A Weekend at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts. Saturday I participated in the Menu of Modern Event. Lee Heinrich, Jeni Baker, Jacquie Gering and I each spent some time talking to the group about our quilts, design and color. We also had a Q&A panel session and book signing. What a great group! It was a lot of fun to meet several of you. The museum itself is in a restored barn with areas for classes, exhibits and a gift shop. So cute! I’m thinking I need to take my mom up there next time she is in town.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Sunday, Lee and I stayed for Jacquie’s class on the Slice and Insert technique. Somehow I’ve never taken one of Jacquie’s classes and this was the absolute perfect opportunity to spend some time learning from her amongst friends.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

She spent a lot of time talking technique and sharing class samples.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I am in LOVE with her red and white plus quilt. Don’t be surprised if you see me make one of these in the future!

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

I brought several shades of turquoise for my block backgrounds, and ivory + black prints for my strips. Here I am “auditioning” my first block.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

This is how the final fabrics and placements turned out.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

After I got the hang of it, the blocks came faster. I ended up making 3 for the day.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

Here’s Lee, Jacquie and I – in what Jacquie called a Vintage Modern Sandwich! Ha!

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts : Fresh Lemons Quilts

It was a great weekend and reminded me how much fun it is to get together with friends and sew. If only there was more time in each day, right?

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts – A Menu of Modern

Today I wanted to share something fun I’m doing next month at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts in Cedarburg, WI (just a bit north of Milwaukee). On Saturday, January 11th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Lee Heinrich, Jeni Baker, Jacquie Gering and I will be participating in A Menu of Modern. This is an all day event with lectures, trunk shows, panel question and answer, lunch, and a book signing reception. Signing up also gives you access to the “Modern Perspectives” exhibit in the Barn Gallery. The cost for this event is $49 and you can sign up here. Maybe forward the link to that special someone who never knows what to get you for Christmas? :-)

Then on Sunday, Jacquie is teaching her Slice and Insert Improvisation Workshop. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about her classes so of course I’m signed up to go! That class costs $59 (a steal!!) and you can sign up for that here.

I hope those of you in the Northern Illinois/Indiana and Wisconsin area will join us!

Only a little over a week until Christmas and things are looking quite magical here. We’ve had so much snow over the last week, I’m fairly certain we will have a white Christmas! And I even managed to score a photo of the family so I had to share. This almost never happens!

I hope you are having a wonderful December with your friends and families!

Weekend Fun with the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild


I’m back from another weekend away, this time sewing Improv with the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild.


I had such fun on Saturday! I spent about 5 hours with a wonderful group of ladies, demoing and talking about piecing improvisational log cabins and watching everyone’s different blocks come together.


Huge thanks to the super sweet and funny Andie (above) for coordinating this workshop and inviting me to come teach. And also a big thank you to the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild for hosting me (and showing up!) and those that traveled several hours to attend.

Me, explaining block layout options

My mom and sister even came to join in the fun.


Lots of happy in-action photos…everyone made such amazing blocks!












And my sister will tell you – quilting is not for the faint of heart. It was 85 degrees in the room! We are all super tough troopers though and quilted through the heat.

Crafty Chloe by Heather Ross at Hancocks - my dd is going to go nuts! Thanks for the tip @jenib320 !

Finally – completely unrelated but while I was in Cincinnati I found out from Jeni that Heather Ross has some fabric at Hancocks! I rushed to the store by my parents house and picked up some prints. These are from the children’s book she illustrated, Crafty Chloe. (Which my daughter happens to love!) I was so excited to see them, I am a huge sucker for any of her artwork. If you want some for yourself, be sure to check out your local Hancocks store in the Girl’s Novelty section.

Create Mixed Media Retreat

Image from Create Mixed Media Retreat

So yesterday afternoon I was looking around on Flickr, minding my own business, when I see an amazing photo upload from Malka Dubrawsky. If you know anything about Malka, you will know that everything she uploads is pretty much amazing!

As I’m reading the caption on the photo, I see something about creating samples for an Improvisational Piecing class. Then I see the word Chicago. My heart starts beating a bit faster. I click on the link. Then I see the word Lisle. Now my heart is beating out of my chest. Lisle probably doesn’t mean much to most people – but it is where I live! My suburb of Chicago!

Yes, it’s true. Malka is going to be teaching 2 classes at the Create Mixed Media Retreat in late August. I was so excited that I could barely focus my eyes to read the website on how to get myself into her class! But I did. And I am. I signed up and will be there with bells on in the front row.

Of course, almost immediately after I paid I had thoughts of What if I make a complete fool of myself there? and What if I make the ugliest thing she has ever seen? I haven’t taken a class in a long time. Maybe 10 years ago I took a ceramics class. I am self taught and I’m sure I don’t do most things by the book. I’ve never taken a sewing class (well, does high school Home Ec count?) But I’m going to put on my brave – and extremely excited – face on an enjoy every minute.

So who is with me? Chicago sewers! Wisconsin, Indiana people! I signed up for the Thursday class from 9am – 4pm. Does anyone want to come, I’d love to meet some new friends!