An Art Gallery Modernology Giveaway ~ Sponsored by Canton Village Quilt Works

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a great weekend? We spent the evening eating chili and watching the Superbowl. My kind of way to round out the weekend!

This morning I have something that might make your Monday morning a little sweeter. A giveaway of 10 fat quarters from Art Gallery’s Modernology line, sponsored by Jacqueline of Canton Village Quilt Works!

Jacqueline has been a quilter for 18 years, a long arm quilter for 12 years, in business for 12 years, owned her fabric shop for 2 years, is a designer for Quilt Magazine, and also a quilting podcaster. You can see her podcasts here or on iTunes. She also has a YouTube channel. She really knows her stuff!

In addition to the great giveaway, Jacqueline is offering 15% off your purchase at her shop during the duration of the giveaway. Use code fresh15 when checking out.

With this giveaway, you have four ways to enter:
{1} Leave a comment! I’d love to hear what you would do with the fabric if you win.
{2} Sign up for the Canton Village Quilt Works newsletter. Leave a comment that you did.
{3} “Like” Canton Village Quilt Works on Facebook. Leave a comment that you did.
{4} Become a follower on the Canton Village Quilt Works blog (down on the left side column). Leave a comment that you did.

This giveaway is open to international entries. I will pick a winner on Thursday (2/9) evening. Good luck everyone!

Comments are now closed! I will be back with a winner.

The winner is #1018, Laura! Laura said “I would add more Art Gallery to my stash! I’m always in need of a new bag or some great additions to a quilt in the making!”

Congratulations Laura, I will be contacting you for your mailing address. Thanks for your comments everyone!


  1. 1


    those are such beautiful fabrics… thanks for the chance for them to come and live at my place…. I think if they did I would love to make them into a quilt…. large pieces so show off the fabrics…. that is after a time of patting and admiring….

  2. 2

    Sue says

    What fun…I need to make a big girl quilt for my granddaughter….she will soon be out of her crib….perfect bright fabrics for a new quilt.

  3. 8


    Well, it would certainly be a quilt but I don’t know which one. Something without sashing or borders….I need a break from that!

  4. 12

    Tanya says

    Oh, I LOVE these! I can visualize a quilt of squares, large ones for the the large prints, and small ones for the small, maybe sashed in white–a kind of tossed nine pattern (although the two white dominant fabrics might get lost). I could see the white w/ small multi flowers as a fabulous binding, dancing and popping against those saturated blues and pinks. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 15

    Charlotte E says

    My fabric stash is just starting out so I would put it away for a rainy day when I’m armed with some inspiration.

  6. 26

    ~ Julie ~ says

    I love those fabrics! My best friend is going to be a grandma for the first time next month so I’d use those fabrics to make her new grandbaby a quilt! πŸ™‚

  7. 29

    Mhairi says

    I think I would make big floor cushions for my new rumpus room. Lots of bright colours over the floor – just beautiful.

  8. 34

    Carrie says

    Oh wow! Those are great fabrics. Just begging to be a fun throw just for me. Since I am surrounded by all things “boy” it would be nice to have something girly for myself!

  9. 38

    Monika Flake says

    These are very fresh coloured fabrics. It might become a beautiful summer quilt. πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Germany.

  10. 43

    Lisa says

    I’d make a quilt! Of course! It’s such gorgeous fabric, I think I’d make a tumbler quilt or something similar.

  11. 44

    Sue says

    Wow, I love those fabrics! The colours just reach out and grab me! Those fabrics can come and play at my house anytime! I’m thinking my granddaughter would love a quilt in those fabrics.

  12. 52

    Leanne says

    I follow her blog already and am just about to follow on facebook cheers,. As for the modern I have yet to see it in any of the shops I visit I might have to get on to the girls and see who in Australia would carry it

  13. 53


    Wow a really bright, gorgeous selection of fabrics, I think some drawstring bags, coin purses or maybe a twirly skirt for one of my girls! Thanks for a superb giveaway (in the UK I enjoyed rugby rather than superbowl!)

  14. 54


    I love your blog and often drop by to be inspired. I would love to win the fabrics too. (I already do all the other 3 things.) But mostly, as I’m notoriously unlucky and rarely enter give aways, I thought I’d like to say how much I like what you do on Fresh Lemons – Ann.

  15. 58


    I’m in the process of liberating an Amish quilt design and could see some of these fabrics in it. They really are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to own them.

  16. 71


    Ohhhh, I’d love a chance to win these fabrics. I’m trying to get my 16 year old DD interested in quilting, these would help so much, they’re lovely and perfect for her.

  17. 83

    barbara says

    that bundle is simply stunning and I would create a dynamic summer wall hanging quilt with it

  18. 87

    Catherine says

    I’d turn these into a quilt for my mother to thank her for everything that she has done (and continues to do) for me.

  19. 90


    Wow, fantastic colours! If I was to win I would turn them into a beautiful quilt for my bed. I have only recently started to like this style of fabric.


  20. 92

    Anna says

    Such pretty fabrics – I think I’d start one of the great block of the month quilts that I’ve been seeing on blogs

  21. 97

    Lisa Marie says

    Gorgeous fabrics! I would love to use them in a quilt pattern that has some large pieces to feature these fabrics and then add some scrappiness with some solids or tone-on-tones.

