A New Adventure with Bernina

BERNINA Sewing Machines : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Hello everyone! Today I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing with you a new adventure I’ll be embarking on over the next year. I have partnered with Bernina USA and the We All Sew team to review the Bernina 750QE sewing machine, which they are providing for me, as well as contribute some fun projects on the We All Sew blog. If this is your first time here on my blog and you came over from Bernina, welcome!

Bernina's We All Sew Blog

Looking back over my life since I was old enough to have a job, there are two, what I think of as “life changing”, things that I have saved for and purchased. The first was in high school. I saved my money and at a point in time where everyone was buying clothes or a used car, I bought my first computer. I actually remember the day it arrived – and the monitor was late so I just had the CPU sitting there! (My dad loaned me his computer monitor so I could set it up and play). You see, I took my first computer programming class in High School and I loved it so much. This was the early 1990’s, I think before most teenagers knew anything about coding programs. I think I was either the only girl in the class, or one of two. I went on to major in Systems Analysis and work as a web developer until staying home with my kids.

Bernina 440QE : Fresh Lemons Quilts

The second “life changing” purchase that I made came in 2009 when I bought my first Bernina. My mom sewed on a Bernina and encouraged me to look at them and bring one home. I bought the 440 QE and when I set up and started sewing, everything seemed to change. The quality of the machine, stitches, the walking foot, the Bernina Stitch Regulator (once I got the hang of it)…I was in love. Each day I sat at my machine and knew I would get the best quality from my time there. The joy I have had at that machine has encouraged me to sew, sew and sew some more.

Bernina 750QE : Fresh Lemons Quilts
Included feet with 750QE

I am beyond excited about this new partnership with Bernina. I picked up the new machine on Monday and I will be sewing on it for the next year and letting you all know how it goes along the way. I have high expectations!

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Above you can see the size difference between the 440 and 750. Honestly, when I was using it in the store I didn’t think it seemed much bigger. I’m going to go ahead and call that the “Costco effect”. Do you guys shop there? As soon as you walk in there are a ton of tvs. Big tvs. But they don’t look so big in the store. You think “wow, 55″ looks small. Maybe I need a 65″. Or a 70.” Then you get it home and realize “WOW, that is actually a very large television!” Right?? Anyway! It’s a lot bigger.

Here is a comparison of the throat space, with the 440 behind the 750.

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I can’t wait to get a quilt in there, this weekend hopefully!

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I do have some initial just-out-of-the-box impressions. To be honest, I’ve already sewn an entire quilt top on it. And a whole bunch of decorative stitches. Just a wee bit excited…

As soon as I got it home, based on the recommendation of the gentleman who trained me (Seth at Gentler Times in Naperville, IL), I oiled it and changed out the needle. For piecing I’m using a 80/11 Microtex Sharp needle.

I also purchased an additional stitch plate for piecing – the Straight Stitch Plate. You can see the difference below, the straight stitch plate is on the machine and the stitch plate it comes with is to the right. Many people feel they achieve more accurate piecing with the straight stitch plate so I’m trying it out. So far, so good!

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

There are a couple things I noticed right away. It is very quiet. Much quieter than the 440 (which I thought was super quiet when I bought it!) The 750 has the knee lift I’m accustomed to but I feels much more solid that the 440’s knee lift, which despite the massive table where I sew, still shakes loose when I’m going super fast.

It has some “new to me” features like a thread cutter and dual feed system. That’s the white guy you see on the back below.

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

This helps evenly guide the fabric while I piece. It swings up out of the way when I’m not using it (which I’m guessing will be rare!)

There’s also a giant bobbin. Huge. Here it is compared to the bobbin in my 440.

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

It also has this cool feature where you can’t put the bobbin in the bobbin case backwards. As you can see, it just sets on top if you are doing it wrong. Flip it over and it slides right in.

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

The fancy touch screen controls are really nice. There’s a ton of information there and I have a feeling that even in 12 months I won’t have seen everything. I do love that when you change a setting, like for example increase the stitch length, it visually changes on the screen.

Bernina 440 and 750 : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I hope you are as excited as me to go on this journey! I’ll still be posting regularly here, don’t worry. I will just be throwing even more sewing machine information into the mix! And keep an eye out on the We All Sew blog. My first project, a Summer Quilt Along, will be starting over there very soon.


