH sewing! πŸ˜‰

  267. 599

    ValΓ©rie Labrecque says

    I would do a quilt for my little’s girl future bedroom, these are exactly the color I am looking for! It’s a so beautiful collection!!

  268. 600


    I love to sew. I use those fabrics for sewing bags and also toys. Sewing toys is my big love, when I sew dog I must sew blanket for it, when I sew monkey it has to have trousers….. Those fabrics are gorgeous.
    Have nice day

  269. 601

    Diana Hendricks says

    Oh please let me win. I don’t have anything like this in my fabric stash, and if I do’t win where can I find it?

  270. 602

    Kathy Raabe says

    LOVE blues and purples. I would probably make a ballerina type skirt for my granddaughter . . . along with a scrap quilt for her American Girl Doll. Thank you for the opportunity.

  271. 603

    Jill Reynolds says

    A quilt…………..a sundress for my granddaughter…………a quilt…………….aprons……………a skirt……………a quilt. Oh, I can’t decide, but they sure are gorgeous.

  272. 609

    Shelley says

    Ooooooh, what luscious colors! I would make a quilt – something with large areas to feature these beautiful fabrics.

  273. 611

    Pdot says

    Just found your blog thru Craftsy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you picked me to win that lovely fabric!!!