  22. 100

    Tammy says

    Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics. I think I would use these to make a tote that I’ve been wanting to make.

  23. 102


    My sister, who loves modern, has a birthday coming up and a family room couch calling out for a quilt in just these colors.

  24. 111

    Joan Moore says

    Lovely fabrics! I would use the fabrics in a block of the month quilts that I am working on. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  25. 119

    Margaret says

    I am in the dark days of winter and these fabrics make me think of spring. Pillow covers speak to me!

  26. 120


    I love those fabrics and would love to win- what would I make, gosh I wouldn’t know until I look at them for awhile.

  27. 124

    Donna Bruno says

    I follow Canton Village Quiltworks, Jackie’s, blog! I would use the fabrics to make a mystery quilt for my quild challenge. Love using new, modern fabrics. Hope I win!

  28. 127

    Donna Bruno says

    I “like” Canton Village Quiltworks on Facebook. Again, I would use the fabrics for a challenge for my guild. We have a challenge “Anything with Wings” and I would work these fabrics in to make my entry.

  29. 130

    Barbara says

    I would stare at these great fabrics for a while, enjoying the vivid
    colors, until an idea for using them jumped into my head.

  30. 131


    I want to make some nice bags for the summer, something bright and cheerful…this would be fabulous! Thank you for the giveaway and thanks to Jackie too.

  31. 135

    Mary says

    I’d love to have those fabrics to make a darling quilt for one of my darling granddaughters!! If I did, I know I’d win mimi of the year award! πŸ™‚


  32. 136


    I already was a blog follower and “liked” Canton VillageQuilt Works. I just signed up for the newsletter.
    If I won, I would design an original quilt to donate as a fund raiser for an animal rescue group I’m involved with.

  33. 140

    Cokie K says

    Love these fabrics!!! Would love to win them and put them into a quilt. Thank you for the give away.

  34. 141


    thanks for the giveaway Faith – if I was lucky enough to win this fabric I’d probably spend some time drooling – then I’d find a quilt pattern that I really want to do – I have a few – and make something for me !

  35. 147


    thanks again for the giveaway Faith and Jackie – I already subscribe to Jackie’s blog and I listen to her podcast – I loved her interview with Patricia Bravo πŸ™‚

  36. 157


    Does unfolding, caressing, then refolding it, count as doing something? It is beautiful and I don’t know if I could actually cut into it!

  37. 160

    JoAn GODFREY says

    i think those fabrics look like appliqued flowers on a wall hanging or table runner……….just in time for spring!!!

  38. 176

    SueSmilesAlot says

    I would pet the fabric and repeatedly say, “My precious…” Hah! Then I might make a quilt out of it.

  39. 177

    Laura C says

    AND I subscribed to the CVQW feed in my reader. Random number generator, please pick me me me!

  40. 185

    Jenna Maine says

    Definitely a quilt. I have been wanting to make one for my mother and all the blues in this fabric would be perfect!

  41. 188

    Heather says

    I am already a follower. I love this fabric. I would use it for a wallhanging as I want to redecorate in some bright happy colors.

  42. 192


    Gee, I’d give this fabric a good home, I’d love it and admire it and when I finally can bear to cut it up I might use it for a dresden plate. It’s a beautiful line!

  43. 204

    Becky Greene says

    I want to join the Modern Mini Challenge, so this would be great for that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. 213

    Bailey says

    I would make a quilt for my daughter. These fabrics would motivate her to sleep in her big girl bed!

  45. 222

    Diane says

    What a beautiful quilt these fabrics would make … thinking a twister to show off all these great prints. Thanks!

  46. 227

    Caron says

    Beautiful! Bright! Refreshing! Inspirational! What a lovely give-away, thank you. I would use them to make some cot quilts for a township creche I support, softie toys and bags.

  47. 228

    Rochelle says

    I’ve liked the fb page-I’ve just started quilting, so the choices are endless on how to use these!!

  48. 229

    Pat Hersl says

    Who knows?!! I think it would make a terrific baby quilt, or perhaps a jacket pour moi. Delightful.

  49. 231

    Debbie Gallett says

    Those fabrics would be perfect for my first modern quilt. I would make a variety of rectangles on a gray background.

  50. 234

    sonia says

    I’d make the weed whacker quilt on the Canton website!
    I love the larger graphic prints, they look so interesting when they are cut up.

  51. 240

    Susan Quincy says

    Follow on facebook and as a member of Mod Conn Quilters. Great group for inspitration and creative ideas/help to stretch your abilities.

  52. 244

    Marika says

    I’d probably pet it for a while. It’s so soft and beautiful !! It’s funny because just yesterday, I wanted to buy some ! Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  53. 245

    Faye says

    I have been wanting to do a quilt with large blocks and thin sashing – just showing off beautiful fabrics. I think that these would go into that quilt if I were to win them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. 251


    I love this line and almost all of Art Gallery’s fabrics. Yum. I’m not sure what I’d make, but with that fabric, it’d certainly be awesome.

  55. 255

    Shelbi says

    This fabric is amazing. I am working on a unique postage stamp quilt and I would first cut out a 2.5 inch square out of each of the fabrics. Next I would definately find a pattern I could make a cute lap quilt with this to put in my livingroom. I love the bright colors and how fun it looks. Thank you so much for sharing!