  1. 1

    Eileen DiPietro says

    Congratulations on your new Bernina and your new adventure. I’ve long said nothing sews like a Bernina. I’m still using my 150 and love it!!

    • 2

      Patty Majors says

      Eileen, I’m still using my 150 too! Eventually I’ll upgrade but I’ll always keep this gal.. πŸ™‚

  2. 3

    DianeY says

    Looking forward to hearing all you have to say! I bought this machine last summer. I love it, but am still in the discovering new things mode! I will say, the first quilt I quilted was a generous king sized one and that extra harp space was a dream, as well as the oversized bobbin! Have fun!

  3. 7


    Hi Faith,
    I got my B 750 Quilter’s Edition in November. I love it. I’m still not 100% used to, not using a foot pedal, except when machine quilting. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures and seeing your creations on it.

    • 8


      Hi Anne! That auto stitching is cool, that’s how we did my training (didn’t even unpack the pedal!) But at home, I’ve been using my foot pedal for my piecing.

      • 9

        Jeannie says

        Congrats on your 750. I bought mine a year ago….LOVE it. But it took me a while to get used to from basic manual Bernina to this electronic big mama. I can’t remember my dealer show me the auto stitching. How do you it?

        • 10


          Hi Jeannie – I haven’t done it at home yet, but my trainer pushed the Β«Start/stopΒ»-button that lights up red/green. (Β«Start/stopΒ»-button is the name of it in the manual). He pointed out that it’s a great feature for people who can’t easily use their feet too.

      • 11


        Good idea about keeping the pedal in the box.. Question – you said you are partnering with Bernina. Does that mean you will be teaching for them? If so, will it only be in Illinois? It would be great it you or them could come east to White Plains, NY. There are a lot of Bernina users here. And a lack of retreats:(
        Just a thought.

        • 12


          Hi Anne! I will be partnering by contributing to the We All Sew blog. Do you have a local quilt shop that does classes? I know some guilds recently put on the Mid Atlantic Mod retreat in Lancaster, Pennsylvania…just mapped it and that’s 3 hours from you.


          Keep an eye out and maybe it will happen again!

          Another retreat you could consider watching out for is Heather Ross’s sewing weekends in Vermont. If I lived within driving distance, I would be there in a heartbeat. She also does classes/weekend occasionally in NYC.


          • 13


            My local shop is a Bernina, but they don’t give classes. It is a tiny shop. The owner gives privates after you buy the machine. Vermont and Lancaster, PA are easier to drive and navigate than Manhattan.
            I will look out for the first two. Thanks for the info.
            Can’t wait to hear more about adventures with the 750 QE.

  4. 14

    Susan says

    Wow, that is so cool. I would have to keep that baby under lock and key–as you well know! I am anxious to read how it goes!

  5. 16

    Shelor says

    Have a great time with your new machine–I know that you will love it. I have had a 780 since last March (2013) and don’t think I will ever find out all it can do!

  6. 17

    Laura G says

    Bernina’s are the best. Like you I bought a 440QE in 2011 and it makes a world of difference in sewing. You can do anything.

  7. 18

    Eileen says

    Congratulations on both your new 750QE and your new partnership with Bernina. I bought a 550QE 2 years ago and upgraded to the 750 earlier this year. I was a bit intimidated by its size at first but I love it! It can do so many things and….it’s a Bernina! Such a wonderful machine, and no, they didn’t pay me to say that. Looking forward to learning more about my machine from your posts because I know you will be exploring with your new model and doing things way before I discover them! Happy quilting, sewing, and embroidering!

  8. 19


    I am going to admit that I am a having a bit of envy. There I said it. I bought a new Juki because that was what I could afford. I love my Juki. It goes forward and backward on a straight stitch. I paid cash for it. However, if cost was no object, I would be sewing on what you have now. So sew on, girl, and have lots of fun!!!! I will keep on sewing on and have lots of fun with my Juki which also has a big sewing area. I also love the large sewing area–c’est la difference!

