A Little Sewing Progress

Log Cabin2

I have a few works in progress that have been occupying my time this week. The Naperville Modern Quilt Guild is currently doing a “log cabin challenge”, due at the end of March. All the quilts have to be 36″ x 36″ finished and use log cabins in some way. I was throwing a few idea around in my head, but in the end decided to make white log cabins with pops of color throughout them. I had a vision in my mind….they probably won’t be ALL white in the end. But I’ll wait to share the finished quilt in a couple weeks.

Log Cabin3

And if you are on Instagram, you probably know about my very, very sad moment with one of these blocks. The biggest one. (of course!) When I started sewing, I pulled some whites out of my scrap bin, before I continued to sew the block with white yardage off a bolt. Horrible idea!

Log Cabin1
Mistake block, before it got bigger

I brought my block down into natural light yesterday and discovered there are 4 logs in the center that don’t match the rest of the blocks. I think the scrap bin white was a Free Spirit White and the yardage is Moda Bella Solid White. And although many on Instagram suggested I leave it or work some other whites into the blocks, it wasn’t in my vision, so I’m going to attempt to rip it out. And if that doesn’t work, I’m just going to remake the whole thing. You’ll probably hear me crying all the way from my sewing room to yours!

Arkansas Traveler

I’ve also been working on my special-quilt-gift-project. Remember this stack of fabric? They’ve been cut and are in the middle of piecing.

Arkansas Traveler2

Someone guessed correctly that I’m making Arkansas Traveler blocks.

Arkansas Traveler3

I’ll leave the final layout as a surprise! Ok, now off to shovel the driveway for the 4th time in less than 24 hours. Please someone tell me Spring is coming soon!


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    I love your log cabin block!!! In your block challenge is each person making their own 36″ log cabin quilt or are you just making blocks to be combined later? I have done the same thing with my whites before, and while I love subtle variation of whites, I know if your vision was strongly something else, it’s hard to overlook it.

  2. 3


    I like the look of those diamonds!
    I am with you, we just got a load of snow, right on top the daffodils that were trying so hard to grow. Blah.

  3. 4


    Really love this modern twist on the log cabin. Not sure how big the difference in your whites is in natural light but I would be inclined to leave it – once it is all quilted up and on a bed it may not be noticeable. If it is for a competition entry I can see that you might want it to be super perfect. But it is a great idea and I love how it looks so far x

    • 5


      Yeah, it *may* be displayed somewhere which is why I don’t want to leave it. When I brought it outside to take a picture, I about died it was so obvious. 🙁

  4. 6

    Kim says

    I love the diamonds! As they say, Diamonds are a girls best friend! Snow……we got hit during the night too! My poor little grandsons are coming here next week….they have been walking around in bare feet! They live in central TX. Boy are they in for a shock! They are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2….something tells me I won’t be quilting much!

  5. 7


    I love this idea. There are so many swimming round in my head just now because I am in a quilting bee and it’s my month next month and I need to finally decide which block or blocks I want sewn. I think I’ve decided but then I see something like this and it changes again. I wish I wasn’t so darn indecisive, but I love your blocks.

  6. 8

    Becki says

    Love the whites and the punch of color. I think this is one to add to my list of quilts to do. It looks like spring and Easter and the whites have the crisp look of linen. I live in western oklahoma and we got hit ten days ago with a blizzard but luckily it is all melting and it feels like early spring.

  7. 9


    I love your design, and take on log cabins! I’m sure you don’t want to hear it but I think it is a good public service to show us how the different words look together…. I have to keep telling myself not to mix mine and your pic is good to keep in mind will that effect work or not? Can’t wait to see the rest!

  8. 10

    Lauren says

    Sorry you ran out of fabric for your log cabin block and only had a whole lot of white to work with! Would you like me to send you some fabric from my stash? Kidding…..have a good day.

  9. 11


    I love you pops on white log cabin! Gorgeous! I’ve had that white/not the same white problem myself, and it still makes me sad, a year later…

  10. 12


    Your log cabin is really beautiful and of course so original 🙂 I think you are a perfectionist, I would never rip out all that sewing….I would go with Plan B. Ha ha! Best of luck 🙂

  11. 14

    Pam from CA says

    Love the white with the color for your log cabin! I would want to fix the “white” situation also.