  56. 265

    pumpkinmama says

    I love this line. I’ve used the A La Mode in grey for the back of a baby blanket recently. A fat quarter set would make for a great quilt.

  57. 272

    Nancy D. says

    Those are gorgeous! I’d have to really think about how to use them… maybe a group of pillows or some totes. Thanks for sharing!

  58. 274

    Linda Thompson says

    I would caress it…I would just touch, fondle, sing sweet melodies to it…and cut, rip, and tear it into the most beautiful things…hmmmm, a quilt, with some of the larger peices going towards pillows. Most certainly, I would order more to go with it!

  59. 279

    Lindsey says

    I think I’d make a plus quilt for my daughter if I won. She’d love all those awesome colors!

  60. 283

    Marie says

    Liked her on Facebook. Love the colors. Maybe a wall quilt but won’t know until I can touch the fabric : ) and let it tell me what to make

  61. 285

    Ellen says

    I would love to mix all of those greens with some from another collection to make a big cuddly quilt!

  62. 286

    jeanne e. says

    those are lovely fabrics! i am not sure what i would make…i have been making tea cozies for friends…maybe some more of those. πŸ™‚

  63. 287


    Oh, I love art gallery fabrics! what a great giveaway. I would definitely have to put that on my shelf and drool over it before I found the perfect project for me. Maybe a wall hanging for my bedroom?

  64. 290


    LOVE the bright and bold colors of these fabrics! POP! I would most definitely make a lovely quilt out of them! Thanks for the giveaway…

  65. 297

    Carol says

    I love the colors! They make me think of spring flowers I would make a quilt from those fabrics and dream of spring while I am sewing!

  66. 298

    Sharon Bourque says

    WOW what great fabric….I see a quilt for my granddaughter when I look at those lovely fat quarters.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  67. 300


    I would add these lovely fabrics to some others I have and put them to good use in a medallion quilt I’m planning! Lovely giveaway–thank you Jackie!

  68. 304

    Emilee says

    Great fabric! I’m just getting into quilting, so I think I would like to branch out and try a pattern with triangles! Thanks.

  69. 314


    I love these fabrics. I am already following on facebook. I would love to make a new purse with these fabrics. Hope I win.

  70. 315


    Yay for the giveaway! I’m not sure what I’d do with the fabrics but I did just get two new quilt patterns from Thistle Blossoms…so maybe that? I like to mix fabric collections so I’m sure a bit of each would end up in several projects! Thanks for the chance!

  71. 319

    Erin says

    I have a bright kitchen and these would look great in there so I think I would do a table runner or placemats or something like that.

  72. 322


    I would love to win the fabrics. I would make a quilt with them, not sure what kind of pattern I would use, maybe square in a square. Thank You for the giveaway.

  73. 327

    Katherine says

    Love these colors! I really want to make a new bed quilt for myself and can see these in a modern large scale wonky log cabin, though I’m sure moe ideas will keep popping into my head.

  74. 336

    Kris says

    Really like this grouping. Would probably pair it with some coordinating solids and make a spectacular quilt!! Thanks for the chance!

  75. 339

    Maria from Lititz, PA says

    What would I do with this fabric? Wow, that’s a loaded question!!! Beautiful bright colors for the summer would make a great beach bag or a summer bag for me. I love bright colorful fabrics, and now that we are getting out of the doldrums of the winter, this fabric looks very inviting to work with.

  76. 344


    I love this palette! I’m scheduled to run a round of do.Good Stitches (Peace circle) this summer, and I think this would be a great color combo to get the group going–if only I could save it that long!
    Thanks for the chance!

  77. 345

    Marcia says

    I am itching to make some aprons and hot mitts for the kitchen, and these colors would fit right in!

  78. 350


    Jackie’s blog is actually one of the first I started following when I got back into quilting a few years ago. Love it!

  79. 351

    peggy says

    i love these fat quarters! I thimk i’ll do a modern log cabin lap quilt. Ot would look fab! Great giveaway

  80. 352

    CathyC in Alberta says

    I would love to make a wall hanging or small quilt with these. Thanks for the chance.

  81. 358


    I’m looking for some great modern fabrics for next month’s “Fat Quarter Fun” class at Ruth’s Stitchery here in Colorado Springs. These definitely fill the bill!

  82. 365

    Karen says

    Patricia Bravo is one of my all time favorite designers and this particular line is especially great. Thanks for the give away.

  83. 366

    Karen says

    Canton Village Quilt Works is such a fabulous resource and I follow it, starting my day from Blogger Dashboard.

  84. 370

    tami knox says

    If I win this fabric, I’ll make a quilt with large squares in order to show off the fabric. Thanks for the give away.

  85. 376

    Julie A. says

    What beautiful bright fabrics. I would probably make a lap quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. 386

    Shirley says

    Beautiful, fresh fabrics for Spring. I think I’d make something for one of my granddaughters.

  87. 389

    Hallie says

    Oh wow! What a beautiful collection of fabrics! I would be making bags and purses with this fabric. No fun if you can’t show it off!

  88. 391

    Monica says

    If I won I’d hoard the fabrics for a little bit and then what I don’t know. The right project would present itself when I was ready…I just know it…LOL.

  89. 393


    OMG! I love this patterns. I have so many bags I want to make but may just add them to make a quilt with. I would be torn for sure. Hope I win.