  9. 21

    ina says

    I have the 440 QE too and I love it except for one problem: I have tried using the walking foot only to find there isn’t enough clearance for a quilt sandwich. It is too tight of a space. Do you have that problem? I’m going to have to take it into the store and get some help. I must be doing something wrong. ;p

    • 22

      Lauren says

      I have a QE an older model called virtuoso 153. The walking foot works like a dream and I can quilt everything from high loft polyester batting to very flat cotton/cotton blend batting. I think you should take it back to where you purchased it and take along with you a few samples of quilt sandwiches so the dealer can try it out and make sure it is working correctly. It is by far the best machine I have owned and does the best job quilting. I have made sizes up to a Queen on it.

    • 23


      Yes, I agree with Lauren, I am in love with my walking foot! Sounds like something needs adjusting perhaps. Definitely bring it to your dealer and have them check it out. πŸ™‚

  10. 24

    Lauren says

    You will love your new machine. I have an older model of the QE and it is fantastic especially for quilting your own quilts when they are not too Whatever batting you use the stitches come out even and beautiful. Have fun!

  11. 25


    I want to be a Bernina ambassador and try a new machine.
    I want a new machine with lots of quilting space, a stitch regulator, and machine embroidery to make my quilt labels!
    I just can’t afford anything right now, but I will only buy Bernina.
    I adore my Bernina 1090, which my mother bought me for high school graduation 18 years ago. It’s just so small! It’s hard to even do a 45×45 baby quilt…only 5 inches of throat space does not help a FMQ motif to be smooth nor fit a quilt through. But I adore the power, te sturdiness, electronics, freehand system. It’s so reliable and I almost never have tension issues.
    I love it!
    Congrats, girl! Have fun!

  12. 26

    Cindy says

    I got my Bernie a year ago when they were fairly new. Changed brands and was completely unfamiliar with Bernina. Although dealer keeps saying just get on and practice its like learning a new language. And since they are fluent they don’t get that I still don’t know how to say hello and they jump into a conversation presuming I can follow. I don’t have the computer skills you do so have not even scratched the surface of its abilities. Took a beginners course but they were not yet very familiar with the 750 themselves so that caused a bit of a glitch as they were fumbling which threw me a bit and I still feel very intimidated. Hoping to learn a few things as you discover and share them.

    • 27


      Hopefully we can learn together than Cindy! I was very fortunate that I was trained by someone that also personally had the machine himself.

  13. 28


    I didn’t know you were a programmer! I was a CS undergrad in the early 90s, so I know what you mean about it not being well known about and being the only girl. Of course I just finished my PhD in CS 2 years ago, and there were still times where I was the only girl, so that hasn’t changed as much as some of us would have liked. πŸ™
    I hope you enjoy your new Bernina! I tried one out (or a similar one) at Sewing Summit, and they are wonderful machines. πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading more about it as you get more familiar with it!

    • 29


      Oh wow, I can’t believe still there are times you were the only one in the class! I spent most of my time in college in the Engineering building, and yes, not a lot of girls but never a line at the bathroom! ha πŸ™‚

  14. 30


    I’m very excited to follow you on this journey! And yes I know the “costco effect”, We have 3 people living at my house and we had to have the biggest Traeger smoker made!

    • 31


      lol That made me laugh!! I bet you guys eat good though! My husband always does a big smoke-meat meal on the 4th of July. πŸ™‚

  15. 32


    Dang it! I have a 440QE and absolutely love it. I haven’t been tempted by any other machine since I bought it five years ago until your review. Gah! Love the bigger throat space, bobbin and the sturdier knee lift (mine shakes loose too when I’m free motion quilting). Looking forward to reading about your adventures with the new machine.

  16. 33

    Susie says

    Thanks for a fab post. I look forward to hearing more about this wonderful machine. I have a 350pe the 440 was no longer available and the budget wouldn’t extend to a 550. So this will be first on my lottery list!

  17. 34

    Candie says

    This is going to be awesome and is in fact already so. I purchased my 155 in 2006 then last winter bought the 750 QE, but I have yet to use it as I wanted to get lessons first but have not had the chance to even do that so there sits in my sewing room this awesome, gigantic Cadillac next to my 155. I have the next couple of weeks off work though and plan on getting right into trying it out. Glad to here your immediate recommendation to oil it up and get the different needle plate. I will be following you closely over the next year to here what you have to say!

