A Finished Quilt ~ Stardust

Stardust Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

I may have set a record in amount of time to make a small wall hanging, but I’ve finally finished my Stardust quilt! This quilt is a small version (9 blocks) of the Stardust quilt from Vintage Quilt Revival. Several, several months ago, my aunt asked me to make a quilt to hang on the wall in her home. She gave me some size requirements and some colors she liked – golds, yellows, teals, browns. She loves flowers and nature. I didn’t really know of a lot of fabrics that fit those particular wishes until I saw Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics line at Fall Quilt Market. I sent her a few design ideas from my new book and she told me to surprise her. Well….surprise!

Stardust Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

Normally I like to take my quilts outside for photos in natural light, but since this is a gift and I absolutely did not want it to get dirty…and outside is covered in snow, mud and sludge…I decided to duct tape the quilt to the wall in our guest room for photos. 🙂

Stardust Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

This quilt took me some time to put together, despite it’s small size. Since I knew this quilt would hang on a wall and people would probably look at it quite closely, I really worked hard to get things just perfect. I am so happy I took the time. These may be two of the harder blocks in the book but practice certainly makes perfect.

Stardust Quilt by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

I wanted the design to pop and I also wanted this quilt to hang nicely (not too loosely), so I quilted a dense meandering design with thread to match the individual fabrics. I purchased Aurifil #2132, #4182, #2835, #1148 plus used the white I always use. This meant a lot of starting and stopping. I followed Amanda Jean’s great tutorial for burying knots during quilting.

I still need to attach a hanging sleeve, but this one will be off to it’s new home in the next week!


  1. 1

    Susan the farm quilter says

    Love it! Have you tried SID with your lightest color, then finish all the quilting in that color, then moving on to the next color? I have found that it really saves time and the SID really sets off the piecing, even with doing other quilting in the pieces of the blocks.

    • 2


      Hi Susan 🙂 Yes! I did do 1 color at a time. Some places “connected” and I was able to move between area. Sometimes I boxed myself in and had to start fresh. 🙂

  2. 3

    Julie Beard says

    Hi Faith, Your quilt is truly lovely and stunning and I’m sure your aunt will be over the moon about your gorgeous work. lucky her!!!!!

  3. 5

    Margaret says

    Stardust is one of my favorite patterns in the book. I love your choice of fabrics here – the bit of glitz in the Botanics fabrics must make it a real stunner in person. Beautifully done!!

  4. 9

    Donna says

    Totally worth the time it took! Sometimes you just need to wait for the right fabrics to come along. Your aunt will love having this on her wall.

  5. 10


    Gorgeous selection of fabric! I am in the VQR block along with Sukie and just finished these blocks. They are so fun to sew. Your aunt will love this wall hanging!

  6. 12

    Lauren says

    This lovely gift quilt is just yummy all over! Just lovely in every way. A made to order quilt is one of the hardest to make because you hope that the recipient will like it. Bravo great job. The tutorial for hiding knots is great…..so simple…why the heck did I not think of it myself?

  7. 19


    I just did this block and will do some more, I like the way the illusion of the block corner of the block next to it flows into the next block by color. I am doing the Vintage Quilt Revival and love the book

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