  90. 396


    Oh, i really love that fabric. I think i would use that fabric to make throw pillows that i am in DESPERATE need of for our couch. You can only handle so much beige, i need a nice POP of color!

  91. 403

    Dea says


    {1} I’d love to hear what you would do with the fabric if you win.

    I’m making quilts – in mini-log cabin – for each of the next generation, my cousins’ & siblings & my own grandchildren – in honor of my Grandmama who sewed for all of us

    {2} Sign up for the Canton Village Quilt Works newsletter.


    {3} β€œLike” Canton Village Quilt Works on Facebook.


    {4} Become a follower on the Canton Village Quilt Works blog.


    Thanks ; )

  92. 411

    Emily says

    Thanks so much!

    {1} I’m working on a quilt design for my Mom’s birthday in the June
    {2} Signed up for the Canton Village Quilt Works newsletter!
    {3} β€œLiked” Canton Village Quilt Works on Facebook!
    {4} Following on the Canton Village Quilt Works blog!

    Done, done, done, and done!

  93. 412

    Jennifer says

    I love those bright colors! I think I would add a few coordinating solids and make a lap quilt πŸ™‚

  94. 414

    Ceil says

    Am now subscribed by RSS feed and my Outlook account. Happy to see there is a link to a quilt-along on the site! This would be perfect for these fabrics! Thank you.

  95. 415

    elle says

    Wow. Such beautiful fabrics. I would love the chance to win this giveaway and explore creating a quilt for someone special. Thanks for the chance!

  96. 416


    Love, love, love these fabrics. I’ll be making a wedding quilt to take to Spain this summer for my son and future daughter in law. These fabrics would be perfect. OLE!

  97. 423

    Pam M. says

    I am so glad to find your blog. I just clicked over from Canton Village. I follow her on facebook, her blog, and get her newsletter. I was just looking at those fabrics on her website this past weekend. (drooling πŸ™‚ I can see them in a square inside a square quilt pattern or a quilted, lined summer tote. Endless possibilities! Thanks for the give-a-way!

  98. 424

    Linda says

    I might make some little zippy bags with the fabric. They would be an eye opener for sure! Lovely

  99. 426

    KimR says

    What a beautiful stack of fabrics! I would love to make a quilt out of them. With such bright colors, I would love to see them framed in white–along the lines of your Rainchino Rails pattern.

  100. 429

    Susan E. says

    I would use the fabric to make a fabric-covered bulletin board/headboard for my daughter’s bed.

  101. 430

    Linda Middlemist says

    Love the bright colors, these would be wonderful to win.
    Thankyou to you and Jackie for the chance to win

  102. 432

    KimR says

    Finally, I am also a newsletter subscriber! I would love to win that bright pile of fabric! πŸ™‚

  103. 434

    Andrea says

    beautiful fabrics! So many things that could be done. I would probably make a fun table runner – that woudl be beautiful! I also “like” Canton Village Quilt Works on facebook. Great giveaway!

  104. 435


    Wow!! They are so full of color. I would make some pillows out of them and/or a bag to carry around with me. … Then just slip them in all over in projects to come. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. 441

    Heather says

    These fabrics are gorgeous!!! I would love to make some cute pillows with them for around the house. We just moved and are in need of some fresh new pillows. Thanks for hosting this giveaway…it’s fabulous!!

  106. 454


    What a lovely selection of fabrics!
    I’d like to make the “A Quilters Palette” Pattern by Rita from Red Peppers Quilts, these fabrics complete my selection which I have already put aside for this quilt.
    I have subscribed the newsletter, I have liked Canton Village Quilts on Facebook, both today, and I have been following the blog for a few weeks now.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!
    I hope to be the lucky one this time πŸ˜‰
    Best wishes, Barbara

  107. 460

    Brenna says

    I am making a quilt for my Grandma for her 90th birthday. She loves blues, greens and reds so am collecting fabrics in those colours to get started. These would be perfect to add to the mix!

  108. 464

    Kat Scott says

    What great bright colors… maybe some pillows or a throw for the sunroom to hurry spring a little!

  109. 468

    Kat Scott says

    I am already a persistent follower of Jackie’s blog :). Thanks for a chance to win such great fabric.

  110. 471


    I would use these for little totes and cosmetic pouches for gifts. THANKS for the chance!

  111. 476


    These are gorgeous! Right now I’m working on pillowcases to bring to a pediatrics ward in Rwanda where my sister is working as a fellow. These would be so gorgeous to make some pillowcases with!

  112. 481

    Diane Caton says

    Yummy fabrics! Right now I am into placemats and napkins so I would use some to make new ones. I am always on the prowl for new fabrics for granddaughter’s clothing. These would look adorable on her! Maybe a knot apron dress? I “liked” Canton Village Quiltworks on FB.

  113. 482

    Carmen Wyant says

    I just bought some Art Gallery fabrics (not these) and they are indeed beautiful fabrics with a wonderful hand. I’m sure I could find something to do with these too.

  114. 486

    Carmen Wyant says

    I’ve also just signed up to follow Jackie’s blog (how in the world did I miss doing this before?). Isn’t her Glacier Star stunning!

  115. 488

    Joas says

    beautiful! I love it & I’d like to .rite sth more, but I miss some keys from my keyboard, the most useful for .uilt ;).