  18. 36

    Eileen says

    I bought mine in November, kind of my early Christmas present. LOVE IT! I have to admit that the first few weeks I had the machine I would go into my sewing room to look at it and touch it (okay, pet it) if I didn’t have time to sew that day. Sometimes I hate it when it’s smarter than I am though…..

  19. 37

    Linda says

    Thanks so much to you for the informative information on the 750, and to all the commenters for the positive comments. I am finally biting the bullet and getting a new machine, and this one was my top pick. The store has them on sale until Mothers Day, and I was just doing some major investigations into a machine with a large harp space so I can do my fmq with ease. I was also looking at a babylock machine, but this one does seem very sturdy and well made. Based on all the comments, I don’t see going wrong with a Bernina, and can’t wait to go shopping next week for this. I have only owned a small lower end mechanical machine so this would be quite a change for me.

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog entries. Have a fun weekend quilting

  20. 39

    Sarah says

    I just bought the same machine in February. I love it. However, I think it is ridiculous that the straight stitch plate was not included. You really cannot piece without it. The 1/4 inch foot barely covers the feed dogs. For a machine that expensive, they should’ve included the straight stitch plate. This is my first Bernina and now I realize that they do really nickel and dime (or rather, $50 and $100) after you buy the machine. You can’t even use the guide stitch-in-the-ditch foot (which is another $50) to make a quarter inch seam. You have to buy the quarter inch seam foot with the guide. Why wouldn’t they just make one foot to do both jobs? All that being said, I do love my new machine, especially the decorative stitches.

    • 40


      Hi, I have a Bernina 830 LE and love it. For several years I used the quarter-inch foot with the guide (57) but have switched to the 37 without the guide and use it nearly all the time, since you don’t need to be at the edge of the fabric. I have the 37D and the piecing is fabulous with the dual feed (just remember to bring the dual feed down for the D feet so they will work properly.)

  21. 41


    Wow! I never realized how much bigger the new 700 series are when compared to the Bernina Aurora. I have the 440 QE and love it! It’ll be interesting to see what you think of the differences between the two after you’ve sewn on it for a year. Have fun with it!

  22. 42

    Sarah Lahrman says

    Wow! Amazing machine and how cool you get to play for the next year. I pieced my first quilt using my sister-in-laws Bernina sewing machine. I loved it so much that I asked for one about 10 years ago for my birthday. I have been sewing on it ever since (1008 model) and still love it. πŸ™‚

  23. 43


    Yay! Congrats Faith! I have the Bernina 710 and love it! It’s literally changed my quilting life, LOL!!
    I’m sure you are going to enjoy quilting with it with all the extra space!

    • 44

      Monterey says

      I recently bought the B710, and so far I love it! I’m curious if you have straight stitch plate for piecing or if you can get by without it. I just started on the fabric and since it takes a back stitch it was fine. I’m new to machine quilting, so I’m not an expert.

      • 45


        Hi Monterey – How exciting!!! I’m still loving mine big time. I do have and use the straight stitch plate. Several people told me it was a “must have” when I got my machine, I went ahead and bought one before I started sewing. I would say that if you aren’t having any trouble without it, don’t worry about it. If you find that you are running into situations where trouble is brewing while you are piecing, go out and buy one.

  24. 47

    Anne says

    Congrats on your partnership with Bernina! I’ll be looking forward to learning any tips and techniques you discover that help in migrating from your aurora. I brought a 710 home last week and set it up in the table next to my 440. It’s a huge monster of a thing, and it fairly purrs along. I kinda just stare at it with my mouth hanging open a little in awe, then I put that quarter inch foot on my trusty aurora and chain piece like a demon… I think moving on isn’t going to be as painless as I thought it would be, LOL….

  25. 48


    I received one for Christmas and I love it!!! I’m looking forward to learning some new things that I may not know about my machine from you πŸ™‚

  26. 49

    Sandy Scott says

    I learned to sew on my mom’s Singer. Many frustrations… I took a class on the then top of the line Bernina 930 circa 1984, and it was love at first stitch. The zig-zag was sew nice. It is mechanical, has the knee lift and is a work horse. I still have it and have always said I would never trade it in. I however am really contemplating this machine (watched a demo last weekend) as I have longed for more decorative stitches and the stitch regulator and of course the larger harp space. I so love the Bernina quality. By having Faith doing a “My Guide” class on here I might stand a chance at learning some of the functions! So excited for you Faith. I best start saving my pennies!

