A Peek into My Sewing Space

Sunday Sewing Spaces

Charlotte over at Lawson and Lotti asked me if she could peek into my sewing space for her Sunday Sewing Spaces series. I had to say yes, I love when other crafty people post pictures of their spaces! Head on over to her blog for lots of photos and a little interview with me about where I work relax!

Lawson and Lotti


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    Kara says

    That’s a great piece! Your space looks great! It’s amazing how much it’s bloomed since the days it was in your basement.

  2. 6


    Your space is beautiful and so roomy!
    If I could just get it together and run into a few more dollars, I’d like to make my attic into a sewing room, it would be perfect!

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    I love your space, thank you so much for sharing! You room looks so open 🙂 Congrats on being featured. I tried to leave a comment there too, but no luck..Gotta love Blogger glitches. Also want to say Thanks for the great pattern tutorials! I look forward to trying Lemon Squares.. I think I am now your newest subsriber 🙂

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    Jess says

    I love that you’ve set up a space for your kids, so you can sew while they play! I am envious – although I have a dedicated sewing space which is awesome, there isn’t room for toys…

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