  116. 490

    Marcia R says

    I would fussy cut some of those flowers and, along with the rest of the fabric, make a couple of pillows!!

  117. 494

    Laureen says

    I think those fabrics would really shine in an improvised Log Cabin, with a fussy cut center! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. 495

    Linda says

    I think I’d make a quilt!
    Bright cheery fabrics-beautiful!
    Thanks to you+Jackie for sharing!

  119. 496

    bee says

    beautiful fabric! thanks! these would go into a quilt or some blocks to try out the 99 modern blocks book I got.

  120. 497


    Such lovely colours, l would be tempted to make a quilt or notebook covers or even to attempt a bag.

    I also follow canton quilt works with googe reader.

  121. 499

    Tesuque says

    I think the fabrics would make a cheery little piece for a relative’s door at a nursing home.

  122. 500

    Kelly R. says

    Love all those fabrics, I would make a beautiful quilt with them…or maybe some pillows…..or maybe….I would figure it out!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!!

  123. 512

    Melissa says

    If I won these beautiful fabrics, I would make a quilt. Probably using a pattern from Faith at Fresh Lemons of course. πŸ™‚

  124. 522


    I have no idea what I would do with these lovely fabrics. I think I would have to sit and stare at them for awhile until I could figure out what they should become

  125. 526


    I love Art Gallery fabrics but don’t have a local stockist. I would stroke these fabrics for a bit and then make them into something beautiful for my Mum – maybe a tablerunner…

  126. 528

    Linda W says

    Just love the fabric! Jackie said the fabrics feel like silk, so they would make a wonderful quilt. I would have a hard time deciding what to use them for as I have so many projects in mind. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. 529

    ThereseB says

    I just got a new sewing machine and I’m making bed quilts for my kids. These would be perfect!

  128. 531

    Becky123 says

    Thanks for the give away. I’d be using the fabric for one of the four quilts I have in the works right now. Ditto using the fabrics in large pieces instead of cutting them into smaller ones, gotta show them off.

  129. 532

    Delores Wagg says

    OOOOOOH! Would love to make a ‘modern’ quilt out of this fabric with lots of solids interspersed.

    Love to win!!

  130. 533


    I have this line on my want list , and just haven’t gotten around to purchase it , because I always find new fabric from Pats line that is a must have , well I,m going to keep my fingers crossed ,but maybe this time I can finally get something for myself , as there are 500 plus other people here all wanting to win the same prize .
    Best of luck to everyone

  131. 537

    Mom C says

    A grand daughter just yesterday asked if I could make her some sunday skirts. This morning I was thinking we could make them together. How cute and how much fun she would have with those darling fabrics. Thanks.

  132. 546

    Wendy says

    I am obsessed with Art Gallery fabrics! Love, love, love the feel of them!!! I would like a quilt probably…BUT I might make a patchwork Boho-style skirt for my daughter with these. Thanks for the chance!

  133. 553

    Keitha says

    What would I make with it?????… A quilt of course – I just LOVE the Art Gallery fabrics and Modernology is right up my alley! Love it!

  134. 557

    Maureen says

    I’m already a big fan of Canton Village Quiltworks! I love the colors in this fabric collection. I will use them for quilts and bags!

  135. 560

    [erin] says

    great fabric! hmm…would make a large simple patchwork quilt- wouldn’t want to cut those great prints up too much…

  136. 566

    Liz says

    Beautiful fabric. I would make a nice sized quilt using the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I think that shows off the fabric beautifully. Love your website and your quilts – so colorful!

  137. 568


    Those are beautiful fabrics. Not sure what I’d do with them. They are a little out of my normal fabric choices….

  138. 573

    Lily says

    Love the prints! I know some 5-year-old twin girls who would love to play with them while I’m working on the quilt. πŸ™‚

  139. 575

    Kathy Mackie says

    So many things to make and not enough time to do it all but it for sure will be quilty.

  140. 578


    well .. as I still have a promised quilt open .. that’s what I will do. I should never have told my kid sister what a giveaway is – she is insisting I do her quilt from a giveaway and not buy it. (Maybe I will have to do a giveaway and draw myself .. in a year or so, can’t let her wait forever). Thanks for the chance!

  141. 582

    Kate/Massachusetts says

    I am a CVQW blog follower and she sent me here to see you!! Your blog is lovely…and that fabric! Oh my! It is gorgeous. If I won it, I would piece a lapquilt. With the scraps from that, I would try to do a totebag or two! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  142. 584

    Kathie L says

    I love the addition of that bright pink to the group. I’d love to win it. Kathie L in Allentown

  143. 586


    Beautiful fabrics – I would love to win these.
    I would make a quilt for my niece, who will graduate this summer – she would love these prints!

  144. 594

    Carol says

    I’d cut them into 5-1/2 squares and add some solid kona cotton for a bright and cherry quilt. I follow the blog, subscribe to her newsletter and liked her on facebook. I also order fabric from her online store….so many beautiful fabrics, so little time to quilt.

  145. 596


    I like canton quilt works on facebook. I already follow her blog. Would love to update my quilt stash with some livelier fabrics.

  146. 598

    Kate says

    Id make a table topper. I need a new one and the colors go well with my paint color. Very pretty, thanks for the chance!

