A Quilt for a Teacher

My daughter finished Kindergarten last week. I know everyone says it, but time goes by so fast! I feel like she was just a baby, and here she is, done with her first year of school. I guess there is no stopping the growing up.

She had such an amazing year at school. We were blessed with just the best teacher. She made school fun and constantly challenged the kids. I am blown away as I sit next to my daughter reading chapter books, when she really couldn’t read much at all only 9 months ago! I really wanted to make something special as a “thank you” for being a hugely important part of my daughter’s life over the last school year.

I completely copied Kelly’s quilt idea this time. The only difference is that instead of cutting 4.5″ squares for the corners of the blocks, I used 5″ charm packs. So this quilt top was made from 1 layer cake and 2 solid charm packs. The fabric is Kate Spain’s Honey Honey. My daughter said her teacher likes orange. That’s all the direction I was able to dig out of her. haha

The backing is a gorgeous floral print from the same line. The binding is an aqua print from Bonnie and Camille’s Vintage Modern line. I quilted a meandering free motion design. I ended up washing it after taking the pictures and it came out nice and crinkly.

It was a fun quilt to make. I’m so thankful to all the hardworking teachers out there. Onward and upward to 1st grade!


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    It’s lovely! I also like to say a special “thank you” to my children teachers.
    Even when they are bigger! You a beutiful girls!

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    I know exactly how you feel. I did the same thing for my son’s teachers last year x 3 and this year I’m finishing up 4 teacher quilts. They will always know just how special they are.

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    Marianne says

    To give your child’s teacher this beautiful quilt is a reminder that her hard work is appreciated.

    This is truly kind of you, and she will know for years to come that she is appreciated.

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    Pamela says

    My how your Daughter has grown. She is a cutie !!! The quilt is pretty too. I bet her teacher will love it.

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    Mabel says

    This quilt is a “Happy Quilt” lots of colors. Your daughter’s teacher is going to love it!

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    You are your daughter’s best first teacher, too. From you, with this gift to her teacher, you taught her so many things. She learned to value the gift of education and the people who provide it. She learned to express appreciation through giving things from the heart that take time and energy and creativity to make. Our time and artistry are our greatest gifts. Thanks for being a teacher to your child!

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    I love this post!!! #1- sounds like your daughter had an amazing teacher! #2- so nice of you to make a lovely gift to show your appreciation! #3- holy cow, your little girl grew a lot this year! #4- oh, won’t you please always do a first and last day of school picture with her wearing the same shirt?! Such a neat idea!!! 🙂

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    What a lovely post. Wonderful photos of a growing girl, wrapped in love. Your appreciative handmade gift says so much to both her teacher and to your daughter. Inspiring.

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    Joyce says

    Wow! I was blessed to be a K teacher for nearly 30 years… I KNOW she will treasure your gift and bless you for being so appreciative.

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    Lauren says

    The quilt is lovely……but look at your daughter. Such cute photos, one the first and last day of kindergarten. See how she has changed and grown. Now..that is the real cute part of the blog.
    Very nice indeed.

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    Faith, your daughter is precious!!!!!!!!! It is incredible how she has changed in one year. It always blow my mind when I see have quickly it happens.
    Also, love the pic of her with the quilt.
    And, the quilt is really lovely, the colors are wonderful, love orange! She will be so excited to receive such a beautiful gift!

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    What a wonderful quilt! I love all your tutorial posts and they have inspired me to try different patterns. This is important since I’m new to quilting. Thank you. Katie

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    Vivian says

    It is amazing to see the pictures of your daughter and how she has grown! Lucky teacher to have a quilt made by you and that you showed your appreciation!

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    Sarah says

    Naw thank you, I’m a teacher! Big ones though, not little ones. My kids have adored their junior primary teachers too so it’s always nice to give them a great gift. I’ve never had the time to make them a quilt though, unfortunately. And yes, they do grow way too quick. I can’t believe my eldest will be 10 in August. She’s still a chubby cheeked baby cherub to me!

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    Katie M says

    For the teacher quilt, we were wondering exactly what you did to the printed fabric, 10 inch square. Is it a certain triangle you are cutting off every corner? We were totally with the tutorial until it felt like it missed a step (from what to do with white squares to getting the triangle + square + triangle combination with the printed fabric). Can you elaborate?
    Thanks and beautiful quilt!

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      Hi Katie, I didn’t write a tutorial for it since it was Kelly’s quilt I copied, but basically you sew one of your white charms to 2 of the 10″ square corners (opposite sides), along the middle diagonal of the white charm. Trim off 1/4″ away from your seam line and press your seams.

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    What a wonderful, special gift! I made a Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt for my son’s first grade teacher a few years ago, when she was expecting her first child. Now I’m planning to do a wallhanging quilt with my boys over the summer for their elementary school library. They are going to pick an embroidery design “picture” for each Dewey Decimal category, to make it easier for early readers to find nonfiction books on their favorite subjects. I’m looking forward to sewing with the boys! 🙂

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    Sharon Payne says

    Love the start and finish pictures of your daughter in her first year of school. Wish someone had showed me that before what a lovely idea. When she grow up she will be able to show her daughter or son as they begin the start of their learning too. What a keepsake to have. Love the quilt. Thanks so sharing so much with us all and keeping us all motivated. God bless.

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    Nancy says

    What a great idea – first and last pics! I am a retired teacher – 29 years in K, 1, & 2. Wish I had this idea a long time ago. Your daughter looks like a timid almost girl in the first pic and a confident girl in the end of year one. What a lucky girl to have a really good teacher to start her school career! Please give the teacher a copy of the picture of your daughter with the quilt. She will treasure it as well. N

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    Wow!!! What an amazing teacher gift! I’m sure she will treasure it! Love the side by sides of your daughter! Also love that she’s wearing the same shirt! Did she have a choice in that matter or was that a mom ruling?

  20. 33

    Linda says

    Hi, I love the quilt you made, and what an awesome way to say Thank you! I am sure she will love it! Your daughter is adorable, she sure grew a lot that 1st year! Thank you for sharing!

  21. 34


    Look at her grow! That is incredible! And that quilt is beautiful. I’ve been seeing some amazing teacher quilts…makes me want to go be a teacher! I love they way you’ve used Kate Spain’s fabric, it’s a beautiful line!

  22. 35

    Kara says

    You are so sweet! I’ve been working on my daughter’s quilt literally since.. Christmas! Still not done. That’s my daughter – not even someone outside my family. Go you!!

  23. 36

    sandy says

    Amazing to see her growth in just a school yrs time.

    Love the pattern. Thanks. I can see teacher gifts with this quilt in my future.

  24. 37

    Carol B. says

    Great quilt! What is the total finished size of it? I am new to quilting so I still need help determining how much fabric I need for the backing, binding and the size of the batting as well. I am going to make it the the charm squares also.

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