A King Sized Dilemma

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Last month, Ashley from Film in the Fridge posted these blocks, made from Denyse Schmidt’s new line Hope Valley. I instantly fell in love. It’s funny, because before I saw those blocks, I didn’t even think I liked her new line and wasn’t planning on buying any. (I think Ashley should get a commission on my purchase! LOL)

I had never made blocks like these either. I loved the look, I was pretty sure I could improvise them, but again, had never actually done it. So I started out by just blatantly copying a few of Ashley’s to get the hang of it. She was even kind enough to post the Kona Solid colors she used that matched!) Once I felt like I knew what I was doing, I started creating my own. I just was loving how it was looking. And the blocks were fun to make.

I wanted to make a king sized quilt/duvet out of these. My husband is really into the down comforter. Basically I would lightly quilt this and then attach a back afterwards (to make it a duvet). It requires 56 blocks. (14.5″ each) I had this grand vision of how my master bedroom would being decorated, this quilt being the centerpiece.

So here is the dilemma. I casually showed my husband the stack of blocks and asked him what he thought of them (he really only looked at the one on the top.) He doesn’t know I plan to make these into something for our bedroom. His response? “Eh. Not my favorite.” {insert my heart breaking here!}

So what do I do? I’m thinking he doesn’t see the whole vision. But what if I spend the next 4 months making this quilt and he hates it? Do I just go ahead anyway? (That is the way I’m leaning).

Personally, I think it’s going to be awesome and he’s crazy. πŸ™‚

ETA: Thank you for all the feedback!!! You guys are great. πŸ™‚ I think I will lean more blocks in the non-pink direction (chocolate, etc) and then make the top and show it to him on the bed. If he’s highly offended, I will make it a lightweight quilt to fold at the bottom of the bed so it’s not overpowering. If he is ok with it, I’ll make it into a duvet! πŸ™‚


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    It’s pretty pink. Maybe if a lot of the blocks had the dark brown as a more dominant color it would suit your husband’s tastes better?

    I think they’re beautiful!

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      I think that’s a good idea. One thing he said was “it’s a bit mauve for my taste.”

      (I should mention our current duvet does have a few pink flowers on it)

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        This is exactly what I would say. You can also mix it with aqua or gray, it will work as well. As a last resort, you can dump the extras pink as the backing, wjhich I usually do or save it for something else

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    It think it will be awesome, too! I wouldn’t worry too much about what your husband thinks. Sometimes it’s hard for people to see what something is going to look like finished when they look at just a small piece of it. I think your blocks look fantastic and I would love to see it all put together in a king size duvet…. you said “king” right (that’s going to be huge!)! Keep going! πŸ™‚

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    I say, just go for it! He’ll come around in the end. If he’s anything like my husband, he doesn’t really care all that much (even though he might like to put in his two cents). Plus, he can’t see the whole vision – like you – and I’m sure he’ll love it in the end.

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    Emily says

    When I was married, I kept a plain duvet on the down comforter, then laid a wide throw across the foot of the bed. This allowed me to have and appreciate my quilts and colors without them being overwhelming to him – the best of both worlds. It’s not as ideal as having a whole quilt but since there are multiple people to please – it might work better. You could even do matching shams!

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      I like this idea! Maybe I will make the entire top and then put it on the bed and get his opinion. If he is really not digging it, I could just make a lightweight quilt to fold at the bottom. If he likes it better than what we have now :), I could make it into the duvet.

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    Wow, that looks beautiful and I can imagine how it will look in king size.
    I would continue. Tell your husband how VERY much you love it and that you would be VERY sad if you canΒ΄t have it on your bed. He will get used to it, IΒ΄m sure. πŸ˜‰
    Funny with this fabric line, first I also thought itΒ΄s not mine, but now I like it more and more.

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    those are beautiful!! i just received my stack of hope valley fabrics in the mail yesterday and i can’t wait to make a new duvet cover with them (my fiance is a duvet lover too). i wouldn’t worry too much about your husband’s comment. in my experiences, men don’t really care too much about the decor of anything. i would just continue as you had planned because neither you or him will love it if it’s a compromise. make it into something that you love, and you can do something nice for him for letting you have it your way. good luck!

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    I think the blocks are gorgeous (I loved Ashley’s so much too!), but if the pink is too prominent for him (even with extra chocolate added, great suggestion!), maybe you could consider using it part of the year and something else for the other half? Gives you an excuse to make another quilt! πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out if you decide to go forward with the king-sized duvet.

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    Ouch! everyone says not to worry about the hubs huh?! I personally think you should find out why (color, style etc) he doesn’t seem to like them before continuing in the same direction. If you spend months working on it and he doesn’t like it you’ll be much more disappointed (ala – never knit a man a sweater! lol)
    I ALWAYS had a pink duvet or comforter (and I have about ten b/c I loved to change them out) when I lived by myself – but we certainly made compromises and worked out what makes us both happy in the Master Bedroom once I got married. I think the idea about a quilt that you put at the foot of the bed (and still get your punch of color – and display these gorgeous blocks!) but not overwhelm the man with pink! I hope it works out for you!
    p.s I love the quilts you make! (and you seem to make them at a much less intimidating pace! ie not two a week! lol!) Please continue to share!