  147. 602

    sharon says

    Such beautiful brightly colored prints
    I would add some solids and make a quilt
    maybe lemon squares?

  148. 608

    Gwen Taylor says

    Love the bright colors, especially the daisy one in the middle. I want to do a star block throw for my couch!! Thanks for the chance…. I signed up for the newsletter as well

  149. 610


    Gorgeous prints – I love Art Gallery fabric! I’m not sure what I’d do with this bundle – but we need a new large quilt and one or two throws, so I’d find something!

  150. 612

    Marianne Ogg says

    Oh what a great quilt those would make! Pair them with some solids to match and make the prints really pop!

  151. 615

    Kylie C says

    I’d pair these up with some solids and make a quilt for my sister- something basic like Ohio Star or Friendship star. These colors made me think of her instantly.

  152. 623


    These fabrics are so beautiful. I would neeeeed to make a quilt – set with white and some kind of modern block. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win. Cheers, Karen

  153. 624

    Marie says

    wonderful choice d color. They would make a great charity quilt
    and brighten someones day
    Marie F

  154. 625

    JustPam says

    They are beautiful fabrics-I would use them for a quilt, bags or dresses for my granddaughters.

  155. 626


    Gorgeous!! I am not familiar with the fabric, but if silky, I am looking at using in art quilts w/ beading for wall hangings.

  156. 633


    Thank you Faith for a great give away! I would love to win those lovely fabrics! I have in my mind making some new pillows and those colours and prints would be so beautiful!

  157. 634

    Billie Gunther says

    I think the fabrics would be a great way for me to try out doing varations of the log cabin pattern.

  158. 635

    Joyce Mitchell says

    I’m already a subscriber to Canton Village newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway.

  159. 636

    Joyce Mitchell says

    I’m already a follower of the Canton Village Quilt Works blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. 638

    Joyce Mitchell says

    The fabrics are gorgeous. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d make a throw for my great niece. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. 639

    Suzanne says

    Beautiful fabrics..I think it would make the basis for a beautiful and slightly wild quilt for an upcoming wedding

  162. 640

    Eniko Voss says

    The Prayers & Squares quilt ministry at my church has inspired me to get back to quilting after 20 years. They make prayer quilts for those suffering illness or loss and ask parishioners to tie a knot, say a prayer for the person & sign card. My father was a recipient of one when dying of cancer. Thank you for your beautiful patterns and tutorials. I have signed up for Canton Village QW newsletter.

  163. 645

    May says

    I love making lap sized quilts! — or this fabric would look great in a bag or pillow, too!

  164. 646

    Kathleen says

    I’ve been wanting to change the small quilt hanging in my foyer. These fabrics would work nicely.

  165. 652


    I’ve never seen this fabric line before. Love it! Thanks for offering this. Now thinking i need to go shopping.

  166. 653

    Angie says

    I would probably make a quilt. Not sure what kind of a pattern…possibly a Swoon quilt…

  167. 658


    I have some yellow, grey, and aqua charms from a swap I did. I would love to add some of this prints to them to make a quilt top. Thanks for the chance to win!

  168. 666

    SuzyMcQ says

    Hmm. I think I would make some pretty potholders with some hand embroidery to highlight the patterns! So pretty!

  169. 670

    Eduard Kuppens says

    Hi there my Name is Eduard an am a male an i have just started in quilting an i am 65 years old , i have trouble buying fabric because of my penstion , i would love to be able to get your free samples thank you yours Eduard

  170. 676

    manuela gonçalves says

    Estou agora a tomar conhecimento deste bolg mas estou a adorar. Com estes tecidos faria uma sΓ©rie de bolsas lindas.
    Obrigada pela oportunidade

  171. 680


    I would love to use that fabric to make a duffel bag for weekend trips. I would take it to the next weekend quilt retreat that I attend with fellow members of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild!

  172. 683

    Salley says

    I “like” Canton Village on Face book. Its great to read the inspirational updates almost daily!

  173. 687


    I recently bought a pattern “Chain Reaction” by Amelie Scott Designs that this fabric would be perfect for. Thanks for such a very generous giveaway.

  174. 689

    Salley says

    I have some precious Art Gallery Solids waiting for a Quilt. This new line of prints will be perfect for The Lovers Knot that I am imagining. I just love the feel of the AG fabrics and dont want to “marry” them with any other manufacturer.

  175. 693

    Robyn says

    Lovely bright fabrics, I’d make a big girl quilt for 18month old gdaughter. Too pretty to cut, would use fabric in big patches with a little sashing in between.

  176. 699


    A big colourbrick quilt would go nicely for this one. Or else something simple – white and grey solid squares with these coloured squares between?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. 708

    Jan H says

    Beautiful fabrics! Our church is doing a Prayer Ministry, by making Prayer Quilts for those who are sick, as well as those who just married, baby, etc. Also, we send prayer squares to the Military. This is exactly what I’d use the fabric for!

  178. 714

    Wendy says

    Ooooohhhh! I’d make some tote bags for my gal pals and a small quilt to add punch to my living room. So pretty!

  179. 715

    Tanya says

    Love the fabric. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog/site. Cute stuff. I am planning on becoming a regular subscriber.

  180. 717

    Mary says

    These fabrics look too lovely to cut. Yet would inspire
    one to make a modern block quilt to use the fabrics
    to there best advantage.
    Appreciate the chance to win them.