  12. 15

    Patricia says

    HI Faith~~A girls’s gotta do what a girls’s gotta do. I would ‘fix’ it before I went any further~~I might be speaking from experience~I might have sat outside all day in the daylight where I could see to pick apart lots of blocks so carefully sewn. I love your quilts they are so beautiful.Speaking of snow, send me some!!!

  13. 16


    Ugh! After seeing the “off” block, I’d be inclined to just make a new one. Maybe put the “bad” one on the back? If you didn’t already have 2 blocks all made up, I’d say leave it, but yeah, I agree with you. It’ll stick out when combined with the other blocks. I now keep all of my solids in their own bin, labeled with the manufacturer. If I am doing a big project, I buy plenty of solid that I need for THAT project. I learned this the hard way, much as you have :(.

  14. 18

    Christine Sherman says

    I just love this! I’m really starting to LOVE modern quilts. I haven’t done one yet, I’m afraid mine won’t look as “cool” as everyone else’s always do 🙂

  15. 20

    Kathy Guenther says

    Love the log cabin block. I would have “un-sewn” mine, too. You are just full of creative takes on the traditional.

  16. 22


    Your idea to make white log cabins with pops of colour was a brilliant one. It looks beautiful.

    I also like the colours of the diamonds you’ve cut. can’t wait to see the finished product.

  17. 24

    Kay says

    Sorry you are in the midst of the newest snow storm. Here in Mexico the Jacarandas are blooming and it is 70’s daytime…have always been afraid of diamond shapes with all those bias edges.

  18. 26

    robin says

    What a creative quilt for your Quilt Guild project! I really like it! I would love to make one just like it one day! I enjoy your blog so much. And, don’t worry, the snow will be gone soon and then comes all that spring cleaning…ugh! Quilt while you can!

  19. 27

    Marianne says

    Your Naperville Modern Quilt Guild log cabin is a wonderful constrast of bright colors and prints with spring fresh white. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

    You chose beautiful color coordinates for your Arkansas Traveler blocks. That will be a lovely quilt!

  20. 28


    I think the log cabins with white mixed in are so cool! I’m sorry about the one with 2 different whites, though. Could you try dyeing that one with tea or something (if you haven’t ripped it yet) and use it for the back?

    That said, if that isn’t an option I would rip it, too.

    Being a new quilter, I’ve often wondered if solids have dye lots like yarn does… if you run out of yarn knitting a project and order more, if the dye lot is different, even the “same” colors don’t match. I realize you had 2 different whites, but what if you ran out of 1 batch of Kona snow and ordered another? Would they definitely match? Just something I was thinking about lately. 🙂

  21. 30


    I love, love, love this take on a log cabin with tons of white and bits of color! Absolutely beautiful. I only allow one white fabric in my stash (Kona snow) to avoid this very issue – I am very picky about matching, too. Though I like the suggestion above that you should put the “bad” block on the back – rather than undoing and redoing all that beautiful stitching!

  22. 31

    Dawn says

    I do love your log cabin. Sorry about the whites. 🙁 Like Jane I only have Kona snow in my stash so I never have to worry about the matching issue. Makes life much simpler. I believe I would have used the mismatch block as the label or just incorpoarted it as part of the back. Too pretty to tear apart and with the fabric and the batting under it it would probably go undected. I also understand the “perfectionist” issue. 😉
    I have a question regarding the diamonds you are making. This is the first time I’ve seen any mention of this particular quilt. It is truly gorgeous! I’m going to ask this, not to be persnickety, but because I’m truly interested in the answer/reason. Why are you making the diamonds by hand instead of machine piecing them? I ask mostly because I am not a fan of any sort of hand work and cringed when I read how you constructed these blocks.
    Have a great weekend!

    • 32


      Oh I’m not sewing them by hand. I don’t have the patience for that! 🙂 I machine pieced the diamonds into sets of 4 and then paper pieced those components into the blocks.

      • 33

        Dawn says

        Oh..ok! I thought that you must have more patience than I could muster in a lifetime to sew ALL of those by hand. roflol And I do understand some folks just like hand piecing but I had to ask. 🙂 It is really gorgeous and can not wait to see it finished.
        By the way I just wanted to say that I always love visiting your blog. I aways adore the colors you choose.
        Take care!

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