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    I concur with many of the comments above. You asked what he thought and he told you – but that doesn’t mean that he would be really opposed to having it on the bed. Men generally don’t really invest too much in those decisions. And what about making a (simpler) coordinating reverse to the duvet cover that he really likes? Something with more of the brown and orange? Then you could take turns loving it!

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    Oh my gosh! Husbands! I know that my husband loves that I quilt and appreciates the work, but I get little more than a “fine” out of him. When I showed him my value quilt up on the design wall, I had to point out the pattern to him. Sigh! I sewed all weekend and he kept commenting how it made him happy to see me enjoying all my sewing. But after showing him the finished products, he pretty much thought it all looked “fine.” He does the same with food. I guess I need to have a little talk with him. When we were first married and about to go out, if I asked how I looked, he always said, “You look fine.” Of course, I immediately informed him that no woman ever aspired to look “fine” and he expanded his vocabulary of adjectives. Anyway — I think your quilt looks great. It would make a lovely wall hanging or bed quilt! Follow your heart (that sounds corny), not your husband’s reaction.

    A friend of mine is also making a quilt inspired by Ashley’s πŸ™‚


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    I think the greens, yellows and grays mixed in are a good idea too. And if he still doesn’t like it, you can put the blocks together in a throw.

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      I bet that would be pretty too. I have some of the grays but none of the greens. I’m not sure the greens would match the rest of our house….but am definitely going to think about this.

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    I would say that if it’s a bit mauve for his tastes, make up a couple that lean a little further toward the chocolate brown/orange/white and try those out on him. If his reaction is more favorable, full steam ahead. If not, consider making it a throw for the foot of the bed, or even a seasonal quilt with a light batting for spring/fall?

    I have to say, from my own experience, my guy doesn’t have quite the same vision I do when it comes to color and design. I can look at a stack of quilt blocks and see it finished and try it in a half-dozen rooms in the house. He looks at the same stack and goes “…….” Give him a little time to see the quilt–has he seen them together on the design wall?–and his tune may change. Good luck–I think it’s fabulous!

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    I personally LOVE your blocks… but I could see how a husband could say “meh, not that great for me.” (Due to the pink in there.) BUT if he’s anything like my husband, he won’t notice a new ANYTHING in the bedroom. He’s oblivious! So I say go for it… or just make it into a throw quilt. πŸ˜‰ That never fails!

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    I’m with Nikki M. Personally, my husband always wants to have a say about our home decor. 7 years of marriage and I still am oblivious to why since he doesn’t initiate anything (no vision) and his mom wasn’t ever one for it. Recently I talked him into letting me make pillows for our family room using fabrics from Anna Maria Horner’s Drawing Room. He actually called one of the prints “hippy-ish” (volumes…hello, it’s modern!). He’s clueless, but he does have an opinion. If I ever chose to make a new quilt/duvet for our bed without respecting his opinions, it would end in a big fight…and a lot of hard work on my part that would seem wasted. I think the suggestions of adding more brown, aqua, orange, etc. are excellent. See if his opinion changes. Honestly, some things (like a loving and respectful marriage relationship) are more important than even our most beautiful works of art. Either way, have fun making those gorgeous (they really do look wonderful!) blocks no matter what they turn into. πŸ™‚

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      Oh my gosh, I just got some AMH fabric in the mail yesterday, some of her Little Folks stuff, to make my 3 year old a dress for summer. He took one look at it and said “You’re kidding, right?” I’m definitely vetoing him on that one! πŸ™‚

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        They really are clueless, aren’t they? I’m going to order some Little Folks to make my 19-month old a top (just like the one AMH has her little one in for her LF promotional pics). We’ll see how my hubby responds to that. I agree that there are totally some things that DH does not get a say in!

        For example, my Drawing Room fabric. Once I realized he wasn’t super thrilled with it I knew a quilt for our bed was out of the question. But somehow he was okay with pillows for the couch, so I’ve jumped on it. He didn’t say anything, but did give me a bit of a look when it all came in the mail. Maybe because he’d already given the OK and knew it was too late to say it was a little bright for his taste. Little does he know there will eventually be a matching throw for the couches. Yup, totally some things to veto, just gotta know when to compromise or give up entirely. Looking forward to hearing how your situation turns out πŸ™‚

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    sounds like you’ve already had tons of fabulous advice. I say extend a little into the other colourways of the Hope Valley line to detract from the pink if you think that might be colouring (nyuck nyuck) your hubby’s impression, but that you’re right – it IS going to be awesome, and once it’s done, I can’t imagine how your beloved wouldn’t agree!

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