  27. 50

    Robin Horner says

    I just brought my 750QE home too! I am a long time Bernina user and was thrilled to get this new machine. Bernina’s are the best and this one sews like a dream…quiet, smooth and perfect stitches. I’m looking forward to following you as you discover and show us new things about this great machine.

  28. 51

    Val says

    Congratulations on your new Bernina. I have the 440 QE and couldn’t be happier with it’s performance, the operator…well there are times I’m not so happy…LOL! I’m looking forward to reading your feedback on the new machine as I hope to step up to the next level in the near future.

  29. 52


    I think using a straight stitch plate for piecing is fantastic. Do you have a special quarter inch foot to use when you use this plate? I only ask because with my Janome, there is no quarter stitch foot, you have to offset the needle with the standard foot, which means you can’t use a straight stitch plate. This means I have to use a leader piece of fabric which frankly annoys me.
    Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  30. 55


    I am happy for you! You’ll love your new toy. I know Seth from Gentler Times and he is awesome. You will enjoy a great support from your dealer. Go abead and pist the projects you do with it

  31. 56

    megan says

    WOW! that is a beauty. I bought my 550QE a little less than a year ago, and am totally in love. That thing looks like a dream. I can’t wait to see some of the beautiful things you’ll be creating! HAVE FUN!

  32. 57

    Jo Ann says

    Hi Faith; I met you at Pottery Barn/Naperville. Love your quilts. Congrats on your venture w/Bernina. I have the 440 and will be anxious to see how this new machine works for you. Love some of the features you mentioned like the top feed dogs (how does that compare to the walking foot?) and the automatic cutter.
    It would be a no brainer if the 750 wasn’t sooo expensive.

    • 58


      Jo Ann – that’s one of the first things I plan on checking out. I happen to have a walking foot from my 440 and I’m going to try that on the quilt I’m about to finish, as well as the dual feet + regular foot. I’ll post when I see the results! πŸ™‚

  33. 59

    Marianne says

    Another satisfied Bernina owner here! I have a 1530 that just turned 20 years old in March. I bought her new and love that machine! It stitches so wonderfully and I have had zero problems with it. I better stop, I am beginning to sound like a commercial.

    • 60

      Ansa Mason says

      i have 4 bernina’s my late moms is 56jears 1 20years my chicago is not a year old and I bought the bernina 710 on saturday

  34. 61

    Anita says

    Wow, lucky you! I have a Bernina 350 PE and I love it. Best machine I’ve owned to date…I hope that I can say that in another two years. =) Congrats on your new adventure.

  35. 62

    Johanna says

    How exciting! I have the 440 like yours and I love it! My husband surprised me with it, I think he was sick of me complaining about my evil Janome. I do have to say though my daughter’s Janome/my backup machine is fine.

  36. 63

    Jacqueline says

    I was thrilled when I bought my 750 QE about a year ago but am very disappointed with the straight stitch.

    • 64


      I’m sorry to hear that Jacqueline! Can you tell me what you are seeing and I’ll see if I run into any similar problem as time goes on with mine? So far, so good over here.

  37. 65


    I love all the Bernina fangirls on here. πŸ™‚ I am one too! No fancy Bernina, just a good old VERY solid 930 Record for me, but maybe someday (many years from now) I’ll get a fancy Bernina too. Who knows what they’ll be making them do ten years from now? Kind of hard to imagine. For now, I’ll just enjoy everything about my iron workhorse (except for the rare occasions I need to move it from 3rd floor, elevator-free apartment.)

    It’s so cool to hear about your past in computers! I desperately wish I had been skilled or interested in that area, but sadly my strengths are all in utterly obsolete skill sets like writing and reading critically and crap like that. πŸ™‚ Even though women are still so under-represented in computer industries, I hope that is changing, and am glad for women like you who blazed that trail.

