A Spring Mix

Spring Mix Fabric Pull : Fresh Lemons Quilts

When it comes to the weather outside, this time of year always feels like two steps forward, one step back. Last week we had a great day with temperatures in the 50’s, only to be followed by a day of wet, heavy snow.

Cardinal : Fresh Lemons Quilts

When that latest layer of snow melted and I just felt defeated by Winter, I looked out by our woods and saw these.

Cardinal : Fresh Lemons Quilts

The daffodil bulbs I planted last Fall, starting to pop up. I am telling you, this mess of mud and leaves and tiny bits of green has been so good for my soul.

I’ve been trying to make sure the kids get some outside time on those warmer days. Between that and a sewing deadline that I can’t share right now, I don’t have a finished project to show you this week. But I have accumulated some new fabrics recently and they inspired me to take a little break and build a project pile from my stash.

Spring Mix Fabric Pull : Fresh Lemons Quilts

My inspiration for this stack was a print from Leah Duncan’s newest fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics, Meadow. I love the soft colors.

Spring Mix Fabric Pull : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I pulled some coordinating prints from my stash, including some new fabrics from Lotta Jansdotter’s Mormor, Skinny Laminx’s Up, Up & Away, Eloise Renouf’s Bark & Branch, and Violet Craft’s Waterfront Park.

I made a block from my Off-Centered Squares quilt pattern. I’m thinking of using one color family per block…we shall see!

Off-Centered Squares Quilt Pattern : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Back to work on deadlines! And fingers crossed for a warmer week!



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    darlene macdonald

    March 17, 2014

    How funny, I looked just Sunday to see if any of my bulbs were showing yet, not. But we have robins, red-winged blackbirds and lots of regular winter birds to enjoy. Thanks for sharing pics of green! 🙂

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    March 17, 2014

    We have had the same crazy weather. My grand daughter brought me a green blade of grass on Thursday while we were playing outside. She thought it was salad growing.

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    Lorna McMahon

    March 17, 2014

    I feel the same way about the weather. We have had enough winter! Love that sweet stack of fabric. Judging by the first block…. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

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    Sharon Lichter

    March 17, 2014

    I love the idea of your off center square block, and the fabrics are OH! so pretty.

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    March 17, 2014

    Love the spring prints – surely an inspiration for what will be a beautiful quilt. Spring is official in 3 days? Thanks for sharing!

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    Sharon McConnell

    March 17, 2014

    loving this color combo right now, too! the peach and aqua together are so fresh and pretty.

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    March 17, 2014

    It is wonderful to start hearing the birds chirping. Having said that, we have enough fresh snow to plan a day of skiing tomorrow…making the best of this never ending winter! Thanks for bringing some spring inspiration to us with that beautiful fabric!

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    March 17, 2014

    Those colors are so fresh and dreamy. Spring where are you?

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    March 17, 2014

    Sunday my 5 year old said, the birds were singing so loudly…our daffodils are waving brightly in the sunshine! Spring is close…it looks pretty outside and it is in the 50’s, but the breeze is still very cold. I grew up in MO and we loved watching the cardinals. Love the stash – the colors are so soft and pretty. Good luck with your deadline sewing and I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful quilt.

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    Barb N

    March 17, 2014

    Your fabrics look like a breath of Spring! And those daffodils are a sure sign of better things on the way. Good luck with your deadlines.

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    March 17, 2014

    Love the mix you pulled. And I hear ya on the icky brown mushy stuff outside. Least favorite part of the year, but at least those little green bits are saving ya!

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    March 17, 2014

    Such beautiful photos on the beginnings of Spring….. And your fabric combo speaks of it too…. That will be a beautiful quilt….

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    Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge

    March 17, 2014

    Love the colours you pulled for your next quilt. Thank goodness that we can create an air of spring with fabric when the weather outside just won’t cooperate. Spring is allegedly right around the corner, but we’ve still got forlorn patches of snow over much of the yard. I could do with some green… and not just for St. Patrick’s Day!

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    Marija Vujcic

    March 17, 2014

    oh I just LOVE your fabric pile – it is so happy, it sings! Thanks for a wonderful inspiration!

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    March 17, 2014

    Deadlines: Where would we be without them? Best wishes as you forge forward to meet them!

    I love the Mormor collection!

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    Carmen Christian

    March 17, 2014

    Love your colors. What line is the text fabric?

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      March 17, 2014

      Thanks Carmen! That is from Aneely Hoey’s Posy line for Moda.

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    Julie Beard

    March 17, 2014

    Hello to you Faith and I’m extremely glad for you that spring is almost apon you! It is always so nice to see that your garden will be blooming beautiful and are going to burst into colour very soon to hearld spring well and truly.

    For me it is the opposite autumn is coming and leaves are already turning and shedding their old growth for another season too. Also my easter lillies are just starting to show me their colour through the soil, a bright orange flower.

    Your fabric certainly does say spring time it is very pretty. Your first block is also very delightful. Well I hope you get to start enjoying more outside than in and I’m sure your projects that you have been working on as always will be very successful. In the meantime happy quilting and can’t wait to see those projects that you can’t show us. Julie.

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    March 17, 2014

    Can’t wait to see this. I love the Meadow collection. Enjoy the coming of Spring!!!!!
    I love seeing Mrs. and Mr. Cardinal in our yard also!

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    March 17, 2014

    Have playing with those yummiest combo!

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    March 17, 2014

    Beautiful fabrics pulled wish someone was selling that bundle, I love it when my bulbs start to come up, hope your spring arrives soon.

  21. Reply

    Sue Moore

    March 17, 2014

    I love the colours in the off-centred square block. We are coming into Autumn & where I live it doesn’t snow or get really cold. The last few days the weather has reminded us it’s still sort of summer so too hot for sewing! I can always plan though! 🙂

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    March 18, 2014

    Totally want to pet that stack of fabulousness. Bring on spring!

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    March 18, 2014

    So pretty!

  24. Reply

    pam wren

    March 18, 2014

    Yes :Where is spring? I can not wait any longer for warmer weather.The spring colors is just right for any you make of it. The off center pattern just gave me the in sight how not waste fabric. I plan on getting back to my sewing times to myself . I have so much fabrics of clothes no one can”t wear anymore, I like to make one big quilt out of it. I just come up finding your blog. I sure do enjoy seeing how to do it . I can see now what projects I can do. Thank you so much for your website. Happy Sewing!

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    March 19, 2014

    Love your spring mix of fabrics. I have a small cluster of daffodils that are up about 3-4 inches by now.