  181. 719

    Elizabeth McDonald says

    Gorgeous fabrics! Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I would most likely use these fat quarters in a quilt!

  182. 721


    I have no idea what I’d make… but I’d sure have a lot of fun planning! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win.

  183. 737


    They are also beautiful that I’m not sure I could do anything with them right away, except set them on a shelf in my sewing room so I could just look at them every day and enjoy them. But eventually they would probably find their way into a quilt for my grand-daughter. They’re gorgeous, and I appreciate the opportunity to win them! Thank you!

  184. 741


    There are so many fun bright colors! I actually think it would be really fun for toddler blankets! paired with a bright blue for a boy, or bright pink for a cute little active girl!

  185. 742

    Andrea C says

    beautiful! not sure i would make with them… i’ve been dying to make a new quilt recently though!

  186. 748

    Carla G says

    I would love to put this into a nice bright Spring quilt! But I would have to think about the pattern I’d choose… Thanks for a chance to win this awesome bundle of fabric! πŸ™‚

  187. 753

    Jen R says

    These FQs would be great for a sampler quilt or a wonky block quilt pattern I’ve got my eye on.

  188. 754

    Karen M says

    I would love to use this fabric for some improv piecing! Thankyou for the chance to win.

  189. 756

    natski says

    Such beautiful bright colours, I’m just new to quilting and still really trying to build up my stash and such amazing colours like these would go a long way πŸ™‚

  190. 761

    Michelle says

    I am going to be working on the retro flowers pattern soon. Not sure if these will work, but I would be trying it out. Thanks.

  191. 763


    Since I’m a modern quilter, it would be wonderful to win these Art Gallery fabrics. Love Pat’s stuff! We have a challenge coming up in our Modern Quilt Guild chapter, so these would be perfect to give it a go. Thanks for the chance to win.

  192. 767


    I am already a Canton Village Quiltworks follower. (Sorry, but I do not want to join Facebook.) Thanks for this third chance to win.

  193. 773

    Meg says

    I’d cut 5″ squares add some solids and mix it up and sew it into a quilt top. Who wouldn’t love to add some Art Gallery’s Modernology fabrics to their stash. Thank you Fresh Lemons & Canton Village Quilt Works

  194. 775

    lisam says

    oh, I think maybe a cute dress with ruffles and pockets for my 2year old. . thanks to you and Jackie for the giveaway!

  195. 782


    Hi, thanks for a great giveaway! I am thinking something like your modern whimsy, something big and bold to showcase the prints, which i love!

  196. 783

    Laurie Olson says

    Gorgeous fabric. I’ve bought from Jackie’s great selection and will buy more right now!

  197. 784

    Lynda H says

    wow – number 756 – who would have thought – I am currently making really cute baby blankets – using 5 fat quarters and a piece of yardage, works out to 33×33 sq and backing with flannel or minky – depending on how the budget works out. Would love to win some of these, I think they would work up really nice

  198. 785


    Love the fabrics! I would it actually for a pattern that I’m using from your blog. Kaleidoscope Kites! I don’t have a huge stash of colors and am trying to gain more to be able to do that quilt with lots of variety πŸ™‚

  199. 786

    elizabeth says

    Beautiful! I’d use at least some of it for the Craftsy BOM since several of them are in keeping with the color scheme I’m using. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance!

  200. 788


    Well I don’t think I’ve much of a chance after all these comments but I’d like to make a new bag and maybe one for a friend. Thanks for the chance.

  201. 793

    Yvonne says

    I would do a lovely pattern where you start with a patterned fabric 3 1/2″ square, surround by a 1 1/2″ strip of white, then two 1 1/2″ strips of two different patterned fabrics. Each block is sashed in white with the first border white and the next border strips of the left over patterned fabric. It is very nicew in real life! It would absolutely fabulous with these modern fabrics. πŸ™‚

  202. 801

    kristin says

    I could see these in modern quilts with lots of the corresponding solids. Maybe a modern log cabin with offset squares.

  203. 819

    Rebecca says

    I absolutely love this fabric! Thankyou for the chance to win them! I would love to make a swoon quilt with these fabrics, or perhaps a bento box quilt.

  204. 827

    Lindsay says

    I love this fabric, it has such vibrant colors! I’d definitely have to put it into a quilt if I won.

  205. 829

    Sandra says

    Know what i’d do first with that fabric? i’d brag about it to my quilt guild! They’d be SO envious!!
    Then I’d pin it up on the wall for a little while, whilst I decided it’s fate!!

  206. 833

    Kimie says

    I have no idea what I would do, but since there are always about 20 million ideas swimming around in my head I’m sure I could come up with something!

  207. 837

    Zoe says

    Wowie, that is some seriously gorgeous fabric! it would probably be made into patchwork cushions for my bestie’s new place πŸ™‚

  208. 842

    Fiona N says

    I have stared endlessly at these beautiful fabrics online but haven’t found them anywhere in Australia… I have a vision of some seriously lovely patchworked new cushions on my couch. The old ones are very tired.