  38. 66

    Karrie Smith says

    WOW. I haven’t started drooling over a nice machine yet, because of finances and other things I have to spend money on. But I just saw that suitcase full of feet, and THAT is what got me. In a few years I want *that*!!

  39. 67

    Deb says

    Good to hear what you think of the 750. I nearly upgraded from the 440 a few weeks ago but changed my mind at the last minute. How do you find not having the foot raise at the back. I found I couldn’t get used to that what I was trialling one in the shop. Does it bother you at all? I guess you get used to it .

    • 68


      Funny you mention that Deb because when I was in training, one of the first things I did was reach back looking for foot raiser! Honestly though, I use my knee lift so much that so far (and it’s only been a week), it hasn’t slowed me down. I do occasionally find myself reaching for it (subconscious reflex), but then I just do the knee lift or press the button. I predict I will start doing that without realizing it after a few weeks.

  40. 69

    Helen says

    So jealous! I have 440QE and love it…but would kill for the extra throat space. I’ve been considering a long-arm to compensate when I retire at the end of the year, but I’m now thinking that a bigger throat space might accomplish what I need.

  41. 71


    Ooh — congratulations, Faith! You are going to love the 750 and won’t want to give it back at the end of the year! πŸ™‚ I’ve had mine for over a year now.

    Re: piecing — which stitch are you using? I ask Straight Stitch One, the automatic default stitch when you turn on the machine, has a higher default tension than Piecing Straight Stitch #1326 (in the Quilt Stitches menu, under decorative stitches, the last folder when you scroll down). #1326 sews a gorgeous straight stitch for piecing with Aurifil, using the default stitch length and tension. I also use a straight stitch plate, and I use a 70 Microtex or 75 Quilting needle for piecing.

    There’s a Yahoo forum for 7 Series owners that is a great resource for information, tips and tricks when you run into trouble after hours and can’t contact your dealer: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Bernina7Series. We’d love to have you join us if you’re interested!

    Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to seeing how you use your 750. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from you. Bernina is lucky to have snagged you for this assignment! Congratulations and have fun!

    • 72

      Linda says

      Hi Rebecca…….
      I never knew about stitch 1326 and find I do like it better for piecing. Thanks for sharing that info. What foot do you use for piecing? And do you use the dual feed when piecing?

  42. 77

    Joy says

    Thanks for posting this – I’m trying to decide on my next machine and this was really helpful!

  43. 78

    Beth says

    New Bernina 700 series owner here! Faith, you said you’d pieced an entire quilt top with your 750. What foot did you use? Did you make any changes from the machine standard straight stitch settings? You have a lot of sewing experience and I value your opinion.

    • 79


      Hi Beth – I did! I used the 1/4″ foot, 37D (D is for Dual Feed). I used stitch number 1324 on my machine, which is a stitch under their “quilting” menu of stitches. It has a few nice and tiny stay stitches at the beginning.

  44. 80

    Barbara says

    Is it allowed to ask what folks are paying for the 750QE? I have a 440 QE that I love but have been longing for more throat space too. I’ve considered the Handi Quilter but will have a tight fit to work it into my sewing room. It might make more sense to upgrade my Bernina and keep not have two machines. Hmmmm.

    • 81


      Hi Barbara! I’ve noticed Bernina now puts the MSRP prices on their website. I’d suggest starting there and then heading into your local Bernina dealer to see if they have any deals going on! I think the price on the 750 page includes embroidery (which I don’t have) and that is a significant upgrade I believe, so the machine minus that feature would cost less.

  45. 82


    So interesting to see the two next to each other, since I have the 430. Love it, but I’m really jealous of the extra throat space on the bigger machines. Sadly, they’re just so expensive.

  46. 83


    You are going to have so much fun! I have a 140 at home, but get to sew on the 750 at the quilt shop where I work. And oh the speed! It is very hard sometimes to switch back to no dual feed, thread cutter, threader, pressure foot button instead of the lever in the back! I have to remind myself where I am when I sit down to sew.

  47. 84

    Karen says

    You will love the 750! I’ve had mine for a year now. I did not purchase the embroidery module with it because I wasn’t sure I would use it. Last fall I did purchase the embroidery module and I absolutely love it!! I also have the 710 which I usually have on the quilt frame with the Quilt Motion system. Before purchasing the two Bernina’s I used very cheap machines that I got for $100. No comparision!!! The quality of the work I produce is so much better with the Bernina. I’m set for life. My Bernina’s will last longer than me.

