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Block a Day : Day 2

Square a Day Blue

I actually cheated and made this blue square yesterday.  Weekends are so busy around here that I figured I wouldn’t have much time for sewing.  I’m having a lot of fun with this little project!  I haven’t determined how big I want this quilt to be, but I’m thinking 4 squares across and 6 down with white sashing.

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2 Responses to “Block a Day : Day 2”

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    Kara says:

    Dumb question! When you sew all the blocks together, do you have to sew each little individual piece down around the edges so they are smooth, then sew all the pieces in the configuration you want? I can’t tell from the pic. Love the blocks so far! Did I read correctly, that this is a quilt for your dear friend Kara? ;-)

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      foiplus says:

      Ha – you wish! LOL Nah, I can make you something one of these days if you are nice. :) I just start out cutting the middle square and then cut out the next rectangles around it, sew those to the middle piece. Then the next layer, and so on until it’s the size I want.

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