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Winter Rainbow : Worth the Wait

Winter Rainbow Front

It’s finished! I still can’t believe it. I have been working on this quilt for 6 months and boy am I glad to have it completed. So many things to say about this one…

As I mentioned in my sneak peek post (um, a LONG time ago!), this quilt is inspired by a beautiful quilt by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts. Her work is simply amazing.

Winter Rainbow Closeup

Oh, SO many lessons learned and things I would have done differently on this one.
1) I made the first 3 blocks forever ago and then waited months to make the rest. I didn’t write down anything – sizes, seam allowance, squaring up size…not smart.
2) I switched sewing machines in the middle of making the blocks. And used different feet. Again, I wouldn’t recommend this! LOL
3) I used charcoal thread in the bobbin and really am not happy with how it looks on the back. Sigh.
4) In my quest to be Rita-like, I tried machine stitching the back of the binding instead of hand sewing it. Let’s just say, I’m no Rita. LOL

This quilt ended up being a 64″ square which I think will be perfect to fit our family for lunches in the park this Spring. The binding is a stripe by Lizzy House Red Letter Day. I know I just used that for a binding, but I had a lot and I like it. :-P Although the sashing looks black, it’s really Kona Charcoal. And the prints are just a rainbow selection of my favorites.

The back is 9 large squares using giant blocks of colors from the front. This part was a bit painful for me as I used up some of my favorite out of print fabrics. But I kept telling myself that I bought the fabric to use, not to hoard. So use it!

Winter Rainbow Back

I quilted it using free motion and used Warm and Natural batting. I prefer Dream Cotton Request Loft batting and even though it’s more costly, I think I will go back to using that. It’s more lightweight and I feel like it’s just a better quality.

Winter Rainbow Back Blowing

So now I’m moving on to my quilting bee quilt, my Dolce quilt and my Hope Valley quilt. Always more in the pipeline than coming out of it!

On a side note (but more importantly), today my little man is turning 1. Happy Birthday Kyler!

Birthday Boy

ETA: more gratuitous baby and quilt cuteness. :)
Kyler Winter Rainbow

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24 Responses to “Winter Rainbow : Worth the Wait”

  1. 1
    Nichole says:

    oh man. when i saw that first photo my first thought was “what a beauty!” this is gorgeous- the colors, the layout, everything! i like that you listed the things you learned too. i have also made the mistake of not keeping track of measurements. it leads to a lot of head scratching later on! :)

    besides the weight, what would you say are the differences between the warm and natural and dream cotton request loft batting? what makes you feel like warm and natural was a lower quality batting?

    • 4
      foiplus says:

      Thanks! I think what I didn’t like about the Warm and Natural was it wasn’t as soft feeling and silky feeling as the Dream Cotton. I guess it shouldn’t really matter since it’s on the inside…but it left me feeling it wasn’t as nice. Also I bought the lowest loft and it still had a lot more loft than the lowest loft batting that Dream Cotton offers.

  2. 2
    Suzanne says:

    I love it! It must feel so good to have it done :)
    And Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  3. 3
  4. 5
    Katie Bowlby says:

    I love it! The back is fantastic too.

  5. 6
    Kate says:

    It is a WONDERFUL quilt, simply stunning.

  6. 7
    Angela says:

    It looks great!!!! And good job USING those loved fabrics on the back. I’m trying to do that more.

    Right now I’m sashing my quilt in coal and have light, bright blocks. Your quilting looks great on the front. Did you do the whole thing with the same top thread? And what thread did you use?

    • 9
      foiplus says:


      I used clear thread for the top. I was happy with that decision because nothing detracts from the fabric/design and with the white and charcoal, there wasn’t a really good color choice. Have you ever used clear in the bobbin? I haven’t, but maybe I should have tried.

  7. 8
    Jessica says:

    This quilt is fabulous – it looks like it must have been a TON of work! Happy Birthday to the little guy too!

  8. 10
    Bloom says:

    Absolutely worth the wait! A really gorgeous quilt … and a really gorgeous one-year-old boy – happy birthday young man. That last photo is a gem!

  9. 11
    Cornelia says:

    wow what a wonderful quilt love those colors, looks so beautiful

    happy birthday to your little one

    Hugs Cornelia

  10. 12

    STUNNING I tell you! You really created a gem :-) I also adore Rita’s quilts… but you really made a one-of-a-kind quilt… well done! and I hear you about using up your “favorite fabrics”… its painful, but SO worth it if you get to keep the quilt :-) And happy birthday to Kyler! Babies + quilts = fabulous!

  11. 13

    what a great quilt! what a cute kid! happy birthday to kyler. i bet he spends as much time as my one-year-old does playing in scraps of fabric. there are worse fates, right?

  12. 14
    Lindsay says:

    It turned out great! The black sashing really makes the colors pop. The picture of Kyler sitting on it looks so professional. He’s such a cutie!

  13. 15
    Ginger says:

    This looks great, I love it!

  14. 16
    Cara says:

    Beautiful! I love it.

    And I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who does things like start a project, not write anything down and then try to pick it up again after months of doing nothing. STORY OF MY LIFE! :)

  15. 17

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  16. 18
    findshruti says:

    great work… your quilt inspired me to make one too… please have a look

  17. 20

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  18. 21
    PeachRainbow says:

    I came from SMS, this quilt is lovely and is truly a “winter rainbow”

  19. 22
    Mary says:

    Hi Faith! Just wanted to let you know how much I love this quilt! It inspired me to make some really fun potholders for a swap with bright colors, white sashing, and grey binding. Thanks SO much for the inspiration! (pics on my blog if you’re interested)

  20. 23

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  21. 24
    Traci says:

    I think this might be one of my all time favorite ever quilts–it’s gorgeous!

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