2011 – A Sewing Summary

It is hard to believe 2011 is coming to an end. For some reason, this year really just flew by for me. I’ve been spending the last week or so reflecting on my quilting related goals for the past year. I wish I had written out a list, but I know I really wanted to make a quilt out of solids this year {check}, write at least one additional quilt pattern {check}, participate in a quilt along {check}, make a zigzag quilt {nope}, appear in a publication {check}, finish my Katie Jump Rope quilt from forever ago {nope}…

2011 Quilts

It’s funny because I felt like maybe I wasn’t very productive quilt-wise this year…but when I created the mosaic of all my finished projects for the year, I was actually pretty surprised! You can find links to all these projects on the Quilts tab at the top of my blog header.

I think if I could make one statement about 2011, I would say it was the year I discovered how much I love working with solids. I will always be a sucker for prints, but there is just something about making a quilt using all solid fabrics that really inspires me.

One of the areas that has really grown on my blog over the last year was the Tutorials section. I’ve had a lot of fun designing quilts and blocks…as well as cohosting the Summer Sampler Series.

2011 Patterns and Tutorials

You can find links to most of these projects and tutorials on the Patterns/Tutorials tab above my blog header. The only exceptions are my Prism quilt, Rainchino Rails quilt, and Boxed In quilt block which are all in publications.

Probably the biggest highlights of my year were attending Malka Dubrawsky’s Improvisational Piecing class and the Sewing Summit. It was so fun to not only take classes geared towards modern quilting, but meet people who I had only “known” from online.

This year I thought I’d write down a few of my goals for 2012:
· Spend an entire month only using solid fabrics
· Spend an entire month focused only on improvisational quilting
· Read at least one classic novel a month
· Finally make that zigzag quilt
· Develop at least 3 new quilt patterns
· Host another quilt along
· Keep up better with my Google Reader
· Participate in at least one handmade swap
· Attend the Sewing Summit again
· Check out the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild
· Come up with some sort of party when I get my 1 millionth page view on my blog (which should be next month!)

I’m not sure if I will accomplish all of these…but we will see what next year holds. What are your goals for 2012?


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    wow, Faith everything is so stunning when you put it together like this! Love your goals. You really should check out your guild, I’ve been going to Cincy’s for 4-5 months now and I love it. I’m going to write a similar post like this on the first and I’m making it a big link-up for whoever wants to join. I’d love it if you shared this! (not that everyone wouldn’t have seen it already :))

  2. 2

    QuiddityRox says

    I’m glad to “know” you and to follow along. I’m stunned at the display of your quilts. I only wish my days lent themselves to dedication to my craftiness. I am wearing many hats these days and my quilting is not on the top of my list. ONE day, after I retire from my teaching position, and am no longer obligated to the welfare of 30+ students, and such things which tug at my time, I too will be prolific. Your quilts made me re-look at fabrics I ordinarily would turn my nose up at. I LOVE the way you use white fabric and have begun to see solid’s value in the whole composition. Enjoy your 2012…I’m coming behind you, enjoying your ride.

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    CaroleM says

    I’ll add my Wow to the mix – what a great looking group of quilts! I can tell you’re drawn to the same kinds of colours I am. In 2012 I want to quilt more (often only on weekends when the kids are napping), work on building my confidence for free motion quilting, try some hand quilting, and really, more than anything, work on my applique technique.

  4. 7


    Oooh, I love your wrap-up post. It’s so fun to look back and see what you’ve made over time! Also, those are some great goals for next year. You’ve inspired me to work on my 2011/2012 post!

  5. 8


    Wow! What a lovely Mosaic! I loved the Sewing Summit as well and plan on attending again this year also. You have inspired me to post a list on my blog as well! Thanks!

  6. 9


    Faith, just reading your list of 2012 goals is making me tired. LOL. But I bet you’ll check off a whole lot of those items anyway!

    I’m glad I could be a part of several of your 2011 highlights. Here’s to 2012. : )

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    Hallie says

    Wow! You have an amazing list of accomplishments for 2011! I am confident that you will achieve all your goals for 2012. I started following your blog in 2011 and am totally hooked!

    One of my biggest goals is to start/finish the Summer Sampler quilt. I have the beautiful Hometown fabric set a side to start on this project after the holidays.

    Thanks much…..from one Illinois gal to another!

  8. 16


    Wow, Faith!!! Your quilts are amazing, and you’ve accomplished so much this year. I love your goals for 2012 – looking forward to all your fun projects. I was also thinking about chicago quilt guild, it just seems a little too far. Happy New Year!!!!

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    Sherry says

    So glad I found your blog awhile back. Your 2011 finishes are wonderful. Love what you have in mind for 2012 – very inspiring! Happy New Year!

  10. 18


    Such beautiful handmades, Faith!! I really hope this is the year of the quilt for me! I have two that need finishing and so many ideas for this new year! In the Fall when my youngest goes off to school 🙁 I’ll be working to make creating a full time gig for me. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

    Happy New Year to you!!!

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    leslie says

    you did not feel productive! i love all of your quilts. my goal is to complete one quilt a month this year and quit hoarding. one of my last posts (during the summer) was to quit hoarding. i announced it! did not do it. you look very productive. i love all of your quilts. seeing them altogether gave me some ideas. thanks for your inspiration

  12. 22

    Kara says

    I’ll send you a list of movies that come up in conversation that you have to see, and the list will be circa 2001. 😉

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