An Heirloom Finish

Heirloom Front

I’m pretty embarrassed to post this quilt today. Not because I don’t love it – I definitely do. But I finished this quilt top over 1 year ago and it sat for that long, waiting patiently to be quilted and finished.

Heirloom Drape 1

I’m not sure what exactly took me so long. Other projects with deadlines mostly. Forgetting it was in my pile of quilt tops as well. It wasn’t until the Naperville Modern Quilt Guild did a tangerine/aqua challenge that I was finally motivated to finish it!

Heirloom Detail 2

The fabric for this one is from Joel Dewberry‘s Heirloom collection in the Citrine palette. The sashing is Kona Solids in Stone.

Heirloom Wall

I cut my squares to 7.5″ (unfinished) and my sashing is 1.75″ wide (unfinished). I love the on point, simple look of the design. The finished quilt measures around 61″ x 75″, so it’s a good size for cuddling under on the couch.

Heirloom Detail

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to quilt this one. In the end, I decided on a free motion meandering. I kind of wish I had done straight lines, but I really wanted to get it done by the NMQG challenge meeting deadline and honestly, I felt like the quilt top had sat for long enough and I needed to just get it done.

Heirloom Drape 2

I’m still deciding what I will do with this quilt, but I’m leaning towards giving it as a Christmas gift this year. I think I know just the person. 🙂


  1. 3


    it’s so beautiful, Faith. I love all these colors together so much, it’s just such a lovely, peaceful, soothing quilt. I’m sure the recipient will absolutely love it!!!

  2. 6


    I love it. Your color choices are beautiful. I always get inspired. I was wondering how you quilted it. And as I was looking at the pics I was thinking myself how I would do it so I was curious. I couldn’t see from the pics. I was thinking straight lines too. Maybe if I make i’ll I’ll have to try straight lines.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

  3. 10

    Linda says

    Beautiful! I love the colors, orange being my favorite color ever. I wish I was the person you were thinking of giving it to….8-)

  4. 13


    Oh so pretty! I think the curvy quilting design is a nice contrast to all the straight lines of the sashing. And this is a great design for fabrics with larger motifs that you don’t want to cut into little pieces.

  5. 16


    Love it! I think the meandering is perfect given the large beautiful pattern of Heirloom. One year- my stash of Heirloom is still sitting!
    You have inspired me to cut into it with this elegant quilt!

  6. 18


    I love it the way it is! Gorgeous choice of deep grey sashing! Incansee how straight lines would go too, but these winding paths complement the design beautifully.

  7. 19


    Thanks for sharing the gray fabric — I was just about to ask when I read “Kona Solids in Stone!” I’ve been admiring your mix of gray with brights for awhile, but when I’m fabric shopping locally the colors I’m seeing for sale just don’t seem to be the right shade of gray.

    Your quilt is BEAUTEOUS, and I think the curvy stippling is just the right coutnerpoint for those strong, straight piecing lines. Whomever you gift this to is one lucky person!

  8. 21


    I just love Heirloom. It goes so well with the Kona stone. I am so pleased you posted this – better late than never! My Heirloom is still sitting patiently in my sewing cupboard, so by my standards you are not late at all!

  9. 23

    Marianne says

    I really like this quilt for its simplicity of composition as well as the color choices and the on point squares. It would make a wonderful gift! I also like the meandering because it allow focus on the other features of the quilt. The recipient of your gift quilt is most fortunate!

  10. 26

    Anne K says

    Beautiful! I’ve had a FQ bundle of this sitting around and couldn’t decide what to do with it. Now I know exactly what to do! Thank you

  11. 27

    Chris Kieffer says

    I love,love,love your quilt! This is absolutely one of my all time favorite fabric lines! I’ve made some placemats with it for spring, and still have some in my stash, waiting for the perfect project. And the stone sashing is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  12. 34

    Aless says

    This is SUCH an inspiration for working with unusual colour combinations. You’ve not only pulled it off, but created a masterpiece! I love the colour ‘stone’, but never would have thought to use it. One to store in my “Inspirations” folder. Thanks for showing us.

  13. 35


    Oh,so pretty!! I’m sure the meandering quilting was just perfect! It’s kiind of fun to finish something that’s been ‘ready’ for so long!! You can savor the feeling of accomplishment!

  14. 36


    I like it a lot! I like the meandering quilting as I think it softens the lines and squares. I like quilts with squares but the meandering quilting seems to be a good choice.

  15. 38

    Dawn says

    Very pretty! Love that color combo. Strangely enough, I have a Christmas quilt in that same basic pattern that has been sitting for about three years. The problem is, I don’t like it that much and will probably give it away but I don’t want to pay someone to quilt it for me. One of these days….

  16. 41

    Melissa says

    So i absolutely love this quilt and as you know i will probably copycat it along with the rest of your quilts. so my question to you is – do you remember how much of each fabric you bought to make this?….1/2 yard of each? Thanks for posting your beautiful quilts! You are incredibly talented!

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