  48. 85

    Manette Gutterman says

    I wish I was this blessed! I’ve been sewing my whole life on my mom’ s old Bernina. I still love it but my mind is completely BLOWN by the things these machines do now! Maybe someday I’ll have a new one. By then, it might sew for me haha!

  49. 86

    Sharon says

    I have loved Berninas since I bought a 1230 twenty some years ago. In 1992 I traded that one in on a 1530. It still has a beautiful stitch and runs as quietly as when I first got it even though I use it for my small business now. About seven years ago, I bought my fun machine, a 630E and lots of specialty feet. There’s nothing that sews like a Bernina in my opinion! I would love to be able to invest in one of the newer models with the wider throat and duel feed. I must admit. Who knows? Maybe later…………

  50. 87

    Cyndi says

    I just bought the same machine. This is my first Bernina and am feeling a little excited and intimidated at the same time.

  51. 88


    Hi Faith,
    I got my 750 Bernina at the Paducah show and I love it. I had a few problems with it pulling the fabric down in to the face plate but going to get the straight stitch plate for piecing. Also they forgot to ship two of my feet and one was the 1C so I can only use the 1D with the walking foot attached… and sometimes that walking foot get caught on a seam. I think it might need ajusted from shipping. I’m excited about your post and will be keeping up with you so I can learn more. Happy quilting!!!


  52. 89

    Diane Doherty says

    Congratulations. I purchased the B750 last February. I simply love it. Im loving the feet, changing them as often as I need to. I focus mainly on clothing construction, and I have already tried various thread/ feet combinations with different fabrics. Love this unit immensely.

  53. 90

    Christine says

    I bought the 440 QE about 5 years ago, just bought the 750 last week! So far so good. I will be buying the straight stitch plate on Saturday. My Bernjna dealer offers classes which will be very helpful. Your blog has already given me some great tips. I purchased the embroidery attachment also and was given the Jumbo hoop at no additional charge. I have a great dealer in The SF Bay Area.

  54. 91

    Lauri says

    I have the B580 and love it!!! I am very seriously considering buying the B750EQ. I’m excited!!!

  55. 92

    Linda says

    I have the B750 QE and have two complaints. I can’t disable the securing stitch at the beginning, and I don’t like the sounds it makes when using the scissors function. Otherwise it’s a good machine but I think I prefer my B350 SE.

    • 93


      Hi Linda – I don’t think I can help you with the sound of the cutting, but you should be able to disable the secure stitching. What stitch are you using? My stitch 1 doesn’t even do it by default. On stitch 1324 I did change the type of secure stitching and I’m 99% sure you can even turn it off when picking the type.

      • 94

        Linda says

        I’ve heard it’s a programming error with the securing stitch and that you have to disable the cutting feature to stop the securing stitch and that a future update will correct the issue. I do love the machine though otherwise! Wasn’t really meaning to complain. Thanks for responding.

  56. 95

    Cova says

    I’ve just bought a 710, which is very similar to the 750. Have you figured out why, like in the last picture you show in your entry, the icon of the stitch sample turns red sometimes?

  57. 98

    Debbie says

    I have the Aurora 430E, have owned it since 2007. No complaints except that when I bought the machine I thought I wanted embroidery capability…(well, I kinda still do in my mind). Had no interest at all in quilting…HELLO, second project I made was a quilt and I’ve been quilting and home dec and garment sewing WITHOUT embroidery ever since. Now I find myself thinking of upgrading to the B750QE…eek!! Is it total indulgence, ridiculousness (I mean who really NEEDS that much machine, haha) I am so torn, but I so WANT it. Of course, Hubby says I will have to seek my 430 if I buy the 750 and some part of me feels like I would be selling a baby or something. Congratulations on your 750…

  58. 100

    Lavinia says

    Hello dearest Bernina fans, and Hello Faith!
    I just received a gift from my husband a Bernina 550QE, I am a quilter from Bucharest, Romania,(dracula’s country to give a clue:))))), and I am trying to find a seller even in the US to buy the other foot that I need. Can someone help me!
    Thank you so much for the answer!