    I’ve also subscribed to the Canton Village Quilts newsletter

    Thanks for the giveaway – I love your blog

  209. 843


    I love Jackies blog and have been a follower on her blog for a long time now.
    What wonderful lush fabrics these are- I love the fun scroll designs on some of them.
    It would make a very funky quilt don’t you think.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  210. 855

    Michelle says

    Oohh, beautiful and I just asked the girls in my family to pick out quilt patterns that they liked. So I could use fabric to make one of the quilts picked out.

  211. 858

    Megan says

    These fabrics are gorgeous. If I won them I think I would give in to the temptation to Swooooooon!

  212. 859

    Deb says

    I have no idea what I would do with it. Add it to my stash as it is so gorgeous and probably take it out and admire it!

  213. 862

    Jytte R says

    I am making blocks this year and I would use the very modern fabrics for a sampler quilt.

  214. 868


    would fit well with many beautiful designs…i think i would have to get back to you. i have too many on my list..thank you for the giveaway

  215. 870

    Lizzie says

    This fabric Does look silky! WIth those peppey brights, a spring lap quilt wouldn’t be off the mark, but then, they are so pretty I might rather do a mini quilt for the wall!

  216. 871

    Lizzie says

    I have become a follower of Canton Village Quiltworks. Love the BOM she has listed on the side, and those scrumptious Kaffe Fasset fabrics.

  217. 886

    paula says

    Oh I’m seeing some little baby’s clothing fr my new little niece. Some baby skirts, top and shorts perhaps. What a cutie!
    tks r the chance! xx

  218. 895

    Erin says

    I’m new to the world of sewing (though not to the world of crafting). I got a sewing machine for Christmas and am in the process of building my fabric stash. This fabric would make beautiful clothes for my baby girl.

  219. 899

    Paula Blair says

    I’m a brand new quilter and am trying to learn as Mich as I can from my mother-in-law and the blogosphere. I think I would use the fabric on my first quilt which will probably be a log cabin. I would love to get to the point where I could make those beautiful star quilts. Thanks!

  220. 902

    Vivian says

    I stumbled in here by accident but believe me it won’t be an accident when I come again.

    I am learning and way to timid to try a star but love the fabrics. I will be hoping to find some at our local Sewing/ Quilting Expo next month.

  221. 905


    Hi Faith –
    I love Art Gallery fabrics. LOVE! I would make a quilt for my babysitter out of these fabrics – she would go nuts for them.

  222. 909

    Gwen Windham says

    I I won, I think this fabric would make a really cute little Summer outfit for my Granddaughter… lots of ruffles using different prints.. bloomers to match! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  223. 912

    Gwen Windham says

    I follow the Canton Village Blog as well! Thank you for all the extra entry chances! πŸ™‚

  224. 913


    I was introduced to modern quilting a year ago, so I’m still working on collecting modern fabrics. I have a number of projects in the planning stages, and I’d love to work with this fabric line!

  225. 921


    Oh these are delicious. Right now I have a rule that any fabric won or brought into the house will have at least a 5″ strip cut off that will be turned into 4 patch blocks for my cancer charity quilting project 4Patches4Hope – and then the rest is for me to play with… This would make a great new tote and accessory ensemble (and then some!) – very cheerful!

  226. 930

    Sabs says

    Do you know what? I’ve had a rubbish start to the week so I would like to just sit and stare at all the lovely fabric. Nothing else for a while…

  227. 932

    Kelly Kroon says

    Love the fabrics! I have several books on modern quilts and need some fabulous fabrics to get started

  228. 934


    That fabric looks fabulous. I love Art Gallery fabrics in general, although I am not sure what I would make with the fabric. I just found out that my bestie is pregnant with twins, so maybe a baby quilt.

  229. 939

    Sandy parsons says

    Wow so many options. These would make beautiful totes, or machine cover, mat and accessories, quilt block holder- the list is endless. πŸ™‚

  230. 944


    These fabrics are really modern aren’t they. I’m a traditional hand piecer, but it would be fun stitch something wild with these fabrics. Might get me out of the box, so to say. I’d love the opportunity to try my luck and winning these fabrics. Thanks a million

  231. 953


    Those fabrics would be great for all sorts of quilt bits, aprons, kids clothes, and so much goodness. I doubt I have a chance, since there are about a kagillion entries, but it’s fun to enter and thanks!

  232. 955


    I would love to have these beautiful fabric to add to my collection. I need more fabrics to add to my stash. I have loads of quilt ideas yet to make and these would be the perfect addition.

  233. 965

    MarciaW says

    I would use the fabric to make a quilt as there are several Art Gallery quilts that have seen in magazines which would work well with this fabric selection. Thanks for the chance.

  234. 966

    MarciaW says

    I already liked CVQW on FB and left a comment as Marcia and Margaret (the butterfly avatar) and alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dottie)com
    AND to correct my prior verbiage on comment I already follow Jackie’s CVQW blog.
    Her work is wonderful as is yours.

  235. 967


    Why I would make quilts of course!! Actually that is too true since I’m going to be making 10 lapquilts this year for grandnieces and nephews. thanks for the great giveaway!

  236. 968

    Paula says

    Wow!! 900+ comments!! I Love Art Gallery fabrics…. and would really like to have that stack….

  237. 969

    Ruth K says

    My gosh! I think a crazy baby quilt, my niece had two ultrasounds one they said its a boy the other one said its a girl. This would be a beautiful break to a modern baby quilt (boy or girl). Thanks for the chance.

  238. 975