    • 102


      Hi Mi – I’m not sure but definitely reach out to your local Bernina dealer. I’m sure they have all the details if they are available!

  59. 103

    Dj says

    I bought a 750 QE in June 2014. Two days later the needle threader fell off no warranty. Three weeks later the feed dogs broke. This also has no warranty but after fighting for it to be repaired free it was but had to contact the CEO to get it. Now the dealer will no longer let me take part in sewing days in the store. I guess you shouldn’t buy this machine. I used a 57 d foot for piecing which causes the fabric to pull sideways. This foot is suppose to be made for 1/4 inch piecing. No I am not happy with this machine and am very disappointed

    • 104


      Wow DJ, it sounds like something is definitely not right! I think based on your email address you might be in Canada? I’m not familiar with that arm of Bernina, but if you happen to be in the USA, I would suggest writing/calling the Bernina USA Customer Service about your experience with your dealer (if you haven’t already). I have been sewing on my machine for 7 months and it’s been a dream for me, no issues at all. I’m sorry you are having trouble with your local dealer.

  60. 105

    Monterey says

    Fatih, I just want to say that it is you, through your blog, that got me started quilting. My daughter-in-law helped, too. I made two of your ticker tape I Spy quilts for my twin granddaughters, and I bought fabric to make your lemon squares quilt.
    Recently, I bought the Bernina 710, and I love it. I couldn’t afford the 750, and I didn’t think I needed that model anyway.
    We also started a quilting group with my daughter, my daughter-in-law, my friend from college, and another friend. We have so much fun making quilts and sewing baby and kid items. Thank you for the inspiration, and I look forward to learning more about the 750, as it is very similar to mine.

  61. 108

    Karen says

    Hi Ladies,
    Came across this blog. I’ve had a 750 for a year and am still getting used to it. Coming from an old manual Viking. I am finding it to be a really fussy princess. Which, wastes me a lot of time thread and rethreading the upper and bobbin threads A LOT! One of the issues I keep having with this is the tangle of threads on the bobbin side. And lots of error messages. It runs great for a while and then out of the blue–the tangle of threads or broken threads. Anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it.
    The other day….went to do a darning stitch. It was set on just the zero balance ( not tapering) but it still tapered anyway.

    • 109


      Hi Karen – that definitely doesn’t sound right! I haven’t experienced that…let’s see. What kind of thread are you using? Are you changing your needle often? I use Aurifil thread and have had great luck.

      ETA: Another thing to check – the machine needs oil a lot. Maybe try making sure it’s not too thristy?

  62. 110

    KC says

    If you do Facebook, there is a closed group for Bernina 7 Series Owners. You may want to join. I’ve gotten a lot of advice and information there.

  63. 112

    Jamie says

    I’ve had a 730 Bernina from the 70’s which I’ve loved, but just upgraded to a 550 QE and I am soooo pleased with this machine. I live in Hawaii and am having a hard time finding the straight stitch plate for sale anywhere online. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps it needs to be ordered by the Bernina dealer I bought my machine from here on Maui…. Thanks for your help!

    • 113


      So great to hear! I would definitely recommend having your dealer order any accessories. That way you also make sure they fit your machine properly and have somewhere to go if you run into any issues.

  64. 114


    Faith – I realize this thread is a little old – I hope you still see it. Have you had any problems with the needle threader with your 750? I have the 710 and have had 4 needle threaders break in the past year that I’ve owned the machine.


  65. 115

    SharonClaire Lim says

    Hi Faith & fellow quilters!
    I have my 440QE (loved it) for the past 8 years. Lately, my eyes have been wondering as i yearned for another Bernina with a bigger arm space.
    Today i was offered a 2nd hand 750QE (quite new, well maintained & seldom use)! Really tempting & scare to make a bad choice.
    So you can imagine how thrill i was to come across your site and read the many comments which prompted many questions i will be asking next week when i go to try the machine out. Also, i took comfort that many 440 owners either upgraded or added a 750 to their sewing haven πŸ™‚
    Considering that i will be biting the bullet, my question… as i dont see myself doing embroidery… is the 750 the best option & a good buy at 40% off?

    Thanks & looking forward to your reply.

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